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MISBHV & Notre Share FW17 Editorial

The team at Chicago-based boutique Notre have unveiled a new editorial for Polish brand MISBHV’s F/W 17 collection. The images follow MISBHV’s ‘6 Years In The Rave’ campaign, in which they enlisted Julian Klincewicz to provide the visuals. The new editorial, shot by Reed Schmidt, features model Korina Carpenter sporting the MISBHV Euphoria Tribal 95 t-shirt, the Warszawa crew neck jumper and the Extacy tracksuit pants. Fusing the spirit of early 90s rave culture with a modern fashionable flair, MISBHV continues to be a brand that is setting the scene on fire.

Stream Piotr Bejnar’s Eclectic ‘Album’

A solid fixture in the Polish music scene, Piotr Bejnar has released his new LP simply titled ‘Album’. Comprised of twelve tracks, Bejnar creates a gumbo blend of experimental electronica, bass, dance, smokey jazz and more. Like a scientist in the lab, there is a high level of alchemy with his production as songs weave between unorthodox orchestrations to more semi-traditional pieces that embed classical down to bossa.

Poland-Based DEAS Goes Deep with His ‘Pluton’ EP

Polish producer DEAS has been one of the go-to acts for some of the best techno music coming out of the country. With an already impressive string of releases, he has now dropped his latest EP ‘Pluton’. Venturing onto the cosmic side of techno, the title track is built on elongated synths, pumping 4×4 kicks and classic 80s snares. There is also a husky remix courtesy of producer Robert S, whose version is a stretching ride of dark minimalism. DEAS’ ‘Plan X’ is a further drive into nocturnal territory as the song flurries with intensity. This release is for those who love their techno raw and unfiltered. The ‘Pluton’ EP is currently out on Secret Room Records.

Krissky Scores Big with the ‘Tra Li Story’ EP

Polish-born, Ireland-based producer Krissky is set to release his forthcoming EP ‘Tra Li Story’ on October 24 via Otake Records. Comprised of four tracks, Krissky blasts off with a heavy dose of deep house beautifully constructed and refined.

Starting off the EP with ‘No Future No Past’, driving drum kicks and a thick bass line is topped with melodic piano riffs whilst a thin layering of static fills the space. Delving more into a deep tech sound with ‘The Strips’, the piano yet again adds a distinct texture to the production, brilliantly picking up from the latter.

Preview Szkatulski & Kosmalski’s ‘Mind Parasites’ EP

Whilst Poland may indeed boast a reputation of gorgeous architecture and beautiful people, beneath the city’s obvious flash is a bubbling electronic music scene. Two names that have been on many people’s radars are the duo Szkatulski & Kosmalski, whose latest EP ‘Mind Parasites’ is a rumbling and bold dose of dark techno for the dance floor.

Loui & Scibi to Drop ‘More Than Enough’

Poland’s Loui & Scibi return to the DeĢepalma label with a smoking hot new EP entitled ‘More Than Enough’, out July 1st. Connecting with Fourfeet, the original version is a emotive connection of tech and soulful house. The tune also gets several remixes provided by Lou Van, Deeplomatik, Pretty Pink, as well as Max Lyazgin and Hugobeat. Each rework adds a different texture to the package, all resulting in a solid recording definitely giving you bang for your money. Expect to hear ‘More Than Enough’ played out in Ibiza.

MISBHV Swimwear Season 2

Polish brand MISBHV give a glimpse of their new swimwear season 2 collection. The black and white-shot campaign, photographed by Gosia Turczynska, features model Lera Abova who sports the Carla bikini pieces. The new collection also includes one piece swimsuits and bra and panty sets which features screen-printed logos. Read more […]

Anja Rubik Stars in Mary Komasa Video ‘Lost Me’ (NSFW)

Supermodel Anja Rubik continues to leave her creative imprint in as many mediums as possible. This time the beauty joins forces with another popular Polish artist Mary Komasa who has shared her latest video ‘Lost Me’ starring Rubik. The premises revolves around Anja strutting down the runway seemingly fed up with it she eventually strips down out of the clothing only to slowly dance on stage nude. Komasa, who is also naked greets her on stage and embraces her with a hug before throwing a batch Read more […]

MISBHV Spring/Summer 2016 Collection

Polish brand MSBHV bring forth their new Spring/Summer 2016 collection which draws influence from the 70s and 80s punk movement. The new pieces include men’s oversize denim jackets, Drained sleeveless band t-shirts and screen printed biker jackets. The women’s collection is welcomed with flare jeans, patchwork skirts and 70s-inspired leather jackets.

Misbhv ‘After Dark’ Lookbook

Polish brand Misbhv unveil a new lookbook featuring pieces from their latest ‘After Dark’ collection. Highlighting their signature Heads overcoat in black, the company have also added their black and red, chunky lettered Dark scarf. Misbhv’s ‘After Dark’ collection also includes the Heads leather biker jacket, screen-printed tees and the Osaka zipped long hoodie. Read more […]