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Eliza Returns with Her Funk-Driven Single ‘Wasn’t Looking’

Eliza now formerly known as Eliza Doolittle returns with a fresh direction, stepping forth with a new single entitled ‘Wasn’t Looking’. Keeping the production minimal with the emphasis being on the bass and drums, Eliza uses the space in between to let her voice fill any voids, marking her a transformation full of zest and spunk. You can stream ‘Wasn’t Looking’ down at the bottom. Read more […]

Stream Lyves’ ‘Cover Me’

Francesca Bergami aka Lyves quickly follows-up her stunning track ‘Holding Back’, which was literally shared a month ago, with her latest single ‘Cover Me’. A sultry journey into future soul, Lyves’ utterly soulful vocals gently glide over atmospheric layerings, a steamy soundtrack to the night. ‘Cover Me’ is out now.

Saint Clair Shares Her New Single ‘Amnesiac’

Having been a played around the London music scene for a while, Emma Topolski aka Saint Clair released her debut EP ‘D1’ back in May of this year. Welcomed with a slew of praises in the press, she has now announced the details of her second EP ‘D2’, scheduled to land this November. Comprised of three tracks in total, Saint Clair has shared the lead-off single entitled ‘Amnesiac’. A sultry shot of melodic electronica and soul, Topolski’s golden vocals are utterly enchanting, wooing the listener in with one a few notes. Stream ‘Amnesiac’ below.

Stream Lyves’ Moody Cut ‘Holding Back’

Releasing her debut EP ‘Like Water’ at the top of this year, London singer Lyves returns with the moody and emotive single ‘Holding Back’. The slow, hazey tune whips around a haunting space of soul that is heartfelt and moving. With echoing vocals lifted by melancholic piano play, ‘Holding Back’ is a brilliant comeback for the rising star. Have a listen.

Cold Specks Shares Her Soulful, Apocalyptic Cut ‘Void’

Ladan Hussein better known as Cold Specks have been on the lips of journalists and music lovers alike for the past couple years now. Releasing her stellar LPs ‘I Predict A Graceful Expulsion’ and ‘Neuroplasticity’, the Canadian singer will drop her third LP ‘Fool’s Paradise’ on September 22nd via Arts & Crafts. Stepping up with a new pre-taster, Cold Specks has unveiled her new single ‘Void’, which is taken from the upcoming record. Placing her soulful vocals atop post-apocalyptic electronic production, the song evokes a sense or urgency, with the Toronto-born artist proving to be at the top of her game. Have a listen.

Listen to Wallace’s Soulful Track ‘Black Lake’

Sydney-based singer Wallace has shared her new single ‘Black Lake’. The cinematic blast of nu soul, the well orchestrated track is laced with sultry jazz vocal work, finely wrapped in one lush packaging. Touching on the song, Wallace stated: “‘Black Lake’ attempts to capture the thoughts of someone who is in love and ready to commit to a person who isn’t. After finishing the tune, I was re-watching one of my favourite comedies, The Mighty Boosh, and realised with all the water imagery Read more […]

Stream Adanna Duru’s Debut EP ‘Stardive’

Having first captured fans in the series American Idol and The Voice, L.A. singer Adanna Duru released her mixtape ‘Exhibit A’ back in 2016, fostering the hit ‘Seal It With A Kiss’. Now making her return, Duru is ready to claim ownership of her seat in the industry with her debut EP ‘Stardive’. Comprised of seven tracks in total, the record comfortably glides through R&B and pop with production courtesy of Wiidope and Nick Jameson. Guest features include Houston’s John Ibe and Los Angeles singer Julius.

Stream LVNA’s Dreamy ‘Blue & Green’

The team over at Concentrate Records have released their new EP compilation ‘6 fl.oz’. Comprised of six cuts, artists featured on the record include Count Counsellor, Groove Council, Lier and more. One of the tunes on the EP which towers with utter beauty is the track ‘Blue & Green’ by the London group LVNA. Jazzy with an air of melancholy, the soacious production swims around the angelic vocals of singer Lydia Clowes.

LE SON Share Their Experimental Single ‘1008’

London duo LE SON have unveiled their track ‘1008’, which is the B-side cut to their single ‘Ava’. Highly experimental, the sparse and open spaced production is truly a hybrid of minimal sounds, allowing Emily Ady to float through the slots in a jazz manner, complimenting the unorthodox musical backing. A demonstration of the duo’s bold and fearless approach to sound, ‘1008’ is available for streaming down at the bottom. Read more […]