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The Weeknd ‘Call Out My Name’ Video

After releasing his ‘My Dear Melancholy’ EP, The Weeknd received echoed statements among fans that he had returned to his old sound that gripped listeners from the start. Now The Weeknd unveils the video for the lead-off single ‘Call Out My Name’. Directed by Grant Singer, scenes shift between a dark, lonely street setting flooded with bats and a forest containing frozen animals, as well as a masked woman. In between all of this, The Weeknd gives a dramatic performance which many would attribute to the break-up of him and Selena Gomez. Never the less, he has another hit on his hands. Watch the video down below.

The Weeknd ‘Secrets’ Video

The Weeknd continues to ride his high streak with very sharp visuals for his track ‘Secrets’. Director Pedro Martin-Calero cleverly uses angles and shapes of rooms and buildings, as well as reflections to create an artistic and eye-engaging array of imagery as the model of the video hugs on a mysterious man before performing the same act on The Weeknd. We definitely give the visuals two thumbs up. Have a look. Read more […]

The Weeknd ‘Party Monster’ Video

Aside from topping the charts and being caught up in celebrity gossip regarding singer Selena Gomez, The Weekend has released the official video for his single ‘Party Monster’. The BRTHR-directed visuals are definitely on the weirder side of the fence as flickering effects coincide with clips of girls dressed in sexy attire, and even a cougar jumping out of a TV screen. This is sort of like experiencing a trip without the “substances”.

The Weeknd ‘False Alarm’ Video

Remember the days when The Weeknd released NSFW type videos that either contained a vast amount of hedonism or slightly violent imagery. Well it seems as if he’s returned to his old self with his latest Ilya Naishuller-directed video ‘False Alarm’. Whilst there isn’t much happening in terms of hedonistic episodes, there is a whole heap of violence as the video is shot from a first person perspective and entails a group of men robbing a bank, shooting people and having a battle with authorities. It kind of looks like a live version of a video game.

Tove Lo Shares Her Cover of The Weeknd’s ‘Real Life’

Stockholm’s Tove Lo hasn’t been shy about naming The Weeknd’s ‘Beauty Behind the Madness’ one of her top albums of 2015. In fact, the Swedish singer has shared a cover of his tune ‘Real Life’, which is featured on the LP. Recorded with Gustav Weber, Tove Lo’s version is definitely more uptempo and dance floor friendly. Unquestionably catchy, this rendition is quite up to par with the original, with Lo adding her own niche twist to the cut. You can listen to the ‘Real Life’ cover down below.

The Weeknd ‘Tell Your Friends’ Video

If you think back to the ending of The Weeknd’s ‘The Hills’ video, you may remember Abel walking into a room with an elder woman and two younger women, a representation of him coming to meet the devil. Well in his latest video ‘Tell Your Friends’, the Toronto crooner buries himself in the desert, whilst singing and dancing as the same “devilish” elderly woman strolls to meet him yet again. If you’re wondering what then ensues, well, Abel pulls out a gun and shoots her before jumping into his Read more […]

The Weeknd ‘Can’t Feel My Face’ Video

For his latest video ‘Can’t Feel My Face’, The Weeknd takes a different approach other than excessive women and smoke, but rather performs on a stage alone in front of less than hype crowd. However, the audience tend to warm up (literally), as he shows off his dance moves whilst on fire! The song is taken from The Weeknd’s forthcoming album Beauty Behind The Madness. Have a look. Read more […]

The Weeknd Releases Info Regarding New Album ‘Beauty Behind the Madness’

Still riding high off of his single ‘Earned It’, which is featured on the ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ soundtrack, not to mention his latest track ‘The Hills’, The Weeknd has now announced information regarding his forthcoming new album. ‘Beauty Behind the Madness’ will get released on August 28th on Republic/XO. The new LP is the follow-up to the Weeknd’s official debut studio album ‘Kiss Land’, released back in 2013.

Stream The Weeknd’s ‘Can’t Feel My Face’

Photo by Visionelie Giving a preview of his new song ‘Can’t Feel My Face’ via the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference, The Weeknd now shares the track on his YouTube page. Produced by Max Martin, ‘Can’t Feel My Face’ steers away from The Weeknd’s signature dark electronic-meets-r&b sound, rather opting for more of an upbeat and pop-friendly selection. The single is currently out on Republic Records. Have a listen below. Read more […]

The Weeknd ‘The Hills’ Video

Only in the world of The Weeknd can he partake in a car crash (more than likely due to ‘indulging’), in which the vehicle flips upside down, get out to open the passenger doors which of course, out comes a crew of hot women, and limp down the street whilst getting constantly pushed by one of the frantic girls. We should also mention that the car explodes with Abel still casually strolling down the road until he ends up at a mansion where he is greeted by what could be perceived as the devil (an Read more […]