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Stream The Spitfires’ Single ‘Take Action’

Watford band The Spitfires have unveiled their new track ‘Take Action’, the B-side cut to their single release ‘Over And Over Again’. Using the sounds of punk and reggae to spread the message of standing up and changing your life for the better, the song rumbles with force, taking a nod at the bands likes of The Clash. ‘Over And Over Again’ b/w ‘Take Action’ is out December 15th. Touching on the song, lead man Billy Sullivan stated: “Take Action! was written in the early part of this Read more […]

Stream Moderate Rebels’ Debut Album ‘The Sound of Security’

Delivering music that is a head-on reflection of the social conditions of today’s world, London band Moderate Rebels have released their anticipated debut LP ‘The Sound of Security’. Comprised of thirteen tracks, the record uses the art of minimal vocals combined with post-punk and indie sonics to spark a sense or urgency to these chaotic times.

Indigo Husk ‘Waste of a Year’ Video

London band Indigo Husk have shared their latest video ‘Waste of a Year’. Whilst the boys describe the track itself as a break up song, the lead companion in the video is well, a mannequin. Now as strange as many people may think that is, what’s really the difference between a stiff mannequin and an ex who is soulless and hollow inside? We’re just posing the question. ‘Waste of a Year’ is directed by Andy King. Read more […]

L.A. Witch ‘Drive Your Car’ Video

Los Angeles trio L.A. Witch released their self-titled LP back in September. A wonderland of garage and punk, the band now bring forth the video for their single ‘Drive Your Car’. The Allie Lane-directed vid features the three lovely ladies whipping around the desert and a couple classic cars, whilst in other scenes performing the track. It’s definitely fitting for their brand of rock & roll, with the group looking utterly cooler than most. Have a look. Read more […]

No Hot Ashes Share Their Blazing Single ‘Eight Till Late’

For the past three years Stockport’s No Hot Ashes have been dropping some high level tracks like no one’s business. Harking back to their disco meets punk funk tune ‘Goose’, the band make their return with their new single ‘Eight Till Late’. This time culminating a mixture of chilled indie with their racing punk dispatch all the while sprinkled with sporadic funk guitar riffs, the band has found a solid balance between that which is organically raw and impressively polished. Check it out. Read more […]

Dark Horses ‘XIII’ Video

It is quite exciting news that Dark Horses have made their return with another single. Their latest track ‘XIII’ was shared a short while back and now the group have unveiled the official video for the song. The black and white shot video stylistically draws inspiration from Fritz Lang-style of film-making and features choreographer Király creating true performance art in the streets of Berlin. Hyper-sped motion gives the video a frantic and haunting feel, complimenting the post-punk sound Read more […]

The Soft Moon ‘It Kills’ Video

California-raised, now Berlin-based Luis Vasquez, known by his moniker The Soft Moon, has shared the video for his track ‘It Kills’. The Kelsey Henderson-directed vid contains split-screen clips of Vasquez along with chaotic footage of cars smashed, barbed-wire fences, roses set on fire and more.

Pink Kink ‘Munchie Magic’ Video

Seriously, there is everything to love about Liverpool band Pink Kink. Aside from one of the greatest band names ever, their energetic blend of hedi punk and pop is all you need to liven up any party. After sharing their second track ‘Munchie Magic’ last month, the group now bring forth the video to the single. Using animation to illustrate their cheeky, sex-friendly lyrics, it’s an overall fun experience as one would expect from the collective. Have a look. Read more […]

Listen to Basement Bout’s Fiery Punk Cut ‘Another Night’

Big stadium vocal pop isn’t the only thing coming out of the country of Sweden. There are definitely bands bringing forth a gritter sound of rock & roll as well. Basement Bout are a group hailing from Växjö who are firing off with garage, punk sound that is raw and ripping. Their new single ‘Another Night’ harks back to the golden era of late 70s punk rock, driven by a raging energy that is truly exciting. You can check out ‘Another Night’ down at the bottom. Read more […]