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My Favorite Robot Announces Sub Label MFR Red & Shares New Track ‘Femur Loveseat’

Canadian fixtures My Favorite Roboth hace announced the emerging of their new sub label MFR Red. The imprint will focus on single track releases tailored to DJs and dance floor culture. In light of the exciting news, the Toronto duo have taken position to release the first single on the label. Their latest track ‘Femur Loveseat’ is a body-jacking, hedonistic shot of electro that drives with pulsing synths and an unstoppable groove that will light up any club at peak hour. ‘Femur Loveseat’ Read more […]

Listen to Kayobe’s Melodic Single ‘Sun Don’t Shine’

Toronto-based producer Kayobe has shared his hypnotic track ‘Sun Don’t Shine’ featuring the vocals of Olive B. According to Kayobe, the song was written on a rainy day. Whilst that may be the case, the fusion of ethereal ambience and ear-grabbing Hip-Hop undertones are as soothing as the warmth of the sun’s rays on a brisk morning. With Olive B. providing a high dose of sultry shimmer, there is everything to love about this single. Have a listen. Read more […]

Illyin Pipes Unveil Their Sleek Single ‘Daylight Confidant’

Toronto duo Illyin Pipes are gearing up for the release of their debut EP ‘Spaces’, landing February 2018. The first track taken from the EP is the spacey and soulful song ‘Daylight Confidant’. Layered with fizzing synths, the drifting bit finds singer Jill Harris supporting someone who has gone through turbulent times whilst still dealing with her own problems. Utterly dreamy, you can stream ‘Daylight Confidant’ below.

FEATURETTE Unveil Their Infectious Tune ‘Upside Down’

Releasing their LP ‘Crave’ last year, Toronto duo have unveiled their latest single ‘Upside Down’. Whilst musically the song is decorated with vibrant pop production, the content revolves around the current chaotic state that we are dealing with in these times. Sharp synths and head-nodding drums compliment the lush vocals of Lexie Jay. A lovely offering from the Canadian pair, you can listen to ‘Upside Down’ at the bottom.

Cold Specks Shares Her Soulful, Apocalyptic Cut ‘Void’

Ladan Hussein better known as Cold Specks have been on the lips of journalists and music lovers alike for the past couple years now. Releasing her stellar LPs ‘I Predict A Graceful Expulsion’ and ‘Neuroplasticity’, the Canadian singer will drop her third LP ‘Fool’s Paradise’ on September 22nd via Arts & Crafts. Stepping up with a new pre-taster, Cold Specks has unveiled her new single ‘Void’, which is taken from the upcoming record. Placing her soulful vocals atop post-apocalyptic electronic production, the song evokes a sense or urgency, with the Toronto-born artist proving to be at the top of her game. Have a listen.

Stream Alvvays’ ‘Plimsoll Punks’

Toronto band Alvvays are set to drop their new album ‘Antisocialites’ on September 8th. The new record follows their self-titled debut released back in 2014.

The foursome have also shared a new track titled ‘Plimsoll Punks’, which will be featured on the new LP. Tapping into the traditional side of punk, combined with an upbeat pop spirit and charming delivery, ‘Plimsoll Punks’ is a fun taster before the main course.

Liz Lokre ‘Buh Bye’ Video

Last year Liz Lokre dropped her blazing debut single ‘Rise Up!’ which was an uplifting dub-fused rocker that had her instantly on mnay people’s radars. The Toronto singer now makes her return with the video to her latest single ‘Buh Bye’ which find her laying down her silky vocals over a soul backdrop produced by Adrian X and Jordan Reyes. The video, directed by Sean McBride and Caroline Torti, features Lokre looking hotter than a summer’s day in Death Valley as she performs the song whilst surrounded by two dancers. Stylishly shot, the single itself is currently out now via Ecclectic Electrix.

Alisha Jade Drops Her Seductive Song ‘Catch Me If You Can’

Alisha Jade is more than just a singer but a killer producer as well. Over the span of three years, she has shared a number of high-powered soul and dark r&b tunes. With her latest track ‘Catch Me If You Can’, the Toronto native hits us with a slow and steamy nightime bit that led by Jade’s seducing vocals. It’s only a matter of time before Alisha Jade completely takes over the music game. Have a listen. Read more […]

The Weeknd ‘Secrets’ Video

The Weeknd continues to ride his high streak with very sharp visuals for his track ‘Secrets’. Director Pedro Martin-Calero cleverly uses angles and shapes of rooms and buildings, as well as reflections to create an artistic and eye-engaging array of imagery as the model of the video hugs on a mysterious man before performing the same act on The Weeknd. We definitely give the visuals two thumbs up. Have a look. Read more […]

DYLYN Shares Her New Song ‘American Nightmare’

Toronto singer DYLYN has shared her new track ‘American Nightmare’, a statement of the now generation who are choosing to carve out their own paths, shunning past ideology. The racing pop piece finds DYLYN bolder than ever, carving her name in musical stone, leaving a firm imprint. Touching on the new track DYLYN mentioned: “My generation is much more in tune with our emotions and who we are than past generations. Some choose to take a traditional path in life, settle down, get married Read more […]