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HAARM Unveil Their Latest Single ‘Valentine’

Last year Liverpool band HAARM made an amazing debut with the breakbeat driven cut ‘Foxglove’. They then followed-up with ‘In The Wild’ which was a nod to the 90s rave period. Now making their return with track number three, their latest single ‘Valentine’, the group continue to fan the flames as their sound etches closer to an electronic pop side, as delicate paired vocals mix with psych keys and upbeat drum lays.

Stream Self Esteem’s Drum-Led Track ‘Your Wife’

Having put in years of work as a member of the band Slow Club, Rebecca Taylor now steps out as a solo act under the moniker Self Esteem.

Her first offering is the song ‘Your Wife’ which, led by consistent tribal drumming, is Taylor’s analysis on things ranging from limits and boundaries to sexual liberation in this modern world that we live in. The track is produced by Dave Maclean of Django Django fame.

‘Your Wife’ will get released on September 29th via Kick N Clap!.

New Carnival Return with Their Latest Single ‘Solid Gold’

Following their funk filled track ‘Pass The Peace’, Bristol band New Carnival make their return with their latest bouncy offering ‘Solid Gold’. For this one, the foursome have taken a stroll down more of an indie pop lane as head-nodding drumming backs sharp guitar licks all the while making for a mid-tempo scorcher that finds the boys throwing a little more spice in the mix. You can stream ‘Solid Gold’ down at the bottom. Read more […]

Ghostpoet Unveils His Stunning Song ‘Dopamine If I Do’

Judging from all of the tracks that Ghostpoet has shared taken from his new LP ‘Dark Days & Canapés’, we’re definitely in for a pleasurable ride. Whilst his lead single ‘Immigrant Boogie’ found the South London native tapping into a post-punk sound, his latest song ‘Dopamine If I Do’ is a jazzy and gorgeously constructed piece flowing with lush strings and piano play that reflects Ghostpoet’s continued growth as a well-rounded artist.

Wolf Alice ‘Don’t Delete the Kisses’ Video

London band Wolf Alice have shared the video for their single ‘Don’t Delete the Kisses’. What you have here are two lovers who practically are using every moment whilst riding the train to kiss one another uncontrollably. It gets so bad that riders next to them have to move. Now for anyone who has more than enough experience riding London transport knows that it’s not always the most pleasurable experience, let alone having to deal with two people jumping on each other like horny rabbits. But then again, maybe we should all adopt that loving attitude.

Check Out White Room’s 60s Psychedelic-Inspired Track ‘Tomorrow Always Knew’

Brighton band White Room return with a slice of classicism in the form of their latest single ‘Tomorrow Always Knew’, which is taken from their upcoming EP ‘Eight’. Taking a nod at the sounds of the psychedelic 60s, the group shine as spirit-lifting instrumentation along with bursting harmonies all add up to a perfect bridge between music of the past and the times of today. The double A-side release ‘The Blue/Tomorrow Always Knew’ is out now via Deltasonic Records.

Bloxx ‘Curtains’ Video

West London group Bloxx kicked in the door last year with their debut track ‘Your Boyfriend’. Now hitting harder than before, the band now bring forth the video for their rocking single ‘Curtains’. Directed by Krisr Films, the theme of skateboarding is prevelant as a girl treads around London, sometimes displaying frustration when not nailing a trick. However, their are more than fun moments as she skates until dark. Have a look. Read more […]

Listen to Lauran Hibberd’s ‘Old Head Young Shoulders’

Whilst there is a youthful spirit bubbling within Lauran Hibberd’s music, there is something also extremely mature, approaching her art with a skilled craftsman who has been recording for ages. Her latest single ‘Old Head Young Shoulders’ is a brilliant and shining example of Hibberd’s playful vocal delivery placed on top of upbeat indie folk production that simply makes you feel the utmost of warmth inside.