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Mise en Scene Interview

Somewhere in between bursting indie pop and raw, pumping garage punk is where Canada’s Mise en Scene sit, finely sewing all sounds flawlessly together. Hailing from Winnipeg, the group was established by members Stefanie Blondal Johnson and Jodi Dunlop, who originally came together through their love of visual arts and of course music itself. The result was a gorgeous sound, accessible to the masses yet true to their roots.

EMA Shares Her New Single ‘Down & Out’

EMA deals with the very important topic of the perception of worth based on finances in her new track ‘Down & Out’. Using minimal indie pop production as the backdrop, EMA’s mellow vocals help to deliver this meaningful message that many can relate to. ‘Down & Out’ is taken from her upcoming LP ‘Exile In The Outer Ring’, out August 25th on City Slang Records.

Fever Kids Return With Their Upbeat Synth-pop Cut ‘Living In Fame’

Greece’s pop queen ╬útella unleashed her second LP ‘Works For You’ back in February of this year. Racking in critical praises from the press, she joins forces with again with Alex Z, returning with their Fever Kids band. The pair released their ‘Play Hard’ single in 2012, following up with their ‘Peter, Debbie, Mary’/’Holding Grass’ 7″ in 2014. Known for their glistening brand of synth-pop, Fever Kids have now shared their new cut ‘Living In Fame’. Upbeat in tempo, their indie meets pop stir has made for an exciting return for the Athens band with hopefully more tracks coming this year.

MEG MAC Unveils Her Soulful Cut ‘Don’t Need Permission’

Australia’s MEG MAC is the singer’s singer. With a voice that bursts with soul, she has announced the release of her debut album ‘Low Blows’, set to land July 14th via 300 Entertainment. Recorded at Niles City Sound Studio in Fort Worth, Texas, she has shared her latest single entitled ‘Don’t Need Permission’. An epic and inspiring cut encouraging listeners to feel comfortable with themselves in an unapologetic manner.

Listen to Matilda’s Club Smash ‘All Of My Queens’

Having already amazed millions of people from her appearances on mainstream television in Sweden, Matilda has more than proved that she is a force to be reckoned with, dropping tracks like ‘Fear’ and ‘Girl Code’. Now she is gunning for the throne of pop music with her latest smash ‘All Of My Queens’. Combining elements of r&b and Hip-Hop, the song is a certified anthem that will tear down the clubs. You can be rest assured that Matilda will be the next superstar out of Sweden to take the music Read more […]

Parcels Share Their Daft Punk-Produced Single ‘Overnight’

You know you’re doing something right when music giants Daft Punk produce your next single. This would be the scenario with Parcels, whose ‘Hideout’ EP was a sexy deal of poolside pop that is the ultimate summer listen. Their latest track ‘Overnight’ is no exception to the rules. Delivering a golden touch of disco and funk, this Daft Punk/Parcels combo fit like a hand in glove with the tune being a season anthem. Check it out.

Listen to August’s ‘Chemical’

Having recieved support from BBC Radio 1 for his past two singles ‘Sword’ and ‘Ghosts’, London singer August brings forth a heartfelt new track titled ‘Chemical’. The moving pop song deals with the topic of riding the wave of love through the good and bad times. The stellar song is one that will probably bring a few people to tears. In a press statement regarding the ‘Chemical’, August wrote: “To truly love is to walk through both joy and suffering, this song is about trying to handle Read more […]

Sibling Drops Their Hot Single ‘Knights’

Elodie Tomlinson and Bryan Osuszek of the L.A.-based group Sibling dropped their impressive self-titled EP last year which exemplified the duo’s crafitness of making excellent electronic pop. Now making their return with their new track ‘Knights’, the pair have knocked out a silky and steamy pop bit that is gripping with well-polished production and sexy vocals, making it their best tune yet. Touching on the song, Elodie Tomlinson stated: “Sometimes people suck, things feel out of control Read more […]

Majken ‘Fainted Love’ Video

Norway-raised, L.A.-based artist Majken definitely knows how to bring a ray of sunshine to any situation with her dreamy style of bursting pop. With her debut album ‘Dancing Mountains’ landing in August of this year, the stunning singer has shared the video for her track ‘Fainted Love’. Shot on Super 8 Film, Majken displays a high level of fun as she treks around the gorgeous California landscape. Eveything about the video and song feels completely perfect for the summer. Check it out.