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Chloë Rona Interview

Chloë Rona is a name that you will get to know rather quickly. The London-based singer who effortlessly weaves between the sounds of dark pop, electronica and RnB is definitely ready to skyrocket to the top, sharing her song ‘Games’ back in 2016. She went on to drop stellar tracks such as ‘F.I.A’, the seductive cut ‘Muse’, as well as featured on the Casio McCombs single ‘Bad Things’. Having studied Popular Music Performance Vocals, she stylistically brings a sexy edge whilst armed with mountainous amounts of vocal talent that fit together like a hand in glove. It’s this overall package that makes her target for stardom a bullseye aim with the arrow already in motion.

ColoRising Interview with Milan Ring

Milan Ring reflects an uncanny intelligence, beauty and musical and creative power almost seemingly given to her from spiritual force from up above. Based in Sydney, not only is she a highly known for her stellar vocal ability but as a guitarist (who is also endorsed by Gibson) and producer, her talents are up to par with industry heavyweights. But unlike many, Milan Ring also plays by her own rules, not only operating as a business woman running her multi-medium company MXMAY but also through challenging the ideas and perceptions of femininity, gender roles and more.

ColoRising Interview with Georgia Mason

We are living in a period of time where musical freedom is at an all time high, yet uniqueness seems to buried underneath a mountain of acts all trying to be the be the next ‘it’ artist by virtually replicating the current trendy star of the moment. Georgia Mason is unique in more ways than a few. The obvious one lies in her vocals. Organically warm, her falsetto voice is like an instrument in itself, played like a lofty jazz musician who well understands his tool. Mason’s next form of uniqueness is situated in her journey. Instead of trying to become the next internet sensation, she made treks over to Paris to learn and play with musicians and artists on the street. Mind you, this is after going through formal training. Perhaps this is why her music is like an art piece, something has lasting value…something that is certainly intriguing and ravishing.

Liza Owen Interview

Sexy, sassy, stylish and more importantly, talented are truly only a few words to describe London-based singer Liza Owen. Born to a Cambodian mother and a British father, Owen’s fierceness is practically embedded in her music and undoubtedly in her fashion. It becomes evident why thousands and thousands of people follow the bombshell on Instagram. However, within her world of glamour is also a bursting pride about her Khmer heritage that she holds near and dear. In fact, Owen is a shining model for the Cambodian community in the UK and abroad. Yet while she effortlessly walks the line between both cultures, Liza Owen’s status should honestly be marked as ‘global’. And one thing is certain, she knows that the world is soon to be in the palm of her hands.

Sarsha Simone Interview

While Sydney, Australia may boast a reputation for its high quality of life and beautiful people, the city has also been a recent focal point for a wave of incredible musicians and artists creating an array of outstanding music and self definition. You can say that singer Sarsha Simone has inherited all of Sydney’s shining rays of goodness, packing a voice that of a classic soul vocalist and gorgeously stunning looks that will stop you dead in your tracks. Building a name in the nu soul, r&b, as well as Hip-Hop circuit, Simone’s sincere approach to music and fashion unquestionably makes her one to watch out for as a force to be reckoned with.

Stream Gang Colours’ “Invisible In Your City”

Taking a different direction sonically, Gang Colours’ new song “Invisible In Your City” leans more in an electronic pop direction, putting an emphasis on airy vocals. Minimal and spacious, “Invisible In Your City” is enriching and honest commentary on humanity. This pleasant surprise is a release that we look forward to. Read more […]

ColoRising Mixes 11: Mousey Mcglynn

Mousey McGlynn is so continental. In 2011 she released the “Mousey EP”, a record chopped with vivid storytelling and a musical serving of electronica, pop, jazz and experimental, all rolled up into one tasty treat. McGlynn proved that she was well-crafted as a vocalist with her 2012 jazz fueled “Peep” EP. Her 2013 remix of Die Antwoord’s “Diz Iz Why I’m Hot” displayed not only her credibility as a producer but also depicted the fun element that she is consistently known for.

Stream Katy B’s new track “What Love Is Made Of”

Katy B represented the new face of the now generation of ravers, bringing a musical reflection of Rinse FM to the mainstream with her album “On A Mission”. The record launched her into complete stardom, making her a household name around the world. Katy’s popularity grew to the point that she even sang on the Coca-Cola 2012 Olympic song! She’s finally back with a forthcoming new single titled “What Love Is Made Of”, a lovely house cut that doesn’t stray from her original beginnings. We have a Read more […]

Scrimshire Interview

A true musician will aim at making a recording that qualifies as a timeless work of art and in the process, touches our hearts and soul. Artist, producer and Wah Wah 45 label head Adam Scrimshire humbly took that position by drawing from his eclectic canvas of musical inspirations, successfully bridging them into carefully woven pieces that escaped the suicidal title of “fusion” and instead flaunted that of “finely executed sounds”.