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Preview Julia Govor’s ‘United’ EP

From the days of playing in a military band in Abkhazia to rocking dance floors in Moscow, Russian producer and DJ Julia Govor has had quite the interesting musical run. Having released seminal records on imprints such as Cocoon and Get Phsyical, Govor makes her return with her EP ‘United’, landing June 16 via Rhythm Cult. Comprised of three songs in total, the EP is a late night serving of hedi techno grooves, properly cut for the raves. Balancing hard kicks with at times quite surreal synths and even dots of acid-influences, Julia Govor is taking no prisoners with this dark, deep offering.

Nowness Presents ‘The History of Nails’ by Gruff Rhys

Teaming up with a number of British and Russian artists to make the long trek from Moscow to Siberia, musician Gruff Rhys documented to the journey in the short film titled ‘The History of Nails’, presented by Nowness. Commissioned by the British Council, Rhys also touches on the history of the Russian Futurist movement as well as the October Revolution.Shot on film, the video captures the idea of pushing forward with no looking back.

Preview Eleonora’s ‘Thousand Thoughts’ EP

Ufa is the capital of Bashkortostan, Russia. Whilst many people outside of the country probably couldn’t give you an accurate location of where it is situated, Ufa is the birthplace of award-winning conductor and violinist Vladimir Spivakov and also singer/musician Eleonora Zaripova better known as Eleonora. Relocating to Berlin as a teen, Zaripova cut her teeth in music experimenting with jazz and electronica. Eleonora will release her new EP Thousand Thoughts on January 26, 2017 via Stem Read more […]

Check Out Mujuice’s ‘Hurt’

Roman Litvinov better known as Mujuice can be considered one of Russia’s hottest producers within the past eight to ten years. Not only has he crafted a wide array of mood driven electronic music ranging from techno to glitch, but the designer, DJ and musician has literally composed a post classical LP back in 2014 titled ‘Metamorphosis’. In a nutshell you can pretty much call him a musical genius. Once again Mujuice delivers a round of beautiful electronica with latest single ‘Hurt’. Operating Read more […]

Tesla Boy ‘Circles’ Video

Russian band Tesla Boy reconnect with director Ryan Patrick for their latest video ‘Circles’. Utterly comical, you have a guy in a Chinese restaurant who continually change faces whilst a waving roast chicken seems to be calling and enticing him. Technically the transforming guy is supposed to meet up with a female who he connected with through a dating app, only for her to arrive and witness the strange chap flipping out and yet again, transforming on a small stage. Is it weird? Of course! However, Read more […]

Outlaw Moscow Unveil Their Second Fashion Film

Russian brand Outlaw Moscow bring forth their second fashion film directed by Maksim Bashkaev and Dilyara Minrakhmanova. Transitioning from various stories including one with a guy in a lavish pool with a number of models, as well as two guys wrestling in the street, the video which falls under 10 minutes in length. Pieces featured in the video include the Vne zakona 1 coat and the Outlaw ivory fur coat. The styling is handled by Dilyara Minrakhmanova and Ivan Novak. Check it out. Read more […]

On-The-Go ‘In The Morning’ Video

To call the visuals for On-The-Go’s ‘In The Morning’ a video would almost not do it justice. We’re going to label it more like a mini-movie. Revolving around a circle of love with a woman going between a good guy and a not so nice chap, clips of beautiful homes, expensive cars, James Bond-like fight scenes and more all add to the experience of watching this highly impressive offering. ‘In The Morning’ is taken from On-The-Go’s forthcoming LP scheduled to land next year. Sit back and enjoy this Read more […]

Outlaw Moscow x TAG Heuer Short Film

Russian clothing brand Outlaw Moscow team up with TAG Heuer for their new short film highlighting the Connected watch. The video features a woman trying to sort out directions on her watch before partaking in activities such as climbing on statues and throwing punches in the air whilst a b-girl break dances. The lead star is sporting the Outlaw AYT╬ŤO bomber jacket. Have a look. Read more […]

Preview the New Nina Kraviz “Mr. Jones” EP

After playing countless gigs around the world, Nina Kraviz is back with a new release titled “Mr. Jones”. The six song EP is scheduled to drop November 25th on Rekids. Kraviz goes even deeper with her sound adding a little more edge, yet still sonically sensual. We have a preview of the new EP below. Read more […]