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The Kills to Release ‘Echo Home – Non-Electric’ EP

The Kills have announced the release of their new EP ‘Echo Home – Non-Electric’. Schduled to land June 2. Recorded at Electric Lady Studios, the record celebrates the 15 years since the band’s ‘Black Rooster’ EP. Aside from a digital release, there will also be limited edition 10″ vinyls available for purchase on August 18th. Included on the EP is an acoustic cover version of Rihanna’s ‘Desperado’, which was shared via an acoustic performance video.

Stream BONZIE’s ‘Zone on Nine’ Album

Chicago-based singer and musician BONZIE has release her second LP ‘Zone on Nine’, which is a follow-up release to her singles ‘As The Surface Rose’ and ‘How Do You Find Yourself, Love?, with her debut album ‘Rift Into The Secret Of Things, Album’ having landed back in 2013. Produced by BONZIE, along with Jonathan Wilson and Ali Chant, the record is a delicate and earnest approach to alternative, with intricate songwriting and BONZIE’s airy vocals depicting a definite growth in her artistry.

Stream White Room’s ‘Take Me Away’

Brighton band White Room first stepped into the scene with their psych/punk/alternative cut ‘You’ll See’, the lead-off bit to their debut EP ‘Fizzy Liquid’. Since then, the group have gone on to release more shoegaze oriented tunes that have been no less stellar. Returning with their new double AA side record which includes the song ‘Stole The I.V’, White Room have shared their second some from the release entitled ‘Take Me Away’. The wind soaring track is sprinkled with bits of 90s alternative with a twist of modern psychedelic. White Room is surely a band who should be on your radar. Have a listen.

Grim Streaker Explode with Their Punk-Driven Track ‘Miami Girl’

Brooklyn band Grim Streaker is a group who have diligently been putting in loads of work in the NYC scene all within quite a short time period. Sharing their debut track ‘Guts’ earlier this year, Grim Streaker now unleash their fast and utterly rocking song ‘Miami Girl’. With singer Amelia Bushel leading the charge with no-nonsense vocals equipped with screams and the whole nine yards, ‘Miami Girl’ is an electric mixture of 70s – 80s punk and garage that jumps right out of the speaker with energy.

Katiya Falcone Drops Her Debut Track ‘Lust Is A Ride’

Katiya Falcone makes a grand debut with her single ‘Lust Is A Ride’. Working with none other than Ed Harcourt, who produced the song, Falcone stuns with sensual vocals as the musical palette sways with a blues meets garage pop working. Scheduled to release an EP later this year, ‘Lust Is A Ride’ is a crossing of the t’s and dotting of the i’s with Katiya Falcone already gunning for the top position in music. Touching on the song, Katiya Falcone stated: “‘Lust Is A Ride Through Hell’ is Read more […]

Stream Tricot’s Rocking ‘Melon Soda’

Post-punk/alt band Tricot have been rocking steady for seven years now. Hailing from Kyoto, the trio released their debut album ‘T H E’ back in 2013, followed by their sophomore effort ‘A N D’ in 2015. Now signed to Big Scary Monsters Records, Tricot will drop their third album titled ‘3’ on May 19th. To warm everyone up for the forthcoming release, the lovely ladies have shared their new single ‘Melon Soda’. A catchy taste of melodic punk and garage rock, Tricot continue to sing in their native Japanese, adding their own imprint and style to the sound. Check it out.

MANKIND Share Their Latest Garage Rock Single ‘Three Handfuls Of Dirt’

Swedish rockers MANKIND make their return with a healthy dealing of dark and powerful garage rock. Just a second under four minutes in length, ‘Three Handfuls Of Dirt’ is a slow building drill of electrifying guitar riffs and thunderous drums before exploding into intense climax that would raise the dead. Ironically the track is taken from their forthcoming EP ‘Death’, out May 12.

Velvet Two Stripes ‘Hey Boy’ Video

Swiss group Velvet Two Stripes prove that the gorgeous Alps aren’t the only thing pinned to the country. With a sound comprised of unadulterated garage rock and punk, these ladies are no joke. For their latest video ‘Hey Boy’, the trio set things ablaze as they rock out on a set, which seems to be quite fitting. Directed by Tobi Siebrecht and Linda Pfenninger, you can watch the vid down at the bottom. Read more […]

Bitch Falcon ‘Syncope’ Video

Bitch Falcon have no problem displaying unadulterated acts of badness. With their latest video ‘Syncope’, the Dublin rockers are in rare form as they go around causing complete mischief and harassing people on the street. After causing day long terror, the ladies find themselves being identified on the evening news before making their quick escape. The video is directed by Kate Dolan. Have a look. Read more […]

H.Grimace Unveil Their New Track Titled ‘Lipsyncer’

Fans of H.Grimace’s 2015 ‘I Am Material’ cassette and their ‘Royal Hush’ should definitely anticipate the band’s forthcoming debut LP ‘Self Architect’, out April 7 on the Opposite Number label. Wasting no time the group have shared a new song taken from the upcoming record entitled ‘Lipsyncer’. Blending a breezing combo of indie and post-punk, the track is spearheaded by multiple guitar riffs racing to a climatic build-up. Touching on the song Hannah Gledhil Wrote: “‘Lipsyncer’ is about Read more […]