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Check Out DANCEHALL’s Punk Driven Single ‘Digging’

Photo by Keira-Anee London band DANCEHALL have been on our radar since unveiling tracks like ‘KO’. Having delivered premium rock, the trio now bring forth their new song ‘Digging’, which is a streaking and sleek garage/punk gold piece that turns up the heat to the highest point. This is a new downtown anthem that should be mandated to play beginning Friday night straight til Sunday eve. Check it out. Read more […]

INVSN Unveil Their Revving Single ‘This Constant War’

Swedish band INVSN bring forth a hard-hitting dose of post-punk with their latest track ‘This Constant War’. Fiery with a sense of urgency the track is a sort of call to action during these turbulent times of politics. Hitting like a blow to the face, power-packed with lashing guitar riffs and double vocals, ‘This Constant War’ is like the inserting of new batteries in a machine, throttling with full power.

Sextile Share Their Dark, Racing Single ‘One of These’

L.A. band have announced the release of their second LP ‘Albeit Living’. Out July 4th, the ten song album follows their debut record ‘A Thousand Hands’. One of the songs featured on the upcoming work is the dark and heavy cut ‘One of These’. Shining the light on the subject of addiction, musically the track glides between revving post-punk and new wave. Loaded with raging guitar lines and thundering drums, this tune will surely raise a few pulses. You can stream ‘One of These’ below.

Grim Streaker Explode with Their Punk-Driven Track ‘Miami Girl’

Brooklyn band Grim Streaker is a group who have diligently been putting in loads of work in the NYC scene all within quite a short time period. Sharing their debut track ‘Guts’ earlier this year, Grim Streaker now unleash their fast and utterly rocking song ‘Miami Girl’. With singer Amelia Bushel leading the charge with no-nonsense vocals equipped with screams and the whole nine yards, ‘Miami Girl’ is an electric mixture of 70s – 80s punk and garage that jumps right out of the speaker with energy.

K.Flay ‘High Enough’ Video

K.Flay brings forth a clever and quite hilarious video for her single ‘High Enough’. Directed by Lorraine Nicolson, K.Flay finds herself living in a trailer park whilst getting extremely aggravated by the couple next door who is constantly fighting. After voicing her opinion through the walls and kindly being told off by the couple, K.Flay decides to blast music which magically puts the guy and girl in a dancing mood. Once she turns the music off, the couple revert to the irate beings that they are.

Lea Porcelain ‘Remember’ Video

As the released date Lea Porcelain’s debut LP ‘HYMNS TO THE NIGHT’ slowly approaches, the Berlin-based duo have shared the official video to their latest single ‘Remember’. Directed by Micki Rosi Richter and Lea Porcelain themselves, the desert landscape of California, Nevada and Arizona serve as the backdrop as Julien Bracht and Markus Nikolaus stroll the terrain. You can even catch clips of the boys at the casino in Las Vegas.

Nelson Can ‘Move Forward’ Video

Danish band Nelson Can give their single ‘Move Forward’ the visual treatment. Shot in one take, you can find singer Selina Gin basically running down a path within a Texas forest. Whilst we would love to make it appear to be something much deeper than that, hey, that’s pretty much what it is. But hey, the song is quite amazing so we’re happy. Speaking on the video Selina Gin stated: “The video was filmed in one take far into the depths of a forest in Texas, and it was directed and shot Read more […]

REIN Announces Forthcoming EP ‘FREEDOM’

Swedish electro-punk queen REIN has announced the release of her forthcoming EP ‘FREEDOM’, out May 19th. The record is the follow-up to her 2016 self-titled debut EP. Touching on issues ranging from racism to feminism, the new upcoming record finds REIN expressing her thoughts on the current political climate and social issues that affect that everyday man and woman. Comprised of five songs in total, the Stockholm-based artist has also shared a preview of the track ‘C.A.P.I.T.A.L.I.S.M’, which is featured on ‘FREEDOM’.

Gurr ‘Ode to Oatmeal’ Video

We are lovers of oatmeal just as much as anyone else, however Berlin-based duo Gurr have taken it to the next level with their video ‘Ode to Oatmeal’. Directed by Luis Krummenacher, the ladies perform the song whilst relishing in the fact that oatmeal is basically falling down on them like rain. Of course the next reasonable thing to do would be to take a bath in a tub of milk, which is exactly what happens. Now in regards to the monkey puppet that pops up in the video, we can’ quite comment Read more […]