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wrtch’s Drops Her Haunting Track ‘goodgirlnicehooker’

wrtch is the moniker of Ambrosia BartoĊĦekulva, whose artistry is inspired by her own experiences as a creative, activist and sex worker. Preppering for the release of her album ‘Rabbit Holes [andotherexits]’, her lead track from the LP is the haunting tune titled ‘goodgirlnicehooker’. A nocturnal cutting of minimalism, the experimental tune is a window into BartoĊĦekulva’s world which has been in close proximity with death itself.

EMA ‘Breathalyzer’ Video

EMA unveils the video for her haunting single ‘Breathalyzer’. Directed by Alicia Gordon, the story revolves around a girl and a girl riding in the backseat of a car whilst getting blasted out of their mind on drugs. Eventually the girl gets out of the car to find a restroom, eventually having to face herself and deal with her choices.

Stream Piotr Bejnar’s Eclectic ‘Album’

A solid fixture in the Polish music scene, Piotr Bejnar has released his new LP simply titled ‘Album’. Comprised of twelve tracks, Bejnar creates a gumbo blend of experimental electronica, bass, dance, smokey jazz and more. Like a scientist in the lab, there is a high level of alchemy with his production as songs weave between unorthodox orchestrations to more semi-traditional pieces that embed classical down to bossa.

Lucia Cadotsch’s ‘Speak Low Renditions’ is Bold and Refreshing

Jazz music has definitely gone through its share of phases over the years. Whilst a resurrected interest in the genre manifested through late 80s and 90s Hip-Hop, as well as the rare groove and acid jazz scene of the same period, the music slowly took backseat to various modern and not so modern forms of music. However, in this day and age, it takes an almost Godsent act to be able to brilliantly bridge the gaps between the past and present, doing it in a manner that is classically respected and currently accessible. Perhaps Swiss singer Lucia Cadotsch was sent down from the Heavens. With her 2016 critically acclaimed ‘Speak Low’ LP placing the singer among the top tier list of current jazz singers, her latest record ‘Speak Low Renditions’ perfectly restructures the album into experimental works of art that sounds like nothing else at the moment.

Ghostpoet Returns with ‘Immigrant Boogie’

It’s been two years since Mercury-nominated artist Ghostpoet released his critically acclaimed album ‘Shedding Skin’. Having consistently taken his sound in various directions, the magical question was, where would Ghostpoet sonically venture with a new release? His new single ‘Immigrant Boogie’ finds the South London native treading the waters of darker, post-punk-driven production. Touching on the delicate topic of men and women crossing borders for a better life, the haunting soundscape provides the perfect backing for Ghostpoet’s narrative which coincides brilliantly with the current political climate.

JPTR Stretches the Limits of Pop with Their Avant-Garde Self-Titled LP

Zurich-based JPTR is a hybrid. What appears to be one is actually two, a third if you factor in other components and what you hear can even be a masking of sorts. Comprised of KIU and IKARU,the group, which stresses the visual emphasis just as much as the sonic one, operate in the form of a collective pushing the boundaries of art. Nothing could be more evident than their self-titled debut LP. Musically JPTR flows in the manner of avant-garde pop, using drums and vocals as the weight of the Read more […]

The Physics House Band ‘Calypso’ Video

The Physics House Band are creating some of the most interesting music out at the moment. Having previously shared their mind-blowing single ‘Calypso’, the trio have now brought forth the video to the cut. Combining clips of various vibrant images mixed with a live session, the song itself is taken from The Physics House Band’s upcoming mini-album ‘Mercury Fountain’, out the 21st of April via Small Pond Records.

Top Pick: Hector Plimmer ‘Sunshine’

If we are to discuss the music of South London native Hector Plimmer, it is best to stay away from the idea of genre. Sure one could possibly sort out various elements in terms of the type of music he creates, but to even dwell that far into dissection is almost to miss the beauty and craftsmanship of his art. If a description just had to be placed on his new LP ‘Sunshine’, possibly sonic voodoo could come close. Perhaps dream state music is appropriate. No matter what description one chooses to attribute to Plimmer’s sound, one thing is certain, ‘Sunshine’ is truly a gorgeous ray of light, lifting and point blank beautiful.

Nick Cave Announces ‘Lovely Creatures: The Best of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds’

Nick Cave has announced the the upcoming album ‘Lovely Creatures: The Best of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds’. Originally scheduled to get released back in 2015, the record celebrates a monumental 30 years for the group. Compiled by Nick Cave and Mick Harvey, along with the current Bad Seeds members, the album will be available in various formats with a Super Deluxe edition set to include a book and a DVD containing unseen footage of the band.

UFO Drop Their Improv-based Album ‘III’

The art of improvisation has been one of the staples of jazz music. It is the feeling of the moment that many musicians have tapped into releasing a sound that often times have resulted in something spiritual. Whilst these days music tends to be overly structured and glistening with sonic perfection, Swiss band UFO have challenged the idea of conventionalism with their new album ‘III’.