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Ghostpoet Brings Forth the Slowdive and Plaid Remixes of ‘Woe Is Meee’

With his latest LP ‘Dark Days + Canapés’ having recked up a mass amount of critical praises, as well as reaching the Top 40 charts, London’s Ghostpoet now unveils the remixes to his single ‘Woe Is Meee’. Producers Slowdive and duo Plaid are called upon to provide the reworks. Whilst Slowdrive hands over an eeriely atmospheric and glitch-powered piece of electronica, Plaid’s driving and winding synth piece is a head-twister in fantastic manner. You can check out both versions below.

CC Honeymoon Interview

If the music of his previous band Virgin Kids represented a sonic explosion of youthful urgency pushed by fiery punk and garage rock, as a solo artist CC Honeymoon’s current sound is an introspective journey examining love, lust and more, powered by seducing pop, electro and new wave rhythms that are hypnotically gripping. Having released his lush debut single ‘Part Time View’ actually under the moniker of CC Honeymoon a couple months back, his follow-up track ‘In The Night’ is a hedonistic and passionate voyage into the experience of the physical connections between two. What could be the soundtrack of a dark, exclusive club full of erotic activities or just a room in a flat where two bodies meet, the song is a pleasurable trek through image-provoking sound. In a way, CC Honeymoon reflects the idea of liberation – a freedom to organically create, a freedom to be that of the most organic and pure. Only just the beginning of this musical travel as a solo act, we’re all up for taking the ride.

Listen to Kayobe’s Melodic Single ‘Sun Don’t Shine’

Toronto-based producer Kayobe has shared his hypnotic track ‘Sun Don’t Shine’ featuring the vocals of Olive B. According to Kayobe, the song was written on a rainy day. Whilst that may be the case, the fusion of ethereal ambience and ear-grabbing Hip-Hop undertones are as soothing as the warmth of the sun’s rays on a brisk morning. With Olive B. providing a high dose of sultry shimmer, there is everything to love about this single. Have a listen. Read more […]

Ambiere Unveil Their Infectious Electronic Pop Track ‘I See Faces’

Having released their ‘Tree Of Life’ EP back in February of this year, Manchester trio Ambiere return with a new track titled ‘I See Faces’. A melodic electronic pop meets subtle indie dance, the track is lifting as the angelic vocals of Amber Lane-Mcivor fuse brilliantly with the ethereal instrumentation, creating a magical and exciting offering from the rising band.

Högni ‘Komdu með’ Video

Dreamy, mountainous landscapes, fire blazes and horse riding – in terms of a high level video, Icelandic artist Högni has definitely delivered and then some. Co-directing the video for his track ‘Komdu með’ himself along with Máni Sigfússon, the artist uses the surroundings of his native country to stunningly coincide with the impact and surreal elements of the song itself. ‘Komdu með’ is taken from Högni’s latest album ‘Two Trains’, which is out now.

Raindear Returns with Her Infectious Track ‘Diamonds In My Chest’

Photo by Lingmerth Photography & Arts Having been a little quiet throughout the yaer, Swedish singer Raindear makes a big return with her latest single ‘Diamonds In My Chest’. Shimmering with ethereal synths and running drums, the dark and nocturnal electro pop tune that confidently finds the artist back in her space and zone as if she never left. Have a listen. Read more […]

ColoRising Interview with Everything by Electricity

London-based Everything by Electricity is a group who have been captivating listeners for over the past four years now. Fronted by Siberia-raised singer, multi-instrumentalist, producer and founder Yulia Bizyukova, along with drummer Manoela Alencastro and Daniel on bass and synths, the group capture everything lush, warm and frankly great about dream pop. Sew in linings of new wave and indie and what you get is EbE’s otherworldly and rich sound that bursts through the speakers with sheer gaiety.

Illyin Pipes Unveil Their Sleek Single ‘Daylight Confidant’

Toronto duo Illyin Pipes are gearing up for the release of their debut EP ‘Spaces’, landing February 2018. The first track taken from the EP is the spacey and soulful song ‘Daylight Confidant’. Layered with fizzing synths, the drifting bit finds singer Jill Harris supporting someone who has gone through turbulent times whilst still dealing with her own problems. Utterly dreamy, you can stream ‘Daylight Confidant’ below.

Bamboo Smoke Share Their Smokey Electronic Pop Cut ‘Sleepless’

South London-based duo Bamboo Smoke have shared a number of well-crafted songs stemming back to last year’s ‘Treehouses’. With their latest single ‘Sleepless’, the group knock out another moody electronic pop tune layered with a soulful glaze, built on spacious and atmospheric production. Bamboo Smoke are definitely ready to make a huge name for themselves in the coming year. Regarding their sound, Bamboo Smoke mentioned: “We like things fairly loose and unpolished, and tend to retain Read more […]

Bonander Addresses Issues of Racism & the Alt-Right in ‘The Oracle’

Sweden’s Ellinor Sterner aka Bonander addresses the rise of alt-right in various parts of the world including Scandinavia in her latest single ‘The Oracle’. The open and haunting electronic soundscape is the platform for Sterner’s floating vocal delivery, with content shining a spotlight on underlying themes of racism and social manipulation by the powers that be. Undoubtedly needed during this current time of turmoil, ‘The Oracle’ is out now via ICEA. In a press statement regarding the track, Read more […]