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Top Pick: Egopusher ‘Blood Red’

With the advent of accessible software helping to launch a democracy within the musical landscape in regards to recording, countless acts have emerged around the world in droves creating an immense flooding in the market, often times bypassing the tools as a means to push sounds forward, rather replicating whatever is in the charts. So where does that leave a group like the Zurich-originated, Berlin-based duo Egopusher, who have managed to merge moody electronica and post-classical with songs such as ‘Purple Pit’ from a couple years back? Simple – rather than trying to keep up with any particular trend, they simply went inside the studio and created a deep and emotionally ranged debut LP titled Blood Red.

The tone of Blood Red is set with ‘Patrol’, a haunting reeling of skittering and at times hefty synths and echoing violin play that progress into an apocalyptic state. ‘Flake’ is an upbeat piece that takes on Italo leanings, brilliantly orchestrated, instantly shifting the mood from the latter. Whilst the eerie and minimal ‘William’ unfold like a mysterious scene in a motion picture, Egopusher demonstrate a musical mastery of emotional moving with the beautifully orchestrated composition ‘Blur’. The song marries both the band’s love of grand electronica and touching classical, packing quite the punch in under 5 minutes. The track ‘Hackney’ may evoke feelings of long nights in an underground club, but Egopusher quickly create something more of cinematic experience that soundtrack the depths of passion. The title track of the album is another moody presentation placing an emphasis of gentle drum brushes and gun clapping snares, all wrapped in jazz fittings whilst subtle fixings decorate the space. ‘Prelude’ rounds out the album as their most classically-driven cut with nothing more than the violin and eventually deep bass tones carrying the song.

Blood Red is quite the ambitious record that may require a couple listens to really dig into its genius. However, once fully absorbed, the impact is that of a musical tidal wave that definitely stand the test of time.

Blood Red is out October 13th.

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