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FELIN ’21St Century’ Video

In our opinion, Stockholm-based duo FELIN represent all things sexy about music and visuals. And of course, only they can take that same sexiness and use it to draw attention to deeper subject matters such as the current state of society i.e their latest video for ’21st Century’. Directed by Fredrik Etoall, clips of Elin and women representing her are filled with drinking, partying and hedonism, reflecting people’s constant need for escapism from reality. With the masses concentrating more on Read more […]

Raindear Returns with Her Infectious Track ‘Diamonds In My Chest’

Photo by Lingmerth Photography & Arts Having been a little quiet throughout the yaer, Swedish singer Raindear makes a big return with her latest single ‘Diamonds In My Chest’. Shimmering with ethereal synths and running drums, the dark and nocturnal electro pop tune that confidently finds the artist back in her space and zone as if she never left. Have a listen. Read more […]

Listen to Jackie Tech’s ‘Heart On Replay’

Having stormed the music scene last year with her debut single ‘You Can Have It All’, Swedish singer Jackie Tech returns with another killer pop cut entitled ‘Heart On Replay’. Bridging soulful vocals with the synth-powered production of Middle Milk, the Stockholm artist appears to be gunning for the charts with this consistent follow-up. Check it out. Read more […]

Amanda Mair Shares Two Tracks ‘Rush’ & ‘Wednesday’

Photo by Marcus Rönne Stockholm singer Amanda Mair is not new to the music industry what’s so ever. As a teenager she received critical praises for her 2011 debut single ‘House’. with her 2012 self-titled album hitting the charts. Regrouping and making her return in 2017, Mair has shared not one but two new cuts titled ‘Rush’ and ‘Wednesday’. Whilst ‘Rush’ is a taste of dark pop with a club appeal, ‘Wednesday’ is a ballad concentrating on the specifics and details of love. Amanda Mair is ready Read more […]

FELIN Unveil Their Latest Cut ’21st Century’

Stockholm’s FELIN have consistently delivered high-quality music and visuals as one solid package for the past couple years now. With the sonics of Elin Blom and combined with the imagery of photographer and director Fredrik Etoall, the result has been the perfect way pop and rock should be presented. With their self-titled EP definitely pushing up the levels, the pair return with an ode to freedom in their new track ’21st Century’. Taking the Scandi-pop sound and adding a bit of edge to it, Read more […]

Sailor & I to Release His New Single ‘Only Love Can Save Us’

Stockholm’s Alexander Sjödin aka Sailor & I originally blew us away years ago with his moving single ‘Tough Love’. Fast-forward to now, having released a number of EPs and his brilliant debut album ‘The Invention of Loneliness’, Sjödin is now ready to drop his latest single ‘Only Love Can Save Us’. A heart-felt concoction of tech-fused house and pop, the production is built on a healthy foundation of atmospheric synths and lush, gorgeous strings, something that has been instrumental in his past work.

Dream Lake Share Their Hypnotic Single ‘Midnight Sun’

Stockholm duo Dream Lake make their return with a mellow and floating new track titled ‘Midnight Sun’. A breezy and melodic twist of dream pop and downtempo, soft vocals courtesy of Isabella Svärdstam provide a distinct charm as the production reels together an 80s element with the modern sounds of the now. ‘Midnight Sun’ will get released on August 25th. Have a listen. Read more […]

Check Out Sam Seg’s New Single ‘Still Thinking Of Me’

As it seems like the country of Sweden will never continue to pump out pop stars, Sam Seg is the next sensation ready to make his mark on the music world. Having made his debut with the song ‘Lover’, the Stockholm-native fires off with a new single entitled ‘Still Thinking Of Me’. Built around soul/r&b production with a pop sensibility, the track is definitely one for the mainstream charts, whilst providing the sensation to make you want to get up and dance.

FELIN ‘Destruction Therapy’ Video

Stockholm’s FELIN give their track ‘Destruction Therapy’ the visual treatment. Directed by Fredrik Etoall and shot in black and white, the stark imagery feature singer Elin covered in grime as distortion creates skittering clips. The single is out now via Sony. Touching on the song, Elin Blom stated: “So what if I’m fucked up? I think we’re all fucked up in our own ways, but we’re forced by society to act a certain way, feel a certain way. Breaking out of that box isn’t easy. So we just Read more […]

ColoRising Mixes 31: Rein

An intense energy is what Stockholm’s Rein brings to the table. Using the sounds of electro, punk and digital hardcore to deliver messages containing political and social overtones, the fiery artist released her debut self-titled EP last year, shaking the music industry whilst gaining multiple praises internationally. Nominated for a 2017 P3 Guld Award, Rein’s latest EP entitled ‘FREEDOOM’ is a harder hit to the matrix, tackling subjects such as sexism, racism, capitalism and more. One of the most potent recordings currently on the market, Rein is here to do more than just make you dance, but rather spark the fire for change.