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EMA Shares Her Powerful Single ‘Aryan Nation’

Never one to shy away from important political or sociological topics, Portland-based artist Erika M. Anderson aka EMA makes her return with another slice of commentary with her new track ‘Aryan Nation’. Placing a spotlight on places in Middle America where anger towards others has been manifested through hard times resulting in a twisted form of patriotism, the song is taken from EMA’s forthcoming LP ‘Exile In The Outer Ring’, out August 25 via City Slang Records. Below is a lyric video of the track which was created by Aaron Anderson and Eric Timothy Carlson.

H.Grimace Unveil Their New Track Titled ‘Lipsyncer’

Fans of H.Grimace’s 2015 ‘I Am Material’ cassette and their ‘Royal Hush’ should definitely anticipate the band’s forthcoming debut LP ‘Self Architect’, out April 7 on the Opposite Number label. Wasting no time the group have shared a new song taken from the upcoming record entitled ‘Lipsyncer’. Blending a breezing combo of indie and post-punk, the track is spearheaded by multiple guitar riffs racing to a climatic build-up. Touching on the song Hannah Gledhil Wrote: “‘Lipsyncer’ is about Read more […]

Lisbon Shares Their Cut ‘Tyler’

Newcastle trio Lisbon execute a slight shift in sound with their latest song ‘Tyler’. Whilst the band has been known for their styling of alternative, for the new track they delve into more techniques of sampling, bring a Hip-Hop flair to their music. ‘Tyler’ is produced by Dan Austin, with the song out now on Think Tank? Records. In regards to the track, Lisbon wrote: “‘Tyler’ takes its inspiration from Fight Clubcharacter Tyler Durden, who leads an army of ‘slaves in white collars’ Read more […]

Desperate Journalist ‘Be Kind’ Video

With their album ‘Grow Up’ out March 24th, North London band Desperate Journalist have shared their video for the song ‘Be Kind’. Directed by Jason Weidner, warm tones of the group performing the track on stage is the basis, which technically is all you need for such a fantastic track.

Stream Sweet Spirit’s ‘The Power’

There is the assumption that nice people tend to finish last. Well after listening to Sweet Spirit’s ‘The Power’, there may actually be something to that. Taken from the Austin band’s forthcoming album ‘St. Mojo’, Sabrina Ellis sings of doing all of the ‘bad’ things in school yet not only had more fun than the good girl but also garnished attention at her graduation. Now this may not be a template that many parents would encourage their kids to follow throughout their school years, but aside from probably having more of a blast than we could ever have, Ellis and Sweet Spirit have also rovided a rocking soundtrack to the experience.

Stream False Heads’ ‘Gutter Press’ EP

When Iggy Pop cites you as a band that he loves, then you know you’re doing something incredibly special. East London-based trio False Heads have not only been wowing the likes of music legends but have also gained a wave of praises among the press throughout the UK and abroad. Signed to Gary Powell’s 25 Hour Convenience Store label, the trio have released their new ‘Gutter Press’ EP. Consisting of five songs in total, False Heads find interesting wiggle room between classic punk and gritty indie. Energetic and bold, the EP is a sharp stabbing cut of rock and roll at its most potent.

IDestroy ‘Annie’ Video

Making waves with their punchy sound of punk, Bristol trio IDestroy bring forth the video for the track ‘Annie’. Directed by Sam Kinsella, the vid shows the girls performing the song and rocking out whilst at The Gryphon Ale and Metal Pub located in Bristol. Check it out. Read more […]

Stream H.Grimace’s New Single ‘Call It Out’

London band H.Grimace will release their debut album ‘Self Architect’ on April 7th via Opposite Number. Having already created a buzz with their ‘Royal Hush’ release back in 2016, the group now shares their explosive single ‘Call It Out’. Rocking out with a sharp stab of alternative mixed with a dash of post punk, sonically the foursome is in pure stealth mode with powerful contant and no-nonsense production that is more than exciting.

ColoRising Interview with Kraków Loves Adana

The music of Kraków Loves Adana stems from a place of truth, depth and life. Comprised of Deniz Cicek and Robert Heitmann, the Hamburg-based pair who met in 2006, have gone on to create a solid discography of emotive and ultimately moving indie records that are as core and touching as they come.