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Listen to The Liza Colby Sound’s ‘Cryin’

NYC-based singer Liza Colby have unveiled her latest single under The Liza Colby Sound, her rock n roll musical project which is comprised of a trio of heavy-hitting musicians. Delivering a fiery dose of unadulterated rock straight with no chaser, Colby’s vocals soar like an arrow leaving the bow, aiming straight the heart of the target. ‘Cryin’ is taken from her forthcoming EP ‘Draw’, out November 17th.

Check Out Trudy and the Romance’s 50s-Inspired ‘Twist It, Shake It. Rock & Roll’

Trio Trudy and the Romance will release their EP ‘Junkyard Jazz’ on November 17th via B3SCI. Having recently shared their single ‘Is There A Place I Can Go’, the band now unveil their new cut ‘Twist It, Shake It. Rock & Roll’. Drawing inspiration from a 50s classicism of rock, the group’s mutant spin on the sound embodied with a sort of punk freedom makes for one fascinating experience.

Desperate Journalist Share Their Latest Single ‘All Over’

North London-based band Desperate Journalist have shared their latest track ‘All Over’, which is the final single taken from their critically acclaimed LP ‘Grow Up’. The song comes ahead of their October 19th show at The Dome in London. They have also decided to give away the song for free on their website Packed with a punch of post-punk with spiky pop melodies, ‘All Over’ is Desperate Journalist closing out their album run with a bang. Have a listen.

Stream Dead Leaf Echo’s ‘Sunless Soul’

Brooklyn band Dead Leaf Echo are set to release their second album ‘Beyond.Desire’ on October 13th via PaperCup Music. The LP was recorded with My Bloody Valentine engineer Guy Fixsen, as well as Jorge Elbreht of Ariel Pink and No Joy fame. One of the songs featured on the album is this freshly shared track entitled ‘Sunless Soul’. Whilst the content displays peeks of melancholy pertaining to loneliness, there is a contrasting element to the musical backing which bursts with hope. Have a listen.

Listen to Husky Loop’s ‘Fading Out’

London-based trio Husky Loops are set to release their new record ‘EP2’ on October 6th. Having recently unveiled their video ‘Girl Who Wants To Travel The World’, the band now bring forth their new single ‘Fading Out’. Never shy of experimenting and pushing their sound further than previously, staggering guitar lines sit atop swinging, Hip-Hop-style drums thumps, all floating on one wavy rhythm.

Listen to White Room’s ‘Cable-Built Dreamland’

The city of Brighton has been a hot bed of amazing bands as of late. One exciting band that has captured our attention over the past two years is White Room. Fostering a decorative 60s style brand of pop and psychedelic, their latest track ‘Cable-Built Dreamland’ continues their offering of lush soundscapes. Whilst the sound may have an air of nostalgia, content wise it couldn’t be more relevant to the present, touching on one’s perception based on social media.

PINS Bring Forth Their Smoking Hot Single ‘Serve The Rich’

One of the hottest bands out of Manchester, PINS make their return with their new song ‘Save The Rich’. For this one, the group have teamed up with Jamie Hince of The Kills, who produced the track. Upbeat drumming sets the tone as spiky guitar riffs and head-on vocals hark back to the sound of the punk funk era with a modern twist. PINS are definitely on fire these days. ‘Serve The Rich’ is out now. Have a listen. Read more […]

Stream ExSage’s New EP ‘Total Devotion’

ExSage have shared a stream of their new EP ‘Total Devotion’. The record marks a new chapter for the band with singer Kate Clover now steering the ship solo. Playing every instrument on the EP with the exception of drums, ‘Total Devotion’ is a raw, energetic and utterly fierce package. Swirling together spearing punk, smokey psychedelic and alternative, Clover has demonstrated that she can rock harder than ever, driving with pure direction, with a brilliant release being the outcome. Below is a stream of the new EP.

Wolf Alice Unveil Their Latest Track ‘Heavenward’

London band Wolf Alice are on the verge of releasing their anticipated sophomore album ‘Visions Of A Life’, which lands September 29th. Having recently shared the video for their song ‘Beautifully Unconventional’, the group now unveil a cut entitled ‘Heavenward’. Mountainous in terms of production which is standard in every bit of Wolf Alice fashion, the song is another lovely precursor to the upcoming LP.

Kristeen Young ‘Catland’ Video

There is something quite mischievous about cats. But if there was ever a kingdom ruled by felines, then Kristeen Young’s latest single ‘Catland’ will definitely be the national anthem. With that being said, Young has revealed the video for the track which is directed by Brian McClelland. If you can imagine a twisted version of Alice in Wonderland with a load of kids wearing cat masks, then you have kindly begun the process into the rolling down that trippy rabbit hole of the Young’s world of experimentalism.