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Margaux Avril Interview

Margaux Avril is a renaissance woman with the arts radiating from every inch of her being. Whilst making her mark in music with pop singles like ‘L’air de rien’, the Parisian singer, songwriter, musician, photographer and model is a multi-disciplinary powerhouse whose passion for simultaneously creating something meaningful and beautiful is as apparent as the day sky is blue.

FELIN Interview

Stockholm’s FELIN represent all that one would imagine to coincide with the idea of Scandinavian beauty and the life that comes with being a musician and a rock star photographer. Comprised of singer/songwriter/pianist Elin Blom and photographer, filmmaker, as well as creative director Fredrik Etoall, the duo are presenting audible and visual mediums to the audience in the most chic and sleek way possible.

TRUE Interview

Bern, Switzerland-based Dani Sarda and Rico Baumann make up the dynamic group TRUE. Both seasoned jazz musicians, the team have brought their sleek craftsmanship to the sound of electronica, resulting in a stylistic melting pot of various moods, tones and genre, cooked into their own seasoned dish.

Lovestarrs Interview

Change is inevitable, but it’s how one surfs the waves of transformation which determines the ride of destiny. Siblings Sarah and Hamish McIntosh are one of the few music groups who make change look inspiring. Whilst establishing themselves in music years ago as members of The Good Natured along with friend George Hinton, a bout with record label politics was instrumental in the pair restructuring, re-branding and dictating their own path, frankly creating some of the most infectious pop tunes to at the moment.

Nova Twins Interview

Nova Twins play by their own rules – no musical restrictions, no visual restrictions, just pure freedom of expression. The South London-based pair comprised of Amy Love and Georgia South are the now generation of rebel rockers carrying on an organic punk ethos and a sound that is shaking up the industry.

Whilst Nova Twins set the tone of their sound performing a track titled ‘Bad Bitches’ back in 2014, the duo kicked open the door with no apologies last year with their raging single ‘Bassline Bitch’. Punchy with aggression, the track’s impact hit with full force, propelling a wave of excitement around the group. Nova Twins quickly began making rounds on platforms such as BBC Introducing, London News and more. They were championed at BBC 6 Music and established support by iconic brands such as Underground shoes.

Incisive Interview

In the 90s emcees such as Roots Manuva and Blak Twang helped to establish worldwide credibility of Hip-Hop coming out of the UK. Whilst delivering clever lyricism and stories coming from an English perspective, the next generation of British rappers completely and unapologetically kicked open the door, playing by their own rules. This lot of lyricists included acts such as Ms. Dynamite, Sway DaSafo, J2K and of course Incisive. Hailing from West London, Incisive has been on a steady mission of bringing forth the best Hip-Hop music possible, proving more than equal to his respective counterparts across the Atlantic.

Manic Pixi Interview

New York City band Manic Pixi reflects the very example of what it means to take varied musical influences, place them in a blender and stir them together, with the outcome being a true collage of styles married in perfect union. This is also a testament to their family-like environment that has been instrumental in the group’s groundwork rising and progression. Comprised of vocalist Kat Hamilton, Marshall Biever, Emmett Ceglia and Drew Bastian, Manic Pixi is everything great and hopeful about the new sound of alternative and pop punk.

Ängie Interview

Stockholm’s Ängie may boast a physical beauty synonymous with her country, but as a music artist she is far from the typical lighthearted pop songstress. Equipped with a bad girl swagger, the tattooed, marijuana-loving vocalist has already begun to shake things up with her debut single ‘Smoke Weed Eat Pussy’. The rumbling drum & bass meets trap bit is practically an anthem for stoners and cunnilingus connoisseurs, and at the very least, those who simply love a party-starter of a track. Already tipped to be a fire-starter this year, Ängie currently has us lifted in her hazy, smoke-filled aura.

Adian Coker Interview

Adian Coker is what one would call the perfectly balanced emcee. With the ability to let-off bars for days with clever metaphors and punch lines, he also possesses an in-depth skill of storytelling which allows the listener to form vivid pictures whilst being musically transported throughout the journey. There is also the element of accessibility. Coker’s songs cross both the underground and mainstream with sheer dignity and a quality level that blows everything else out of the water.

Bloom Twins Interview

Sonia and Anna Kuprienko aka Bloom Twins aren’t your typical pop siblings. Sure they’re incredibly addicting style of musical noir is undoubtedly intriguing upon first listen, but digging deep into their history, what you’ll find are a pair of classically trained multi-instrumentalists and singers who have literally been steeped in the art form for most of their lives. Since releasing their cover of the Kish Mauve track ‘Fahrenheit’, followed by their haunting rendition of Bob Marley’s classic song ‘Get Up Stand Up” in support of the people of Ukraine during the midst of political turmoil a couple years back, the Kuprienko sisters have gone on to create a few astounding recordings, ink a deal with IMG Model Management and tour with iconic musical giants Duran Duran. It’s safe to say that Bloom Twins are staring at a future as bright as the midday sky.