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CHILDCARE Bring Forth Their New Track ‘Put Down Your Pen’

Whilst their previous single ‘Getting Over You (By Dressing Up Like You)’ was vibrantly upbeat, London band CHILDCARE slow down the tempo with their latest recording ‘Put Down Your Pen’. Dedicated to a penfriend that singer Ed Cares had, the song acts as a sort of farewell to the situation. The song also highlights the musical diversity of the band lashing guitar riffs streak amidst slow, burning drum hits. CHILDCARE continue to amaze us with each release. Have a listen. Read more […]

Top Pick: The Dials ‘That Was The Future’

The Dials have been Brighton’s secret weapon for 15 years now. And whilst it’s almost hard to believe that the band formed in 2002 rather than maybe 1962, their perfect blend of psychedelic, jazz, garage, surf, pop and more is right up to par with the legends of the past. Releasing their self-titled debut album back in 2007, followed by their 2009 sophomore LP ‘The Companions of The Rosy Hours’ and finally their third offering ‘The End Of The Pier’ which landed in 2013, it seemed that the band had packed one hell of a musical ride spanning the six year range. So fast-forward to 2017, and just when you think that The Dials may have run clean out of steam, the lads have done just the opposite and pushed harder and damn near better than ever with their fourth album ‘That Was The Future’.

Alexa Dark Shares Her New EP ‘Empty Drinks/Empty Heart’

Rising star Alexa Dark has been going full force with a slew of great cuts throughout 2017. Weaving between alt-rock and pop rhythms, Dark has unveiled her new EP ‘Empty Drinks/Empty Heart’. Comprised of five songs in total, the record highlights her knack for vivid songwriting and standing delivery, packed with control and confidence. With the songs inspired by her late nights in London, turbulent relationships and transitions between cities, we have a stream of the EP down at the bottom.

ColoRising Mixes 34: BDY_PRTS

BDY_PRTS are the Glasgow-based duo comprised of Jill O‚ÄôSullivan and Jenny Reeve. Whilst their music is dubbed electro future-pop, the visual and performance aspects of the group are also what complete the overall experience. Releasing a batch of fire hot pop records including their latest cut ‘Warrior’, their sound is experimental yet accessible, producing a picture perfect balance, with the artistry always at the forefront. BDY_PRTS will release their debut album ‘Fly Invisible Hero’ on November 24th via Aggrocat Records.

The Dials ‘Cuckoo Stone’ Video

Brighton band The Dials have unveiled their latest video ‘Cuckoo Stone’. Directed by Neil Williams, the band gives a cinematic take on horror classicism, as the boys perform the cut with faces painted. The track itself is taken from The Dials’ eclectic latest album ‘That Was The Future’, which is out now via Gear Discs. Check it out.

False Advertising ‘Hey You’ Video

Manchester band False Advertising embrace the art of biking in their latest video ‘Hey You’. What you have here is the band basically cycling around the city in some sort of race whilst at times suffering from harassment and even the lovely act of a band mate flipping over on his bike. This video will either make you want to rush and hit the road with your cycle or boycott it all together. ‘Hey You’ is directed by Callum Scott Dyson. Touching on the video False Advertising wrote: “None Read more […]

CHILDCARE Share Their Spirited Single ‘Getting Over You (By Dressing Up Like You)’

London band CHILDCARE have revealed their latest single ‘Getting Over You (By Dressing Up Like You)’. Revving with a Motown-esque blueprint, the lively cut is spawned in that vibrant and creatively bursting manner that is ripe in CHILDCARE’s previous work. One of the most promising acts out today, ‘Getting Over You (By Dressing Up Like You)’ is another clever and overly catchy tune from the foursome. Discussing the track, singer Ed Cares said: “After being the victim of a polite yet painful Read more […]

PLAZA Unveil Their Heavy Single ‘Speak It’

Hartlepool group PLAZA return with their latest recording titled ‘Speak It’. Produced by Alex Greaves, the boys have hit the target with heavy blows of grunge meets post-punk hits. Fiercely sharp guitar riffs coupled with Brad Lennard’s haunting vocal work, has made for a euphoric and impacting cut that demonstrate the power that this group is equipped with. ‘Speak It’ is out now via Beyond the Wall Records.

Stream KARMS’ ‘River’

Releasing their debut EP ‘Rivers’ earlier this month, Dublin band KARMS have shared the title track to the record. Hard-powered guitars and thundering drums burst through the production, with all the elements perfectly aligned equalling to one extraordinary piece of indie rock.