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Blondie ‘Long Time’ Video

As music legends Blondie gear up for the release of their new album ‘Pollinator’, they have shared the video for their latest single ‘Long Time’. Still maintaining their undeniably cool factor, the band perform the track in sometimes stark black and white clips whilst other scenes feature shots of NYC. ‘Long Time’ is directed by Dikayl Rimmasch. Check it out.

Blondie ‘Fun’ Video

It’s amazing how a band like Blondie can release their first album in 1976 and in 2017 still sound better than most groups out currently. With their upcoming album ‘Pollinator’ scheduled to land in stores May 5th, the group have shared the video for their track ‘Fun’. With Debbie Harry still looking incredible, black and white clips of the band performing the track coincide with a girl having an orgasmic experience whilst at a party. Check it out.