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MANKIND Share Their Latest Garage Rock Single ‘Three Handfuls Of Dirt’

Swedish rockers MANKIND make their return with a healthy dealing of dark and powerful garage rock. Just a second under four minutes in length, ‘Three Handfuls Of Dirt’ is a slow building drill of electrifying guitar riffs and thunderous drums before exploding into intense climax that would raise the dead. Ironically the track is taken from their forthcoming EP ‘Death’, out May 12.

The Audrey Share Their Emotive Track ‘Small Town Romance’

Johan P-son and Hendrik Lundholm are the duo know as The Audrey. Making their debut back in February with the track ‘Running Red Lights’, the Swedish pair now return with a gorgeous, new single entitled ‘Small Town Romance’. Placing all of the right pieces together to create a full and glistening pop record, the emotive and heartfelt song is another stellar delivery from the Scandinavian band. ‘Small Town Romance’ is currently out now. Have a listen. Read more […]

Thomas Sekelius Share the MVRE Remix of ‘Awakening’

Swedish influencer Thomas Sekelius continues to leave his mark on the world of pop, this time bringing forth the MVRE remix to his debut single ‘Awakening’. Whilst maintaining the overall feel of the original, the rework weaves between club with a head-nodding bounce and big room pop. Sekelius sparks another match to his current blaze. The ‘Awakening (MVRE Remix) is out now. Have a listen. Read more […]

Thomas Sekelius ‘Awakening (Acoustic)’ Video

Swedish influencer and now pop star Thomas Sekelius made his music debut with the monumental single ‘Awakening’. Refusing to slow down one bit, Sekelius has now unveiled an acoustic version of the song which is just as powerful as the original. Here is a video of him performing the track in a studio setting. Proving that you can transform any situation of darkness into a bursting wave light, 2017 continues to be a massive year for Thomas Sekelius. Have a look. Read more […]

Stream INVSN’s Post-Punk Cut ‘I Dreamt Music’

Whilst Swedish artist Dennis Lyxzén has made a name for himself with Refused, it should be noted that his past project The (International) Noise Conspiracy is also worth checking out. However, Lyxzén’s third band INVSN are three albums deep (which include LPs two LPs under the previous Invasionen moniker) and are showing no signs of slowing down.

Louise Lemón Shares Her Haunting Song ‘Appalacherna’

The official Queen of death-gospel Louise Lemón returns with another slow-burning and steamy track titled ‘Appalacherna’. Taken from her latest EP ‘Purge’, the moody and haunting soundscape is orchestrated with eerie piano strokes, stomping drums and echoing, chilling guitar chords. Unafraid to explore the darker side of the pop demographic, Louise Lemón continues to add detailed strokes to her palette of sonic artistry.

Listen to Mira Aasma’s ‘Snow White Wedding’

We have simply stopped trying to come up with some intellectual reasoning as to why Sweden continues to rule the pop landscape. With that being said, Gothenburg’s Mira Aasma has shared a new song titled ‘Snow White Wedding’. Take powerful drums with echoing snares combined with multi-back vocals and Aasma’s angelic voice and the result is one epic single that defies the traditional pop record, yet etches enough room to fill the space. ‘Snow White Wedding’ is taken from her upcoming LP in which she also produced and wrote.

OLSSON Shares Zomby Remix of ‘One In A Million’

The ever illusive producer Zomby brings back proper 90s raving vibes with his new remix of OLSSON’s single ‘One In A Million’. Incorporating breakbeat drums with piano riffs that are definitely synonymous with classic house and breaks records of the era, the track will bring back a wave of nostalgia for those who were around during those times to experience this golden era.

Honeymoon Disease Cover Eddie Floyd’s ‘Big Bird’

Swedish band Honeymoon Disease released their album ‘The Transcendence’ back in 2015 which found the band sparking a sound dripping in 70s rock. With a 7″ record entitled ‘Electric Eel’ forthcoming in May, the band have shared the b-side cut which is a cover of the classic Eddie Floyd ‘Big Bird’. Powered by no rills rock & roll pumping with streaking guitar liners, a shaking tambourine and thundering drum hits, Honeymoon Disease surely didn’t disappoint in one shape or fasion with this killer version. Have a listen.

Premiere: Thomas Sekelius Releases ‘Awakening’ Video

Sweden’s Thomas Sekelius is a juggernaut within the social media arena with hundreds of thousands of people following him on various platforms. Taking his popularity to the next level, in February Sekelius released his debut single ‘Awakening’, a brilliantly crafted pop cut that sparkling with empowering messages of one’s comfort with the self. Now unveiling the official video to the song, the stylishly shot visuals feature Thomas Sekelius rising like a phoenix from the flames and standing proud Read more […]