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Mozart’s Sister ‘Bump’ Video

Caila Thompson-Hannant, known by her moniker Mozart’s Sister, brings forth a sparkling dose of electronic pop with her latest track ‘Bump’. Whilst the song itself is definitely on the experimental side of the genre, the video for the tune is a weird animation which features jumping bizarre looking animals, button-pushing fingers and more. It’s sort of like going through a three minute trip through wonderland…literally.

Le Couleur ‘Premier Contact’ Video

Montreal’s Le Couleur have been releasing loads of records for the past 7 years now. Their sound is a sexy and vibrant taste of nu disco with a glam feel to it that kind of makes you feel all chic and what not. Bringing forth their latest video ‘Premier Contact’, a night club is the setting as characters partake in comical dance threats. Apparently beef doesn’t just happen in the streets, but on the dance floor as well. Check it out. Read more […]

Listen to Young Galaxy’s ‘Stay For Real’

In the wake of the current state of events involving the rufugee crisis as well as the elections in America, Montreal band Young Galaxy have stepped forward to shed their opinion on the happenings with their new song ‘Stay For Real’. With the song being released independently, the band have also teamed up with Plus1 in which all net proceeds from the sales will get donated to the W.A.V.E Foundation, PIVOT in Canada, as well as the ACLU in the U.S.

Listen to CHANCES’ Epic Debut Single ‘Shine’

Montreal-based trio CHANCES make their debut with a tune entitled ‘Shine’, and what an entry it is. Beginning with nothing but vocals drum kicks, the track progresses into an epic build-up of future pop stacked with echoing piano riffs and atmospheric tweaks for a sheer euphoric experience. We can hardly wait to hear more from the up and coming band. In regards to ‘Shine’, CHANCES stated: “There’s a ceremonial energy to the vocals, almost prayer-like in the way they weave in and out of Read more […]

KROY Shares Her Latest Tune ‘Learn’

Canadian singer KROY brings forth her new single ‘Learn’, a follow-up to her recently shared track ‘Bones’. Minimal with a delicate blanket of synths, the song reflects on a bad relationship in which KROY found difficult to leave. Using her angelic vocals to fill the space of the production, ‘Learn’ is a meditative look at a love fallen to ill lows. Have a listen. Read more […]

Preview The Black 80s’ Forthcoming LP ‘Heart to Art’

Montreal duo Hollis P Monroe and Overnite known together as The Black 80s will release their album ‘Heart to Art’ on September 16th via Sonar Kollectiv. With both acts already making their mark in the house scene, their new album is laced with a heavy dose of soul and future jazz, brilliantly weaved around 4×4-driven kicks. Ten tracks in total, the album includes guests Dominik Marz and Yannick LabbĂ©. Vibrant and unquestionably rhythmical, the duo’s perfect bridging of classic New York-style house with a forward-thinking deep embedding is a nourishment for the ears and moveable for the feet.

KROY Shares Her Luscious Track ‘Bones’

Known for her work as half of the group Milk & Bone, Camille Poliquin is transferring their sonic brand of emotional minimalism to an even deeper and personal journey with her solo project KROY. The MontrĂ©al-based artist will release her album ‘Scavenger’ on September 23rd via Dare to Care Records in Canada and Honeymoon in The U.S. One of the songs taken from the forthcoming LP is the surreal and sky-lifting electronic pop bit ‘Bones’. Poliquin finds the spot-on middle ground mark between beautifully touching and a mid-tempo sway, which allows the track to not fall into a dreary abyss of gloom.

Stream Charlotte Cardin’s Slow-Burning Single ‘Dirty Dirty’

Creating a buzz with seductive, jazz-inspired tracks such as ‘Big Boy’, Montreal singer Charlotte Cardin returns with her new single ‘Dirty Dirty’. Enticing like her previous work, the song lyers soulful piano riffs over echoing claps and Hip-Hop-style drum programming. ‘Dirty Dirty’ is released through the Cult Nation imprint. Have a listen. Read more […]

Jesse Mac Cormack Unveils His Rocking Track ‘Repeat’

Montreal artist Jesse Mac Cormack indeed makes music that hits the soul. With a voice that delivers with a sense of urgency, his latest single ‘Repeat’ finds the Canadian dealing with the reality of moving on past love, even though the past remains gripping. Backed by epic blues rock instrumentation, the track is currently out via Secret City Records. Touching on ‘Repeat’, in a press statement Jesse Mac Cormack wrote: “You move on and try so many different things on different people and Read more […]

Stream Basia Bulat’s ‘Long Goodbye’

Teaming up with producer Jim James, Canadian singer Basia Bulat released her latest LP ‘Good Advice’ last month via Secret City Records. Bulat now hits us with her third single entited ‘Long Goodbye’. Mixing upbeat pop with alternative and a mark of soul, the song’s feel-good energy, backed by a rich and full production palette, ‘Long Goodbye’ continues the Montreal singer’s further journey into musical expansion. Check it out.