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NEP’s 1989 Track ‘Decadance’ Gets Released

Originally created in 1982 by Dejan Krsic, NEP was a collective from Croatia that used art and music as a way to not only entertain, but to challenge class and history. Whilst many of their past recordings were not the easiest to find, the Fox & His Friends label have given NEP’s 1989 unreleased song ‘Decadance’ the light of day. Driven by the classic Roland 808, the song takes a nod at electronic pioneers Kraftwerk with a sonic palette of futurism. The single pack also includes a remix by German Read more […]

ColoRising Interview with Dumb Lovers

If you stripped away the best elements of pop, new wave, post-punk, art rock and even a dash of indie, stir them around in pot and serve them as one consolidated dish on a plate, what you would get is the music of Bournemouth band Dumb Lovers. Comprised of Megan Rees and Robin Clark, their sound is sheer audible sexiness with the possibility of soundtracking everything from hedi underground clubs to runway shows. Their fashionable presence command instant attention with each member also being skilled visual artists. Dumb Lovers truly provide a full listening and visual experience.

Anna Of The North Share Another Pop Cut Titled ‘Fire’

Having recently shared their song ‘Money’, Anna Of The North hit us with another song titled ‘Fire’ which is taken from the duo’s forthcoming debut LP ‘Lovers’, landing September 8th. The infectious Scandi pop tune is laced with a tropical flair, built on sharp synths, echoing, running snares and high-stepping drums. With the content revolving around the aftermath of a bad break-up, the track is another lush offering from the rising group. Check it out.

Listen to IDER’s Infectious Pop Tune ‘Learn to Let Go’

London duo IDER have been music pumping machines this year. Releasing their EP ‘Gut Me Like An Animal’ this year, the pair have returned with a new pop single titled ‘Learn to Let Go’. What begins as a minimal taste of pop, glides into a spacious soundscape allowing for vocals to float freely throughout. We’re surely looking forward to more releases from the promising group. Have a listen below.

The Penelopes Share Their Sexy Single ‘Mulholland Drive’

Let’s call it what it is, the Parisians simply know how to make sexy synth-pop and disco-filled cuts that reign supreme. Now in regards to France-originated, now London-based group The Penelopes, they can surely be added to the list having dropped a slew of fantastic records for years now. Their latest single ‘Mulholland Drive’ captures the very essence of a great synth-pop bit, sprinkled with dabs of 80s funk. If you put together an exclusive party with some of the most gorgeous people, this Read more […]

Julietta Brings Forth Her Infectious Single ‘Runaway’

NYC’s Julietta have been our musical crush since her track ‘Beach Break’. Written during her stay in Nicaragua, her latest wonder titled ‘Runaway’ is a synth-pop meets r&b gem that was literally inspired from a weekend date in Italy! Whilst that would seem quite flamboyant in itself, all we know is that the song is insanely addictive and another great offering from the New York stunner. Regarding the track Julietta mentioned: “Several months ago a guy I met at a party asked me out on a Read more […]

Listen to I Am Harlequin’s ‘Hooked’

East London’s I Am Harlequin has been releasing some pretty addicting pop records for a number of years now. Her track ‘Wild One’ was featured on an episode of the television series ‘Skins’. Her latest single ‘Hooked’ is an uptempo piece embedded with 80s pop and rnb leanings. Produced by I Am Harlequin and Dom Zilla, ‘Hooked’ is the song that you want to have playing whilst spending your summer days at a lovely pool party. Regarding her latest single, I Am Harlequin stated: “‘Hooked’ Read more […]

Listen to Swimming Girls’ ‘Taste Like Money’

Formed whilst still university students in Bath, Swimming Girls make their introduction with the single ‘Taste Like Money’. Fostering a punk meets dream pop sound topped with an 80s flair, the song is produced by Marta Salogni and deals with the sometimes high price affiliated with love. Full of life, the tune is definitely a lovely debut from the group as we’re keeping a keen watch on what’s next from the band. Have a listen. Read more […]

Anna Of The North Share Their New Single ‘Lovers’

Oslo’s Anna Of The North have shared their latest single ‘Lovers’. Keeping in stride with the glowing style of pop that has continulally bloomed and blossimed since the inception of the project, the latest song is the title track taken from their forthcoming album, scheduled to land September 8th via Different Recordings. In a press statement regarding ‘Lovers’, Anna Lotterud mentioned: “The song describes that point when you feel alone and you’re reaching out but they’re not reaching Read more […]

ColoRising Interview with Σtella

Stella Chronopoulou is an artist in every sense of the word. Known by her moniker Σtella, she operates between the mediums of music and visual arts, and even her sonic platform extends to singing, songwriting, producing and playing guitar. Her sound is a glistening array of pop, utterly dreamy and lavish. Having been continually praised by the media for the past few years now, Σtella’s second solo LP ‘Works For You’ is another perfect hitting of the target and further growth of someone who creates from the heart and soul.