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Listen to Acid Dad’s Psychedelic Track ‘2Ci’

Releasing their highly impressive ‘Let’s Plan A Robbery’ EP back in 2016, NYC trio Acid Dad are now gearing up for the landing of their self-titled debut album, out March 9th on Greenway Records. The outfit have also shared a new single entitled ‘2Ci’, which is featured on the forthcoming LP. Bringing forth a lovely mixture of psychedelic and punk, the meat and potatoes serving of flashing guitars and rapid drums are complimented with garage rock vocals, lightly sprinkled with a dash pop. You can stream the song down below.

Stonefield’s ‘Delusion’ is Psych Perfection

Stonefield, the sibling band comprised of sisters Amy, Holly, Sarah, and Hannah Findlay, have shared their new single ‘Delusion’, their debut release for the Flightless imprint. A flawless execution of premium psychedelic, striking guitars are the arrows to the heart as swinging drums contribute to the head nod factor. With change-ups adding another layer to the cut, Stonefield are more than a force to reckon with. You stream ‘Delusion’ down at the bottom. Read more […]

Stream White Room’s New Double EP ‘Eight’

Brighton band White Room has released their new double EP ‘Eight’ on Deltasonic Records. Taking the sounds of psychedelic, 60s pop, modern indie and more, the record includes the singles ‘Stole The I.V’ and ‘Cable-Built Dreamland’. Lyrically addressing potent issues regarding the current state of the world, the EP is an eclectic serving with a cutting approach reminiscent of acts such as the Libertines.

Listen to White Room’s ‘Cable-Built Dreamland’

The city of Brighton has been a hot bed of amazing bands as of late. One exciting band that has captured our attention over the past two years is White Room. Fostering a decorative 60s style brand of pop and psychedelic, their latest track ‘Cable-Built Dreamland’ continues their offering of lush soundscapes. Whilst the sound may have an air of nostalgia, content wise it couldn’t be more relevant to the present, touching on one’s perception based on social media.

Husky Loops ‘Girl Who Wants to Travel the World’ Video

London-based trio Husky Loops have brought forth their latest video ‘Girl Who Wants to Travel the World’. Directed by Tom Ringbsy, what appears to be a slew of people in the park doing random things, is actually more of a demonstration that what exist are connections that are closer in similarities than not. The song is taken from Husky Loops’ forthcoming record ‘EP2’, landing October 6th.

Stream Bokito’s New Single ‘Aloof’

London-based band Bokito have shared their impactful single ‘Aloof’. High-spirited with an embedding of afro-beat, funk, psychedelic and more, the track is a personal examination of the feeling that one’s home will never be as it was previously. The global nature within the production truly drives the lyrics straight to the mind and soul. ‘Aloof’ is currently out now via Lost In The Manor Records. Check it out. Read more […]

Stream Everyone Is Dirty’s ‘San Andreas’

The city of Oakland, California has currently been a hotbed of talented musicians creating a lively pulse. One of the bands who have been breaking ground for the past four years are the four piece outfit Everyone Is Dirty. Releasing their debut LP ‘Dying Is Fun’ back in 2014, the group will now drop their second album ‘My Neon’s Dead’ on September 28th via OIM Records.

Check Out The Physics House Band’s Psych Furious Cut ‘Obidant’

Throughout the past four years The Physics House Band have delivered some incredible psychedelic and art-rock tunes. With their new song ‘Obidant’, the Brighton trio up the speed of their sound, spawning a more aggressive and racing psychedelic handing. Pushing the tempo practically pass that of a speed metal track, ‘Obidant’ demonstrates the group’s range and versatility which is surely refreshing and exciting. Regarding the song, Adam Hutchinson stated: “‘Obidant’ is about taking violent Read more […]

Listen to Indytronics’ Grand Single ‘Shark’

There is a bubbling spirit happening in Kiev. Whilst the city has made headlines in the press for past political strife, there is an undenying beauty and genuineness that radiate in the people, art and definitely music. One band that definitely represents the vibrancy of the Kiev music scene is Indytronic. Bridging together indie, electronica and psych, their latest single ‘Shark’ is bursting at the seams with grand production and killer vocals, translating to a stadium status piece of work. Read more […]