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ColoRising Mixes 30: Girls In Synthesis

If there is one group here to shake things up in music it’s London’s Girls In Synthesis. With a sound raging with punk fury, the group released their double A-side record ‘The Mound/Disappear’ in early March of this year. The band’s energy hit like the impact of a bullet train at full speed with much of it properly translated at their live shows. After all, it isn’t uncommon to see some of the members jumping into the crowd whilst playing. With the current political climate of the world seeming to spiral into a frenzy, the sound of Girls In Synthesis couldn’t be needed more to cut through the current fluff floating about.

White Lung ‘Sister’ Video

Canadian rockers White Lung unveil the official video for their track ‘Sister’. Directed by Justin Gradin and Ben Jacques, members Mish Way-Barber and Anne-Marie Vassiliou play the characters of two phone workers who make a lonely sap (played by White Lung guitarist Kenneth William) fall in love simply by their conversations. After the two women go to the extreme of smashing stuff on the wall and all out raging, William decides that it’s back to square one.