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Listen to Giungla’s ‘Cold’

Last year we were raving about Italian artist Emanuela Drei aka Giungla, who released her killer EP ‘Camo’. Back with a new track for 2017, the Bologna-based singer has dropped her latest tune ‘Cold’, an upbeat mesh of electro and alternative. We’re hoping that this is the first indication of a new EP coming later in the year. For now, you can enjoy the tune down at the bottom. ‘Cold’ is out via Some Kinda Love.

King No-One ‘Antichrist’ Video

York-based band King No-One are a group that we are currently following like crazy. Have shared their bold cut ‘Antichrist’, the foursome have now given it the visual treatment. Drawing inspiration from the design style of Russian artist Alexander Rodchenko, the in-your-face imagery perfectly accompanies the song which lays down the hammer on those who misuse power. ‘Antichrist’ is directed by Cosmic Joke. Touching on the video, singer Zach Lount wrote: “There’s always been a battle between Read more […]

Cajsa Siik Unveils Her New Indie/Pop Single ‘White Noise’

As Swedish singer Cajsa Siik preps to release her forthcoming album ‘Domino’, out June 2nd via Birds Records, she has unveiled a new cut taken from the LP entitled ‘White Noise’. Taken aspects of pop and indie and gently placing them together like pieces of a puzzle, the breezy cut is another marvelous serving from the rising star.

Listen to K.Flay’s ‘High Enough’

K.Flay brings more fire with her latest single ‘High Enough’. The song is the follow-up to her previous tune ‘Black Wave’. ‘High Enough’ finds the L.A.-based artist finds alternate ways of staying lifted without constant bombarding of drugs whilst soaring over a gritty alternative/post-punk platform. The track is taken from her forthcoming album ‘Every Where Is Some Where’, out April 7th via Night Street/Interscope.

Wilsen ‘Garden’ Video

Wilsen have unveiled their brilliant video ‘Garden’. The Stephen Michael Simon-directed visuals depict a couple who although living together, couldn’t be more distant. Filmed on a snowy day, the artistic video stars Alyssa Forte and Samuel Dunning. Touching on the video, director Stephen Michael Simon wrote: “I was inspired by the idea of a couple’s inability to relate or communicate. I wanted to capture the feeling of when you are so close with someone in physical spaces but there’s Read more […]

Top Pick: Park Hotel ‘Gone As A Friend’

Comprised of Tim Abbey and Rebeca Marcos-Rosa, London duo Park Hotel have make their entry with a magnificent debut track titled ‘Gone As A Friend’. Capturing the sounds of funk, punk disco and new wave, this is the new theme song to all things downtown. With a nod to acts like Talking Heads, the ridding of a friend has never sounded so lovely. Musically one can’t help but picture an environment of stylish, chic, gritty and hedonistic people all congregating in one place. ‘Gone As A Friend’ is produced by Elliot James. Have a listen.

Crying Day Care Choir ‘Sad Season’ Video

After recently sharing their organic and warm track ‘Sad Season’, Sweden’s Crying Day Care Choir now bring forth the video. Straight forward and to the point, clips of the band performing song is the basis with the cinematography quite good. The indie folk track is glimpse into what the band has coming in 2017. Watch the video below. Read more […]

Desperate Journalist ‘Resolution’ Video

North London band Desperate Journalist are set to release their new album ‘Grow Up’ on the 24th of March via Fierce Panda. One of the songs taken from the album that has been on constant repeat for us is their single ‘Resolution’. Already a great, the band have now shared the video for the song. Directed by Jason Weidner, Desperate Journalist enjoy a round of drinks with friends at a pub with other clips showing lead singer Jo Bevan seemingly having a moment whilst staring in the mirror.

Warhaus ‘Machinery’ Video

There is something to be said about a guy jumps on stage and delivers one of the most moving performances of a lifetime, especially when there are only two people in the crowd. This would be the case for the new Warhaus video ‘Machinery’. Directed by fashion photographer Willy Vanderperre, Warhaus aka Maarten Devoldere, sings in a near empty establishment with only Sylvie Kreusch (who also sings on many of the Warhaus album tracks), looking on before making out and dancing in front of some random bloke.

Stream Louise Lemón’s Haunting Track ‘Egyptian Darkness’

Swedish singer Louise Lemón shares her heavy-hitting single ‘Egyptian Darkness’, out now via Icons Creating Evil Art. Produced by Randall Dunn, the slow marching, dark track picks up ob biblical references of The Exodus, collating the escape of Moses to the idea of being liberated. Falling in line with Lemón’s ‘death gospel’ sound, the track is a moody work that resonates with the state of the present. Touching on ‘Egyptian Darkness’ Louise Lemón stated: “Egyptian Darkness is a song Read more […]