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Stream Althea’s New EP ‘Cold Thoughts’

Having released her debut EP ‘See My Vision’ almost a year ago and championed by various media establishments, London singer Althea has dropped her follow-up record entitled ‘Cold Thoughts’. Comprised of five songs, the EP finds the 20-year old vocalist confidently delivering solid takes on the trials, tribulations and triumphs regarding relationships. Collaborating with Lone Wolf and returning producer Dayo, the sound is steeped in modern r&b, peppered with Hip-Hop, giving Althea a fitting soundscape to demonstrate her rapid growth as an artist.

Cherée Shares Her Dazzling Cut ‘For Me’

London vocalist Cherée follows-up her silky track ‘I Will Be There’ with a future forward splash of electronica and soul entitled ‘For Me’. Bouncy drums, a deep shifting bass line and lightly spread synths are the back palette as Cherée’s soulful voice guides the track like a Captain comfortably controlling a ship through the night. Her best song yet, ‘For Me’ is peppy and insanely melodic treat from the rising star. Touching on the track Cherée wrote: “‘For Me’ was about me trusting Read more […]

ALPHAMAMA ‘Strangers in Asia’ Video

Australia’s ALPHAMAMA continues to reign on a Queen’s level with her latest video ‘Strangers in Asia’. With the track inspired by the Women’s March as well as a visit into her Indonesian heritage, the visuals feature ALPHAMAMA performing the song whilst styled like a sexy goddess. Seriously, if this isn’t the definition of power and beauty then nothing is.

Listen to Allure’s Silky Track ‘The Only One’

Parisian-based Allure knocks out another smooth taste of soul and Hip-Hop with his latest tune ‘The Only One’. Reminiscent of the earlier tracks by The Neptunes, the song is sprinkled with silky vocals and melodic keys, as the production jumps with vibrancy. The track will be featured on Allure’s forthcoming EP, landing this Summer. Check it out Read more […]

Stream Leslie Clio’s High-Spirited Single ‘And I’m Leaving’

Berlin-based singer Leslie Clio will release her forthcoming album ‘PURPLE’ on May 19. Having previously dropped the track ‘Darkness Is a Filler’ which was the first track taken from the LP, Clio now hits the world with the upbeat second offering entitled ‘And I’m Leaving’. Packed with a heap of soul whilst stirring in a healthy mixture of swinging pop production, the catchy tune will make you want to throw up your hands to all bad happenings in the past and begin to live life to the fullest. Stream the song down below.

emaé ‘Better’ Video

Anyone with remotely any amount of hearing would know that Scottish artist emaé’s voice is as soulful as they come. Having racked up a number of accolades from the media between the UK and America, the songstress has unveiled the official video for her single ‘Better’. Directed by Joe Almond, emaé performs the song whilst playing the piano in an intimate setting. ‘Better’ is taken from her forthcoming debut LP, scheduled to land this year. Have a look. Read more […]

FKJ ‘Why Are There Boundaries’ Video

Parisian artist FKJ brings forth a visually stunning video for his single ‘Why Are There Boundaries’. Directed by Andres Arochi, along with FKJ himself, Tijuana, Mexico serves as the backdrop as the gorgeous, mountainous landscape clashes with impoverish areas, only to border the wealthier California state. Check it out. Read more […]

Listen to Cherée’s Melodic Track ‘I Will Be There’

London vocalist Cherée got off to a great start with her 2016 debut track ‘Please’. Whilst the song was a smooth sliding of soul, her latest single ‘I Will Be There’ raises the levels as the silky songstress glides over the slow, spacey production of El Train. With a voice that is sultry and seductive, Cherée is definitely ready to make an impact. Regarding ‘I Will Be There’, Cherée stated: “Writing ‘I Will be There’ was easy and quick at the time because it was very relevant to how Read more […]

Listen to Kemi Ade’s Soulful Track ‘Third’

Stirring together slick and silky sounds of nu-soul and jazz, South London’s Kemi Ade brings forth her track ‘Third’. Using her extremely soulful vocals to elegantly skate atop the bouncy production, Ade brings an organically sultry appeal that makes it easy to understand why the press is in love with this budding talent.

Nia Ekanem ‘It’s You Love’ Video

Having unveiled his soulful single ‘It’s Your Love’ weeks back, Nia Ekanem now blesses the world with the official video for the track. Directed by Kayla Owen, the camera follows two sets of couples who express their strong love for one another. The viewer can’t help but feel warm all over after watching this positive and beautiful video. ‘It’s Your Love’ is currently out now via Creative Ingenuity. Have a look. Read more […]