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Gurr ‘Ode to Oatmeal’ Video

We are lovers of oatmeal just as much as anyone else, however Berlin-based duo Gurr have taken it to the next level with their video ‘Ode to Oatmeal’. Directed by Luis Krummenacher, the ladies perform the song whilst relishing in the fact that oatmeal is basically falling down on them like rain. Of course the next reasonable thing to do would be to take a bath in a tub of milk, which is exactly what happens. Now in regards to the monkey puppet that pops up in the video, we can’ quite comment Read more […]

Stream Gurr’s ‘In My Head’ Album

Comprised of of Laura Lee and Andreya Casablanca, the Berlin duo known as Gurr make straight-forward garage rock with a twist of punk and pop. It’s raw, at times it’s stripped down, and you know what, that’s the magic of it. With their album ‘In My Head’, out via Duchess Box Records, Casablanca and Lee jam out like a group performing in your fave local venue. Racing guitars, hard-hitting drums and vocals which teeter between gentle tones and loud screams are the predominant make-up of the LP. Read more […]