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Mica Millar’s Track ‘The Defender’ is Lifting

Helping to bring awareness to issues various societal issues as well as paying homage to those who are helping to combat the ills with ‘The Defender Campaign’, singer Mica Millar has shared her latest single which boasts the same title. ‘The Defender’ is a soulful and slightly haunting blend of Hip-Hop drum patterns underneath jazz-tinged toppings. Using her powerful vocals to deliver gripping lyricism, the brilliant song includes additional production from drum and bass legend Goldie and James Davidson.

Accompanying videos for ‘The Defender Campaign’ will feature people telling their stories of tragedy and those who came to their aid. With one having been shown on the 8th of March and the next on the 15th, you’ll be able to watch the videos via Mica Millar’s various social platforms. People can also share their stories online by using #thedefendercampaign.

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