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Ghostpoet ‘Woe Is Meee’ Video

London’s Ghostpoet released his acclaim album Dark Days + Canapés back in August which featured the haunting single ‘Immigrant Boogie’. Having dropped a few singles from the LP since that time, he now returns with the official video for his dark cut ‘Woe Is Meee’ featuring Daddy G of Massive Attack on the vocals. Directed by Savannah Setten, the story revolves around a 70 year old man who finds himself among an establishment of women yet ultimately questions his own identity.

Touching on the video, Savannah Setten mentioned:

“Depicting the darker, emotional response I had to the track led me to build a world around an atypical senior citizen (played by John O’Brien) who at 70, finding himself in a society openly discussing gender neutrality, chooses to address his deepest most insular struggles around sexuality and persona.”

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