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Hannie Interview

Musically the country of Sweden is on fire at this particular moment in time, and it feels like there is no putting out the blaze anytime soon. With countless acts continuing to emerge from various cities such as Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö and more, leaving huge marks in the pop and electronic arena, the Scandi invasion is in full effect with Swedes in particular leading the charge. Hannie is the next Swedish artist ready to take the pop world by storm. With an incredible voice and the Nordic beauty to coincide, she has already began to rack up a strong following in the UK and US, and this is only the beginning.

ColoRising Interview with Stockholm’s Rising Star Ängie

Stockholm’s Ängie may boast a physical beauty synonymous with her country, but as a music artist she is far from the typical lighthearted pop songstress. Equipped with a bad girl swagger, the tattooed, marijuana-loving vocalist has already begun to shake things up with her debut single ‘Smoke Weed Eat Pussy’. The rumbling drum & bass meets trap bit is practically an anthem for stoners and cunnilingus connoisseurs, and at the very least, those who simply love a party-starter of a track. Already tipped to be a fire-starter this year, Ängie currently has us lifted in her hazy, smoke-filled aura.