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ColoRising Interview with Everything by Electricity

London-based Everything by Electricity is a group who have been captivating listeners for over the past four years now. Fronted by Siberia-raised singer, multi-instrumentalist, producer and founder Yulia Bizyukova, along with drummer Manoela Alencastro and Daniel on bass and synths, the group capture everything lush, warm and frankly great about dream pop. Sew in linings of new wave and indie and what you get is EbE’s otherworldly and rich sound that bursts through the speakers with sheer gaiety.

Listen to Groovyman’s ‘Lift Me Up’ ft. Jamie George

Belgrade producer Sasa Radosavljevic aka Groovyman brings forth an absolutely beautiful piece of house magic with his forthcoming recording ‘Lift Me Up’. Enlisting London’s Jamie George for the vocals, the melodic and soulful work is set for release January 25th on SoSure Music. The single pack will include the original version, as well as the instrumental. Below is a preview of the track. Enjoy. Read more […]