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Ghostpoet Brings Forth the Slowdive and Plaid Remixes of ‘Woe Is Meee’

With his latest LP ‘Dark Days + Canapés’ having recked up a mass amount of critical praises, as well as reaching the Top 40 charts, London’s Ghostpoet now unveils the remixes to his single ‘Woe Is Meee’. Producers Slowdive and duo Plaid are called upon to provide the reworks. Whilst Slowdrive hands over an eeriely atmospheric and glitch-powered piece of electronica, Plaid’s driving and winding synth piece is a head-twister in fantastic manner. You can check out both versions below.

Ghostpoet ‘Woe Is Meee’ Video

London’s Ghostpoet released his acclaim album ‘Dark Days + Canapés’ back in August which featured the haunting single ‘Immigrant Boogie’. Having dropped a few singles from the LP since that time, he now returns with the official video for his dark cut ‘Woe Is Meee’ featuring Daddy G of Massive Attack on the vocals. Directed by Savannah Setten, the story revolves around a 70 year old man who finds himself among an establishment of women yet ultimately questions his own identity.

Ghostpoet Unveils His Stunning Song ‘Dopamine If I Do’

Judging from all of the tracks that Ghostpoet has shared taken from his new LP ‘Dark Days & Canapés’, we’re definitely in for a pleasurable ride. Whilst his lead single ‘Immigrant Boogie’ found the South London native tapping into a post-punk sound, his latest song ‘Dopamine If I Do’ is a jazzy and gorgeously constructed piece flowing with lush strings and piano play that reflects Ghostpoet’s continued growth as a well-rounded artist.

Ghostpoet ‘Freakshow’ Video

Ghostpoet reveals the video for this song ‘Freakshow’, which is taken from his forthcoming album ‘Dark Days & Canapés’, out August 18th. Keeping the levels extremely high, the video is a grim and apocalyptic view of the future as people are forced to wear oxygen masks and protective rain suiting just to go outside. With the South London native venturing down the musical roads of post-punk, the important and eye-opening theme continues from Ghostpoet’s previous track ‘Immigrant Boogie’. Have a look.

Ghostpoet Unveils His New Single ‘Trouble + Me’

Ghostpoet has announced the release of this new album ‘Dark Days & Canapés’. Set to drop August 18th on Play It Again Sam, the new record is produced by Leo Abrahams. Ghostpoet’s last single ‘Immigrant Boogie’ found the South Londoner tapping into more of a post punk sound. Now bringing forth the second offering from the new LP, ‘Trouble + Me’ sticks to a haunting soundscape, sonically fitting for the current chaotic times.

Ghostpoet ‘Immigrant Boogie’ Video

London’s Ghostpoet recently unveiled his latest single ‘Immigrant Boogie’, which in our opinion is one his best best recordings yet. The haunting post-punk inspired track now gets the visual treatment courtesy of Zhang + Knight. The video features a guy running from a perceived danger which isn’t necessarily apparent yet the apocalyptic environment suggests something of a brutal nature. With the song taking not only a nod at the recent crisis in Syria, but those around the globe who have put Read more […]

Ghostpoet Returns with ‘Immigrant Boogie’

It’s been two years since Mercury-nominated artist Ghostpoet released his critically acclaimed album ‘Shedding Skin’. Having consistently taken his sound in various directions, the magical question was, where would Ghostpoet sonically venture with a new release? His new single ‘Immigrant Boogie’ finds the South London native treading the waters of darker, post-punk-driven production. Touching on the delicate topic of men and women crossing borders for a better life, the haunting soundscape provides the perfect backing for Ghostpoet’s narrative which coincides brilliantly with the current political climate.

Massive Attack ‘Come Near Me’ ft. Ghostpoet Video

Massive Attack team up with Ghostpoet for the haunting song ‘Come Near Me’. Dark in the ever so great Massive Attack fashion, the video is just are eerie. Directed by Ed Morris, a woman constantly walks backwards each time a man takes steps towards her. Moving from a flat and into the street, this slow pursuit transpires into the two eventually walking into the depths of the ocean. Read more […]

Ghostpoet ‘Be Right Back, Moving House’ Video

Not only was Ghostpoet’s third LP ‘Shedding Skin’ one of the most critically acclaimed releases of 2015, but it was nominated for this year’s Mercury Prize. After a wave of impressive singles including ‘Off Peak Dreams’ and ‘Sorry My Love, It’s You Not Me’, the South London-raised artist now brings forth the official video for ‘Be Right Back, Moving House’. Directed by by SBlood, the video features a guy in a never-ending cycle of routine whilst finding it hard to achieve some of the things that he wants in life, including a particular female that he consistently dreams about.

Ghostpoet Shares New Single ‘Be Right Back, Moving House’

Coming off of a wave of acclaim for his third album ‘Shedding Skin’, which was released earlier this year, Ghostpoet has now been nominated for this year’s Mercury Prize. As 2015 slowly comes to an end, the London artist has announced a new single entitled ‘Be Right Back, Moving House’, out November 27th on Play It Again Sam. The song is availabe for streaming via Spotify.