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Mint Field ‘Ojos En El Carro’ Video

With their debut album ‘Pasar De Las Luces’ set to land February 23rd via Innovative Leisure Records, Tijuana-based duo Mint Field have unveiled the video for their latest single ‘Ojos En El Carro’. Directed by Alejandra Villalba García and César Ortiz, the hauntingly artistic video, shot in black and white, reflects the idea of death and spirits as women in some clips almost represent ghostly beings, whilst almost performing a ritualistic celebration in other scenes. Check it out.

On The Wane Deliver Shoegaze & Post-Punk from Ukraine with ‘Human Race’

Kyiv band On The Wane have been on the scene for a couple years now, bringing forth incredible sounds of post-punk, shoegaze and noise rock. Releasing their album ‘Dry’ back in 2014 with their EP ‘Sick’ having landed in 2015. Raw and as core as they come, On The Wane are indeed top gunners musically. With their forthcoming album ‘Schism’ out November 20th, the group have shared their latest single ‘Human Race’. Bridging all of the elements from their previous work with a splash of alternative, the nocturnal cut soothes with a melodic bass line whilst turning up the angst with their artful noise shifts. This is another stellar presentation from the Ukrainian foursome.

Listen to Swimming Tapes’ ‘Alison’

With their new EP ‘Soft Sea Blue’ dropping September 15th, London band Swimming Tapes have unveiled a new single entitled ‘Alison’. Continuing to present their easing and lifting brand of pop, glowing melodies and melodic guitar work are all served as one tasty dish. You can listen to ‘Alison’ down below.

NIGHT OWLS Bring Forth Their Dreamy Track ‘Out Of My Head’

When Leeds band NIGHT OWLS released their debut EP ‘INFORMALDEHYDE’, they were slinging out raw and loud sounds of grunge. Things have musically appeared to make a slight turn as the group have now unveiled their new track titled ‘Out Of My Head’. Opting for more of a dreamy shoegaze fronting, gone are the fast, fuzzy guitar riffs but rather mellow strums and easing vocals. Definitely promising with their new direction, ‘Out Of My Head’ is out now via Till Deaf Do us Party Records.

Colour of Spring Unveil Their Latest Shoegaze Cut ‘Sun’

Colour of Spring are gearing up for the release of their new self-titled EP, out June 23rd on House of Love Records. Having previously shared their dreamy tune ‘Love’, the Leeds-based band now unveil their latest shoegaze-driven track ‘Sun’. Maintaining a blissful indie backing, there are also post-punk strums soaring through the tune, making it another solid single from the promising outfit. You can stream ‘Sun’ below.

Check Out Colour Of Spring’s Dreamy Shoegaze Cut ‘Love’

Leeds band Colour Of Spring have unveiled the second single taken from their self-titled EP entitled ‘Love’. A whistful and airy shoegaze offering, the song cruises like a convertible on the road of a warm summer’s eve, eventually building up with lifting guitars and rumbling drums. The single is released via House of Love Records. Regarding ‘Love’, Shane Hunter of Colour Of Spring mentioned: “Love is about the initial prospect of being in love, where everything is confusing, awkward and Read more […]

Stream Colour of Spring’s New Shoegaze Cut ‘Echoes’

Having dropped a number of records over the past two years, Leeds band Colour of Spring return with another hazy shoegaze cut titled ‘Echoes’. Taken from their self-titled EP landing April 21 on House of Love Records, the tune, stacked with fuzzy guitar riffs and the serene vocals of Shane Hunter, is perfectly fitting for a mellow summer day in the sun as the content revolves around stepping out of the blissful moments as a child and now transitioning into adulthood, and everything that comes with it.

Stream Trementina’s Shoegaze Tune ‘Oh Child’

Chilean trio Trementina will release their debut LP ‘810’ on March 24 via Burger Records. One of the offerings taken from the upcoming album is the dreamy single ‘Oh Child’. Taking the structure of floating shoegaze, pushed by tribal drum hits along with the lush vocals of singer Vanessa Cea, the music of Trementina is a soundtrack to their natural Chilean environment. Have a listen.

Twin Limb Release a Stunning Debut LP with ‘Haplo’

Twin Limb’s sound has been described as everything ranging from dream pop, post-punk and dark folk, on down to psychedelic. Whilst many of those elements can indeed be found in their music, there is something ‘other’ about what they create. Self-releasing their debut EP ‘Anything Is Possible And Nothing Makes Sense’ back in late 2015, their original sound took a re-shaping with the adding of third member Kevin Ratterman (the band previously only consisted of Maryliz Bender and Lacey Guthrie). The record was packed with sweet melodies gliding head-on with hazy, gorgeous and sometimes haunting instrumentation. In a way, this was the perfect set-up to their full-length ‘Haplo’, which is the band’s mastering of their elevating, gumbo mixture of genres.

Stream Bloodhounds On My Trail’s ‘Over The Wall’

Two years ago Australian band Bloodhounds On My Trail released their ‘Escape’ EP, which found the group emersed in the sound of hazy and echoing shoegaze. Now set to release their forthcoming ‘Haunted Isles’ EP, the Melbourne-based foursome have shared the first track taken from the record entitled ‘Over The Wall’. Tapping into the feel of early 80s new wave and post-punk whilst still using their platform on shoegaze as an underneath, the band have found an excellent blend, which makes us eager to hear their upcoming release.