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YOUTH MAN Deliver Premium Punk with ‘I Don’t Know’

Birmingham’s YOUTH MAN have been shaking things up around the Midlands for a few years, dropping their Bad Weather EP back in 2013. Freshly signed to Alcopop! Records, the energetic punk band are now working on a new EP which is coming down the pipeline this year. YOUTH MAN have also shared a new track titled ‘I Don’t Know’, which will be featured on the forthcoming record. Sinister and raw in sound, fuzz-drilling guitar riffs and thundering drumming run parallel to Kyila Whyte’s in your face vocal delivery. A great way to set off 2018, it’s looking like a promising year for the duo.

Touching on their new signing, YOUTH MAN stated:

“Alcopop are a wicked label whom we’ve watched longingly from afar for a long while. They approach releasing music in exactly the way we think it should be approached and are music fans first and foremost. It’s weird that sensible people want to release music we’ve made. We think it might be some kind of joke – a strange hallucinatory fever dream of sorts. Maybe they’re just not sensible people. Whatever. They say nice things about us. Our new music is our favourite of all the musics we have thusly so far made so it is only appropriate that we release it on our bestest most favouritest indie label. Also, they’ve said that if our record does well they’ll buy us at least one second-hand Sodastream. Fingers crossed.”

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