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Collapsing Scenery ‘Straight World Problems’ Video

Collapsing Scenery have shared their video ‘Straight World Problems’, directed by none other than Richard Kern. Whilst there are two beautiful women doing things like taking showers, working out and well, making out, the two musicians basically stand there with a blank, robotic stares and practically no emotion. The quirkiness of the video is what makes it special, serving as the perfect visual aid to Collapsing Scenery’s 80s new wave, punk funk record. There is everything to love about this Read more […]

Check Out DANCEHALL’s Punk Driven Single ‘Digging’

Photo by Keira-Anee London band DANCEHALL have been on our radar since unveiling tracks like ‘KO’. Having delivered premium rock, the trio now bring forth their new song ‘Digging’, which is a streaking and sleek garage/punk gold piece that turns up the heat to the highest point. This is a new downtown anthem that should be mandated to play beginning Friday night straight til Sunday eve. Check it out. Read more […]

INVSN Unveil Their Revving Single ‘This Constant War’

Swedish band INVSN bring forth a hard-hitting dose of post-punk with their latest track ‘This Constant War’. Fiery with a sense of urgency the track is a sort of call to action during these turbulent times of politics. Hitting like a blow to the face, power-packed with lashing guitar riffs and double vocals, ‘This Constant War’ is like the inserting of new batteries in a machine, throttling with full power.

Ghostpoet ‘Immigrant Boogie’ Video

London’s Ghostpoet recently unveiled his latest single ‘Immigrant Boogie’, which in our opinion is one his best best recordings yet. The haunting post-punk inspired track now gets the visual treatment courtesy of Zhang + Knight. The video features a guy running from a perceived danger which isn’t necessarily apparent yet the apocalyptic environment suggests something of a brutal nature. With the song taking not only a nod at the recent crisis in Syria, but those around the globe who have put Read more […]

Sextile Share Their Dark, Racing Single ‘One of These’

L.A. band have announced the release of their second LP ‘Albeit Living’. Out July 4th, the ten song album follows their debut record ‘A Thousand Hands’. One of the songs featured on the upcoming work is the dark and heavy cut ‘One of These’. Shining the light on the subject of addiction, musically the track glides between revving post-punk and new wave. Loaded with raging guitar lines and thundering drums, this tune will surely raise a few pulses. You can stream ‘One of These’ below.

Lea Porcelain ‘Remember’ Video

As the released date Lea Porcelain’s debut LP ‘HYMNS TO THE NIGHT’ slowly approaches, the Berlin-based duo have shared the official video to their latest single ‘Remember’. Directed by Micki Rosi Richter and Lea Porcelain themselves, the desert landscape of California, Nevada and Arizona serve as the backdrop as Julien Bracht and Markus Nikolaus stroll the terrain. You can even catch clips of the boys at the casino in Las Vegas.

Stream the New Gold Class Single ‘Twist In The Dark’

Gold Class released their debut album ‘It’s You’ back in 2015, earning them praises in their home country of Australia. The Melbourne group now make their return with a live wire of a track entitled ‘Twist In The Dark’. Produced by Gareth Liddiard, the post-punk tune revs with racing guitar strums and pounding drum kicks as singer Adam Curley steers the fleet with commanding vocals. ‘Twist In The Dark’ will surely provide a shot of energy.

Lea Porcelain Unveil Their Moody Track ‘Remember’

Berlin’s Lea Porcelain will release their debut LP ‘Hymns To The Night’ next month. With an already impeccable selection of post-punk tracks to their name, the duo have shared a new song called ‘Remember’. Dripping with an air of melancholy, the moody tune is another handing from the band’s nocturnal soundscape. Have a listen.

Annabel Allum Unevils Her New Single ‘Eat Greens’

From the days of her song ‘Foxes’ to her last track ‘Rich Backgrounds’, Guildford artist Annabel Allum has displayed a fascinating level of maturity and a fearless charge in terms of expansion of sound. Now stepping into the territory of raw indie/post punk, her latest single ‘Eat Greens’ is a bold and spunky charge with Allum’ performance ripe with confidence and command. Regarding the single, Annabel Allum stated: “‘Eat Greens’ is a song about the conflict of doing what you feel is right Read more […]

Stream Wendy Bevan’s Cold Wave/Post-Punk Track ‘Love From The Moon’

Weaving between multiple mediums of art, singer, photographer, filmmaker and performer Wendy Bevan steps forth with a new cold wave-inspired single entitled ‘Love From The Moon’. What begins as a dark minimal sliding, morphs into a pop chorus bridging bits of an 80s feel to the present. The song is the title track to her forthcoming EP, landing May 12 via Kwaidan Records/!K7. Check it out. Read more […]