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Ghostpoet Brings Forth the Slowdive and Plaid Remixes of ‘Woe Is Meee’

With his latest LP ‘Dark Days + Canapés’ having recked up a mass amount of critical praises, as well as reaching the Top 40 charts, London’s Ghostpoet now unveils the remixes to his single ‘Woe Is Meee’. Producers Slowdive and duo Plaid are called upon to provide the reworks. Whilst Slowdrive hands over an eeriely atmospheric and glitch-powered piece of electronica, Plaid’s driving and winding synth piece is a head-twister in fantastic manner. You can check out both versions below.

CC Honeymoon Interview

If the music of his previous band Virgin Kids represented a sonic explosion of youthful urgency pushed by fiery punk and garage rock, as a solo artist CC Honeymoon’s current sound is an introspective journey examining love, lust and more, powered by seducing pop, electro and new wave rhythms that are hypnotically gripping. Having released his lush debut single ‘Part Time View’ actually under the moniker of CC Honeymoon a couple months back, his follow-up track ‘In The Night’ is a hedonistic and passionate voyage into the experience of the physical connections between two. What could be the soundtrack of a dark, exclusive club full of erotic activities or just a room in a flat where two bodies meet, the song is a pleasurable trek through image-provoking sound. In a way, CC Honeymoon reflects the idea of liberation – a freedom to organically create, a freedom to be that of the most organic and pure. Only just the beginning of this musical travel as a solo act, we’re all up for taking the ride.

Lily Allen & Giggs Team-Up for ‘Trigger Bang’

Now on paper one may wonder why on earth does pop star Lily Allen and Hip-Hop/grime general Giggs have a song together called ‘Trigger Bang’. However, the question is, why wouldn’t they? The title in itself is nothing short of Allen’s genius cheek, and whilst the production boast a head-nodding pop escapade, Giggs definitely adds a level of excitement to it with his road bar rulings. We’res surely on board!

Stream The Spitfires’ Single ‘Take Action’

Watford band The Spitfires have unveiled their new track ‘Take Action’, the B-side cut to their single release ‘Over And Over Again’. Using the sounds of punk and reggae to spread the message of standing up and changing your life for the better, the song rumbles with force, taking a nod at the bands likes of The Clash. ‘Over And Over Again’ b/w ‘Take Action’ is out December 15th. Touching on the song, lead man Billy Sullivan stated: “Take Action! was written in the early part of this Read more […]

Stream Moderate Rebels’ Debut Album ‘The Sound of Security’

Delivering music that is a head-on reflection of the social conditions of today’s world, London band Moderate Rebels have released their anticipated debut LP ‘The Sound of Security’. Comprised of thirteen tracks, the record uses the art of minimal vocals combined with post-punk and indie sonics to spark a sense or urgency to these chaotic times.

Fenne Lily Shares Her Delicate Indie Folk Track ‘For A While’

Bristol artist Fenne Lily returns with a tender offering titled ‘For A While’. Scaling back with simply delicate acoustics and her angel-like vocals, the song is an airy and beautiful indie folk piece that yet again finds Lily at the top of her craft.

Fenne Lily is also gearing up for a few shows beginning the 17th of January at the Eurosonic Festival in Groningen. Check the listings below for dates and venues.

Wiley Enlist D Double E & Scratchy for ‘Bar’

When it comes to pumping out recordings, the Godfather of grime himself Wiley, has always had a work rate that has been unmatched. Even though his critically acclaimed ‘Godfather’ album dropped in January of this year, the East London-raised artist is already slated to drop his new LP ‘Godfather II’ in March of 2018.

Having already given fans a taste of the forthcoming album with his single ‘Call The Shots’, Wiley now unleashes another track called ‘Bar’, which features the likes of D Double E and fellow Roll Deep comrade Scratchy. Pounding with deep bass hits and fuzzy synths, ‘Bar’ is premium Wiley, completely driving down his lane, which at this point might as well be the certified named road. Have a listen.

Indigo Husk ‘Waste of a Year’ Video

London band Indigo Husk have shared their latest video ‘Waste of a Year’. Whilst the boys describe the track itself as a break up song, the lead companion in the video is well, a mannequin. Now as strange as many people may think that is, what’s really the difference between a stiff mannequin and an ex who is soulless and hollow inside? We’re just posing the question. ‘Waste of a Year’ is directed by Andy King. Read more […]

London Band Sorry Have Shared Their Hazy Track ‘Lies’

South London-based band Sorry has been storming their way in the scene, racking up praises beyond praises from the press…and rightfully so. Packed with attitude, their hazy and off-set approach to fusing indie, pop and post-punk has practically created a category on to themselves. With their latest single ‘Lies’, the band have presented a staggering style of rock that is punchy and utterly bold, as singer Asha Lorenz uses her eerie vocal lays to lead striking guitar riffs and pounding drums. Read more […]