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Son Lux ‘Slowly’ Video

Son Lux will drop their fifth album ‘Brighter Wounds’ on February 9th via City Slang. One of the songs featured on the new work is the capturing track ‘Slowly’, which they have shared the official video for. Directed by Alex Cook, the black and white shot visuals depict a woman and a girl minding after a number of patients who they borrow drops of blood from, treating it similar to a sacrifice.

Son Lux ‘Undone’ Video

Son Lux releases an interesting video for his single ‘Undone’. Directed by David Terry Fine, there are clips of a woman who initially finds herself outside running from something not quite known to the audience, only to then jump between scenes of intimate choreographed dance moves with some gentleman. Towards the end, it flips back to the woman running again, only this time with the guy now chasing her. He then disappears with the woman left to complete the dance alone. Have a look. Read more […]

Son Lux ‘You Don’t Know Me’ Video

Apparently the video for the Son Lux track ‘You Don’t Know Me’ was specifically written for actress Tatiana Maslany, who plays the role of a wife in a disjointed relationship that is plagued by the woes of routine with no excitement. Ironically actor Noah Segan stars as the husband. Where the video begins to get a little trippy is when Maslany then switches to a leader of a cult of sorts and performs weird rituals. ‘You Don’t Know Me’ is taken from Son Lux’s LP Bones. Read more […]