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Sigrid ‘Strangers’ Video

Norwegian pop star Sigrid has rapidly become the ‘it’ girl since releasing her initial hit ‘Don’t Kill My Vibe’. The Ålesund native continues to keeps her wave of momentum going strong with her latest video for the track ‘Strangers’. Directed by Ivana Bobic, you can can find Sigrid performing the track whilst continuously dancing around a various constructed studio sets. She definitely looks like she’s enjoying life. Check it out. Read more […]

alt-J ‘Pleader’ Video

To call alt-J’s latest visuals for ‘Pleader’ a music video, would almost be disrespectful. This is literally a short film. Directed by Isaiah Seret, the stunning piece inspired by Andrei Tarkovsky’s ‘The Sacrifice’ depicts the a Welsh couple whose inability to have a child uses a man from the community to impregnate the wife. When a catastrophic event happens and destroys the village, the young child is sent off to an all-boys boarding school where life proves to be rough. Once the boy gets older, he visits the land in which his village once sat. What can only be described as masterful in execution, the video in itself deserves an award. ‘Pleader’ is taken from alt-J’s latest album ‘Relaxer’.

Sigrid ‘Don’t Kill My Vibe’ Video

Norwegian artist Sigrid was already tipped to be the next act to explode in the pop world and after unveiling her single ‘Don’t Kill My Vibe’, many journalists and industry insiders weren’t far from the mark. Generating a huge buzz, Sigrid has now dropped the official video for the song. Stylishly shot on a beach with the Scandinavian singer performing the song in front of various backdrops with her styling to coincide, it’s quite evident that Sigrid is on the heels of stardom. Have a look. Read more […]

Stella McCartney Presents ‘The Uncanny Valley’ by Philippa Price

The Nevada desert and clowns are all intertwined in the latest Stella McCartney fashion film entitled ‘The Uncanny Valley’. Directed by Philippa Price, the brand’s new men’s and women’s collection are captured in the midst of trippy surroundings including cars titled upwards in the ground, a clown motel and an abandoned garage. The bizarre film stars Megan Nison and Bradley Soileau who sports the latest, mixture of subtle and bold pieces from Stella McCartney. Have a look. Read more […]

LATER ft. CASisDEAD ‘Unicorn’ Video

Linn and Drive Me Home aka LATER team up with CASisDEAD for the single and video ‘Unicorn’. With the vid directed by Drive Me Home, CAS decides to pop some magical pills before doing highly strange things like walking an arm on a leash and pouring alcohol in a kid’s pool before she soaks her feet in it. See kids, we’ve tried to warn you about those funny little red and blue pills that glow. Now you can witness the effects yourself. Have a look. Read more […]

Austra ‘Utopia’ Video

The latest video for Austra’s single ‘Utopia’ is definitely a weird one. Sure some people will find that being in an all-white room knocking over a glass of water and eating worms a utopian experience, we’re going to say that it kind of resembles either a take on heaven or a modern psych ward. The video is directed by Noe and Paul & Stefan Moore of That Go.

Riddim Commission Ft. D Double E ‘Dem Tings Dere’ Video

Riddim Commission and Newham General’s D Double E tear down various raves in their latest video ‘Dem Tings Dere’. Setting off the video with a crew of girls and champagne, they proceed to perform at various venues, as well as D Double having the time of his life on the dance floor whilst trying to talk to a cute girl. Clearly his life is a lot better than ours. Have a look. Read more […]

New Portals ‘Cage’ Video

New Portals share the video for their single ‘Cage’, directed by Emily McDonald. The story revolves around a guy who is driving and spots a girl standing on the sidewalk. Instantly captured by her, he pulls over to give her a ride. Now we’re sure you will begin to think of the many things that could occur from this act, however, the guy eventually stops the car and does what any sensible male would do – take her by the hand and dance in the street. We’re sure that’s what you were thinking. Have Read more […]

Meadowlark ‘Quicksand’ Video

Bristol band Meadowlark unveil the official video to their moving track ‘Quicksand’. With the content of the song being inspired by a story of a Pakistani man and his family working in a brick kiln to pay for a sister’s medical expenses, clips of a woman giving a dramatic performance is the basis of the video. Shot in slow motion, the girl suffers from the feeling of life’s hardships and aggravations which seem to have gotten the best of her.