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Tess Roby Unveils Her New Track ‘Given Signs’

Canadian singer and artist Tess Roby has shared her news single ‘Given Signs’. A mellow and hypnotic serving of sparkling electronica elegantly blended with a dream pop spreading, the song is a celebration of the life of her father and those family moments spent in Lancashire. ‘Given Signs’ is taken from Tess Roby’s forthcoming LP ‘Beacon’, landing May 4th on Italians Do It Better. Have a listen.

Chromeo feat. DRAM ‘Must’ve Been’ Video

Whenever Canadian group Chromeo release a video, we know it’s going to be comical. This is the vid to their song ‘Must’ve Been’ featuring DRAM. What you have here are a series of events in which Dave 1 has to be slapped out of his sleep by fellow band mate P-Thugg, normally resulting in Dave having to either hide people in his home due to them throwing a party of hide himself as a result of a furious girlfriend who has been on the hunt for him. Apparently this has been going on since 1988, where Read more […]

Tess Roby ‘Catalyst’ Video

Tess Roby will release her debut album ‘Beacon’ on May 4th via the Italians Do It Better label. Written after the death of her father with the title inspired from her family travels to Lancashire, a spiritual overtone layers the new work.

One of the songs featured on the upcoming LP is her single ‘Catalyst’ in which Tess Roby has also shared a video for. Directed by Tess Roby herself along with Hugo Bernier and shot on Super 8 film, Roby finds herself at one with the environment in a state of peace. Have a look.

Check Out KALLITECHNIS’ Silky Cut ‘Body & Soul’

Montreal singer KALLITECHNIS steps up with a raw and silky single entitled ‘Body & Soul’. Produced by KevinDave and INTALEK, the jazzy and soulful single is an up-stepping future RnB track with KALLITECHNIS gliding smoothly over the atmospheric instrumentation. Regarding the new single KALLITECHNIS stated: “‘Body & Soul’ is about an unapologetic and uninhibited existence. It’s about not being afraid to feel happy or sad, and not having to justify those emotions to anyone but your(self). Read more […]

CHANCES Share Their New Track ‘Rishikesh’

Montreal band CHANCES with their third single titled ‘Rishikesh’. Experimenting with their sound, there is a sense of urgency bursting in the production which dances around looping sample of voices recorded in India. This is their boldest recording yet, and we’re surely hoping that the trio continue moving in this direction. Touching on the song, CHANCES mentioned: “We love this song and feel it has a certain power to it. It’s about choice and intention…the intention to trust your instinct, Read more […]

Doldrums ‘Limerence’ Video

To call Montreal-based artist Doldrums’ new video ‘Limerence’ trippy, would be an understatement. Directed by David Kleiser, the black and white shot vid contains clips of Doldrums flying through space and landing on another planet to a flower-like ship bursting through his chest. Yeah it doesn’t get much stranger than that, but you’ll find yourself strangely hooked on the visuals from start to end. The track is taken from his current LP ‘ESC’.

The Barr Brothers Celebrate the Core of Rock & Roll with Their New Track ‘It Came to Me’

The Barr Brothers recently shared their epic song ‘You Would Have to Lose Your Mind’, the first gunner from their upcoming album ‘Queens of the Breakers’, landing October 13th. Now the Montreal band fire up the burners with an unadulterated slice of pure rock & roll with their second offering ‘It Came to Me’. Diving into the core roots of the sound, letting the blues influence shine, smokey vocals flow fluid with spirited drums and fiery guitar lines. The Barr Brothers have surely hit the target smack dab in the middle with this one.

CHANCES Share Their Latest Single ‘Leave The Light On’

Making their debut a few months back with the song ‘Shine’, Montreal band CHANCES return with a new single titled ‘Leave The Light On’. To call this track epic or magical would an understatement as the expansive production reaches multiple heights whilst the flowing of angelic vocals add the final beauty. ‘Leave The Light On’ is an example CHANCES confidently ready to take things to the next level. Have a listen. Read more […]

Doldrums ‘Runner Up’ Video

Montreal’s Doldrums steps up with extremely trippy visuals for his single ‘Runner Up’. Shot by Damian Lebiedzinski and edited by Errhead, the video features up close images of faces and bodies overlayed together, creating kaleidoscopic effects. You can even catch morphed images of Michael Jackson from the ‘Thriller’ album in a couple scenes. The song is taken from Doldrum’s forthcoming LP ‘E s c’, out June 9th. Have a look.