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ColoRising Interview with So Below

Madeline North, who records under the moniker of So Below, has been capturing fans and music critics alike since making her grand debut with the song ‘Drift’ a couple years back. Fostering her goth-pop sound, the New Zealand-born bombshell elegantly takes listeners on a voyage using nocturnal rhythms as the soundscape.

So Below Brings Forth Her New Track Titled ‘Hard’

New Zealand’s Madeline North better known as So Below returns with a new song titled ‘Hard’. Whilst maintaining her signature goth-infused sound, the track produced by Leroy Clampitt and Aaron Short is a bit edgier than previous work. Driven by dark, skittering synths, there is a sleek pop appeal swirling around North’s catchy melodies. Touching on the track Madeline North wrote: “‘Hard’ is definitely the most aggressive song I’ve ever written, with a pretty strong pop element. I love Read more […]