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ColoRising Mixes 36: SDH

Barcelona, Spain

Post-punk, synth-wave, industrial, techno – Barcelona’s SDH (Semiotics Department of Heteronym) are some of the best to craft the sound bursting from Spain. Comprised of Andrea P. Latorre and Sergi Algiz, label owners of Cønjuntø Vacíø and members of the cutting edge band Wind Atlas, their SDH project is the ultimate rush of haunting, heavy electronica layered with a synth-pop spreading, creating the ultimate balance between light and dark. Questioning the idea of fiction, SDH’s sound is a continuing ride through illusory and realism. With their new EP ‘Tell Them’ out March 9th on Avant! Records, Semiotics Department of Heteronym are true heroes of electronic and post-punk alchemy.

For ColoRising Mixes 36, SDH have curated a brilliant playlist of post-punk, synth-wave, pop, indie and even Hip-Hop.

Describing the playlist, SDH stated:

“This is a collection of songs to listen to at night. Some while you and your lover prepare dinner, before getting dressed for a night out, others to listen with your friends, trying to make the night last forever, and others to listen to while going home in silence, thinking about all the things that you do not know how to put into words.”


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