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Stream BONZIE’s ‘Zone on Nine’ Album

Chicago-based singer and musician BONZIE has release her second LP ‘Zone on Nine’, which is a follow-up release to her singles ‘As The Surface Rose’ and ‘How Do You Find Yourself, Love?, with her debut album ‘Rift Into The Secret Of Things, Album’ having landed back in 2013. Produced by BONZIE, along with Jonathan Wilson and Ali Chant, the record is a delicate and earnest approach to alternative, with intricate songwriting and BONZIE’s airy vocals depicting a definite growth in her artistry.

Stream White Room’s ‘Take Me Away’

Brighton band White Room first stepped into the scene with their psych/punk/alternative cut ‘You’ll See’, the lead-off bit to their debut EP ‘Fizzy Liquid’. Since then, the group have gone on to release more shoegaze oriented tunes that have been no less stellar. Returning with their new double AA side record which includes the song ‘Stole The I.V’, White Room have shared their second some from the release entitled ‘Take Me Away’. The wind soaring track is sprinkled with bits of 90s alternative with a twist of modern psychedelic. White Room is surely a band who should be on your radar. Have a listen.

Stream Alexa Dark’s ‘Blur’

Alexa Dark will release her forthcoming EP ‘Drinks/Empty Hearts’ in August of this year. Produced by Angelo “Doc” Velasquez, the recording chronicles the singer/musician’s experiences of living between multiple cities and the many personal dealings that came with it. One of the songs taken from the EP is Alexa Dark’s alternative cut ‘Blur’. Touching the sticky subject of a love triangle in which the singer tells the guy to go back to the other woman, the track is a great showcasing of Alexa Dark’s capturing songwriting ability to consistently keep the listener engaged. Below is a stream of ‘Blur’.

K.Flay ‘High Enough’ Video

K.Flay brings forth a clever and quite hilarious video for her single ‘High Enough’. Directed by Lorraine Nicolson, K.Flay finds herself living in a trailer park whilst getting extremely aggravated by the couple next door who is constantly fighting. After voicing her opinion through the walls and kindly being told off by the couple, K.Flay decides to blast music which magically puts the guy and girl in a dancing mood. Once she turns the music off, the couple revert to the irate beings that they are.

Stream the New Gold Class Single ‘Twist In The Dark’

Gold Class released their debut album ‘It’s You’ back in 2015, earning them praises in their home country of Australia. The Melbourne group now make their return with a live wire of a track entitled ‘Twist In The Dark’. Produced by Gareth Liddiard, the post-punk tune revs with racing guitar strums and pounding drum kicks as singer Adam Curley steers the fleet with commanding vocals. ‘Twist In The Dark’ will surely provide a shot of energy.

Lea Porcelain Unveil Their Moody Track ‘Remember’

Berlin’s Lea Porcelain will release their debut LP ‘Hymns To The Night’ next month. With an already impeccable selection of post-punk tracks to their name, the duo have shared a new song called ‘Remember’. Dripping with an air of melancholy, the moody tune is another handing from the band’s nocturnal soundscape. Have a listen.

Siv Jakobsen ‘Like I Used To’ Video

Norwegian singer Siv Jakobsen delivers quite the stunning video for her single ‘Like I Used To’. Directed by Jørgen Nordby, the dreamy clips of snowy and rural parts of the country are stylishly shot as Jakobsen stands among the grand environment. Touching on the video, director Jørgen Nordby stated: “The fun thing about making videos with Siv is the abcence of planning and instead just completely playing it by ear. We had a car and a destination, everything else you see in the video Read more […]

Stream Tricot’s Rocking ‘Melon Soda’

Post-punk/alt band Tricot have been rocking steady for seven years now. Hailing from Kyoto, the trio released their debut album ‘T H E’ back in 2013, followed by their sophomore effort ‘A N D’ in 2015. Now signed to Big Scary Monsters Records, Tricot will drop their third album titled ‘3’ on May 19th. To warm everyone up for the forthcoming release, the lovely ladies have shared their new single ‘Melon Soda’. A catchy taste of melodic punk and garage rock, Tricot continue to sing in their native Japanese, adding their own imprint and style to the sound. Check it out.

Listen to Matthew and Me’s ‘Every Day’

Dropping a number excellent songs over the past two years including their 2016 EP ‘Startpoint’, South Devon group Matthew and Me make their return with a new track titled ‘Every Day’. The melodic and utterly ear-catching tune is stacked on a solid foundation of ethereal production of ambient electronica and alternative whilst the vocals complete woo the listener. A more than strong return for the pair, ‘Every Day’ will have you instantly hooked. Have a listen.

EMA Shares Her Powerful Single ‘Aryan Nation’

Never one to shy away from important political or sociological topics, Portland-based artist Erika M. Anderson aka EMA makes her return with another slice of commentary with her new track ‘Aryan Nation’. Placing a spotlight on places in Middle America where anger towards others has been manifested through hard times resulting in a twisted form of patriotism, the song is taken from EMA’s forthcoming LP ‘Exile In The Outer Ring’, out August 25 via City Slang Records. Below is a lyric video of the track which was created by Aaron Anderson and Eric Timothy Carlson.