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MANKIND Share Their Latest Garage Rock Single ‘Three Handfuls Of Dirt’

Swedish rockers MANKIND make their return with a healthy dealing of dark and powerful garage rock. Just a second under four minutes in length, ‘Three Handfuls Of Dirt’ is a slow building drill of electrifying guitar riffs and thunderous drums before exploding into intense climax that would raise the dead. Ironically the track is taken from their forthcoming EP ‘Death’, out May 12.

Velvet Two Stripes ‘Hey Boy’ Video

Swiss group Velvet Two Stripes prove that the gorgeous Alps aren’t the only thing pinned to the country. With a sound comprised of unadulterated garage rock and punk, these ladies are no joke. For their latest video ‘Hey Boy’, the trio set things ablaze as they rock out on a set, which seems to be quite fitting. Directed by Tobi Siebrecht and Linda Pfenninger, you can watch the vid down at the bottom. Read more […]

Bitch Falcon ‘Syncope’ Video

Bitch Falcon have no problem displaying unadulterated acts of badness. With their latest video ‘Syncope’, the Dublin rockers are in rare form as they go around causing complete mischief and harassing people on the street. After causing day long terror, the ladies find themselves being identified on the evening news before making their quick escape. The video is directed by Kate Dolan. Have a look. Read more […]

H.Grimace Unveil Their New Track Titled ‘Lipsyncer’

Fans of H.Grimace’s 2015 ‘I Am Material’ cassette and their ‘Royal Hush’ should definitely anticipate the band’s forthcoming debut LP ‘Self Architect’, out April 7 on the Opposite Number label. Wasting no time the group have shared a new song taken from the upcoming record entitled ‘Lipsyncer’. Blending a breezing combo of indie and post-punk, the track is spearheaded by multiple guitar riffs racing to a climatic build-up. Touching on the song Hannah Gledhil Wrote: “‘Lipsyncer’ is about Read more […]

Broken Social Scene Return with ‘Halfway Home’

Toronto collective Broken Social Scene make their return after a seven year gap with the new single ‘Halfway Home’. Nothing short of monumental, the grand dash of pop and indie is the band perfectly in unison as they start a new chapter following their stellar ‘Forgiveness Rock Record’, released back in 2010.

ColoRising Mixes 30: Girls In Synthesis

If there is one group here to shake things up in music it’s London’s Girls In Synthesis. With a sound raging with punk fury, the group released their double A-side record ‘The Mound/Disappear’ in early March of this year. The band’s energy hit like the impact of a bullet train at full speed with much of it properly translated at their live shows. After all, it isn’t uncommon to see some of the members jumping into the crowd whilst playing. With the current political climate of the world seeming to spiral into a frenzy, the sound of Girls In Synthesis couldn’t be needed more to cut through the current fluff floating about.

Honeymoon Disease Cover Eddie Floyd’s ‘Big Bird’

Swedish band Honeymoon Disease released their album ‘The Transcendence’ back in 2015 which found the band sparking a sound dripping in 70s rock. With a 7″ record entitled ‘Electric Eel’ forthcoming in May, the band have shared the b-side cut which is a cover of the classic Eddie Floyd ‘Big Bird’. Powered by no rills rock & roll pumping with streaking guitar liners, a shaking tambourine and thundering drum hits, Honeymoon Disease surely didn’t disappoint in one shape or fasion with this killer version. Have a listen.

Stream Valley Queen’s ‘Destroyer’ EP

With a sound straddling between hazy pop, sun-kissed rock and a dash of psychedelic soul, Los Angeles-based band Valley Queen have released their new EP entitled ‘Destroyer’. Led by the classic vocals of Natalie Carol, the six-song record is a lush touching of a distinct style of rock and roll with sensibilities of acts The Eagles. ‘Destroyer’ instantly evokes imagery of long drives through the vibrant California desert. Out now, you can stream the EP below.

Auction for the Promise Club ‘Moonlight’ Video

Cornwall band Auction for the Promise Club have unleashed their energetic video for the track ‘Moonlight’. Shot in black and white, the moody cinematography captures the band jamming on stage whilst performing the song. The video was filmed at Airfield Studios in Cornwall, with the tune taken from Auction for the Promise Club’s debut album ‘Silence’, out June 9th on Easy Action Records. Check it out.

Susie Blue Challenge the Idea of Genders in ‘Be A Lady’

Last year Irish band Susie Blue wowed us with their electric track ‘People Like Us’. Returning with their latest single ‘Be A Lady’, the group challenge the perception and perceived roles of gender. Using a backdrop of slick indie pop instrumentation, frontwoman Susan Donaghy takes a stand for everyone who dare to be different in the face of traditional normality. Listen to ‘Be A Lady’ below. Read more […]