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Zola Jesus Shares Her Moody Cut ‘Soak’

With her new album Okovi scheduled to get released September 8th on the Sacred Bones imprint, Nika Roza Danilova aka Zola Jesus follows up her last song ‘Exhumed’ with another moody offering titled ‘Soak’. Nightly and atmospheric, dark electronica firmly exists with dark pop melodies, something that Danilova has mastered throughout her music career.

In regards to ‘Soak’, Zola Jesus mentioned:

“I was thinking about this crucial moment inside the victim’s mind, when she knows she’s going to die. She thinks back at her life and the futility of the decisions she made, when in the end her life would be cut short against her will.”

“What’s the point of trying to navigate life if you don’t even get to choose how it ends? Instead of letting her fate be determined by someone else, she takes back control and turns it around, so instead, in her mind, she is choosing to die. She lets the killer assist her in suicide, as she gets tossed into the water and slowly drowns.Through writing this song the story evolved within me, and I saw how it mirrored my own feelings inside.”

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