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Louise Lemón Shares Her New ‘Malex’ EP

Swedish singer Louise Lemón has released her new ‘Malex’ EP on October 13th via Icons Creating Evil Art. Enlisting Randall Dunn for the production, the tracks on the recent work was actually recorded during the same period as her ‘Purge’ EP. Haunting and moody sonics of electronica are the backdrop as Lemón’s powerful and soulful vocals rein in a triumphant way.

Stream Honeymilk’s Atmospheric ‘Havslåten’

Swedish band Honeymilk have announced the release of their second album ‘I Want You To Be Very Happy’. Landing January 26th, 2018 via Birds Records, the group have also slimmed down to two members. Still projecting a sound that is rich and full, the duo have shared the lead single titled ‘Havslåten’. Slick guitar riffs, an elongated bass line and spacey synths all work hand and hand, reaching climactic heights going into the chorus.

Amanda Mair Shares Two Tracks ‘Rush’ & ‘Wednesday’

Photo by Marcus Rönne Stockholm singer Amanda Mair is not new to the music industry what’s so ever. As a teenager she received critical praises for her 2011 debut single ‘House’. with her 2012 self-titled album hitting the charts. Regrouping and making her return in 2017, Mair has shared not one but two new cuts titled ‘Rush’ and ‘Wednesday’. Whilst ‘Rush’ is a taste of dark pop with a club appeal, ‘Wednesday’ is a ballad concentrating on the specifics and details of love. Amanda Mair is ready Read more […]

Stream Hanna Turi’s ‘Four Leaf Clover’

Releasing her debut LP ‘Some Old Tapes’ back in 2011, Hanna Turi has experienced an elevated growth throughout the years. Her 2015 second album ‘Tracks In The Water’ was welcomed with loads of praises among the press. Turi has now returned with her latest offering ‘Four Leaf Clover’. The song is a bouncy yet gentle pop piece dripping with a notch of R&B. A lovely shift in sound, hopefully this is an indication of a new album on the way.

FELIN Unveil Their Latest Cut ’21st Century’

Stockholm’s FELIN have consistently delivered high-quality music and visuals as one solid package for the past couple years now. With the sonics of Elin Blom and combined with the imagery of photographer and director Fredrik Etoall, the result has been the perfect way pop and rock should be presented. With their self-titled EP definitely pushing up the levels, the pair return with an ode to freedom in their new track ’21st Century’. Taking the Scandi-pop sound and adding a bit of edge to it, Read more […]

Flora Cash ‘Roses On Your Dress’ Video

Musical couple Flora Cash demonstrate their love in the new video ‘Roses On Your Dress’. Directed by Christofer Nilsson, the pair navigate through a luxurious mansion as clips are filmed in a dreamy and fairytale-like manner. Representing the dymanics of two class structures, the middle and wealthy, various moods, both good and bad, are reflected in a certain light. At the end of the day, it’s all about the two and the idea of togetherness. Have a look below. Read more […]

Sailor & I to Release His New Single ‘Only Love Can Save Us’

Stockholm’s Alexander Sjödin aka Sailor & I originally blew us away years ago with his moving single ‘Tough Love’. Fast-forward to now, having released a number of EPs and his brilliant debut album ‘The Invention of Loneliness’, Sjödin is now ready to drop his latest single ‘Only Love Can Save Us’. A heart-felt concoction of tech-fused house and pop, the production is built on a healthy foundation of atmospheric synths and lush, gorgeous strings, something that has been instrumental in his past work.

Baby Jesus Rock Hard with ‘Took Our Sons Away’

Swedish band Baby Jesus have shared a stream of their new LP ‘Took Our Sons Away’. A fierce and fiery lashing of garage rock, punk, psychedelic and surf at its finest, the 14-song release finds the band not only drawing a distinct energy from their previous experiences in hardcore and metal, but also tapping into a classic 50s era of rock & roll that is timeless. Heavily reverb-soaked instrumentation mixed with echoing vocals are staples throughout the record, definitely creating a nostalgic feel.

Wy ‘You + I’ Video

Swedish duo Wy have unveiled the video to their single ‘You + I’, taken from their forthcoming debut LP ‘Okay’. Self-directed, Ebba performs the song whilst riding in a car, with other clips featuring her biking at night. The content is an untypical painting of two lovers who rely on one another for comfort within their uncomfortable social settings. ‘Okay’ is officially out Oct. 20th on Better Call Rob / Hybris. Have a look.

RBECKA Interview

Rebecka Rydgren aka RBECKA is an accurate representation of the pop greatness that Sweden has to offer. Hailing from Järfälla, the rising star hit the ground fully running with her 2016 debut single ‘Should Have Surrendered’. A darker cutting of the pop spectrum, her follow-up ‘Be The One’ contained all the right added ingredients that could help elevate a song straight to the top of the charts. Her current track ‘Raindrops’ finds the singer sounded better than ever, possessing a confidence and vocal impact that can surely compete with any popular artist presently in the music business.