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Slothrust Rocks Hard with ‘Milking The Snake’

Brooklyn band Slothrust are rock & roll to the core with a strong background in jazz. Harking back to their 2012 debut release ‘Feels Your Pain’ straight to their 2016 LP ‘Everyone Else’, the sophistication of instrumentation lends credence to their roots. The group now share their song ‘Milking The Snake’, a B-side track to their last record. Merging the hard guitar style of Black Sabbath with grunge-punk steerings, these NYC rockers can’t do any wrong at the moment. Have a listen.

BIRDS Share Their New Alternative Cut ‘See It All’

Brooklyn-based outfit BIRDS are set to release their debut album ‘Everything All At Once’ on August 18th. Forthcoming on Greenway Records, the group have shared their latest single ‘See It All’, which is also featured on the new record. Taking a 90s alternative sound and bridging it with psychedelic wiring, the tune is radiating with sing-a-long melodies giving it a distinct pop appeal. Have a listen.

Cody & Danz ‘Make it in America’ Video

Cody Crump and Computer Magic aka Cody & Danz are gearing up for their EP ‘Only The Hits’, scheduled to land July 14th on Channel 9 Records. Having already given the world a taste of their track ‘If I Only Had $ome Money’, the pair now share the fun video for their latest song ‘Make it in America’. You can find clips of the two in their respective city (Cody in L.A and Danz in NYC), basically having a good time, as they should be. Isn’t this how we should all enjoy life? Watch the video down at the bottom.

Fruit & Flowers Have Shared Their Debut EP ‘Drug Tax’

Brooklyn band Fruit & Flowers have built a name for themselves grinding it out in the NYC circuit. Making their debut with the track ‘Turquoise’ a couple years back, they went on to drop the hazy ‘Way Out’ followed by the rocking post-punk song ‘Out of Touch’. Lacing slick instrumentation and lush melodies over core punk, Fruit & Flowers are now ready to unleash their new EP ‘Drug Tax’ on June 30th. A soundtrack to the new BK, the record soars with racing punk guitar riffs, surf bass lines and firing drums. Factor in lush vocals and you an EP standing firm as the Great Wall of China.

Julietta Brings Forth Her Infectious Single ‘Runaway’

NYC’s Julietta have been our musical crush since her track ‘Beach Break’. Written during her stay in Nicaragua, her latest wonder titled ‘Runaway’ is a synth-pop meets r&b gem that was literally inspired from a weekend date in Italy! Whilst that would seem quite flamboyant in itself, all we know is that the song is insanely addictive and another great offering from the New York stunner. Regarding the track Julietta mentioned: “Several months ago a guy I met at a party asked me out on a Read more […]

Caretaker’s ‘Swallow’ is an Energetic Ride of Art Rock

Brooklyn-based band Caretaker make their debut with a monster of a single titled ‘Swallow’. Pumped by post-punk instrumentation, the energetic and theatrical cut is led by the powerhouse vocals of front woman Erin Pellnat. Definitely a thrilling rollercoaster ride of sound, Caretaker are definitely a band to keep watch on. Touching on the track, Erin Pellnat wrote: “‘Swallow’ is a song about being trapped in a relationship (or any situation, really) where someone is successful in convincing Read more […]

Listen to Grim Streaker’s Fiery Punk Single ‘Psycho’

We’re super excited about the forthcoming debut EP ‘Girl Minority’ by NYC band Grim Streaker. Recently sharing their steamy single ‘Miami Girl’, the band now unveil their latest track titled ‘Psycho’. Like their previous tracks, high powered garage and punk is delivered with raging guitar liners, thunderous drumming and the feisty vocals of front woman Amelia Bushell. The song is roaring with attitude, making it another killer delivery for the promising Brooklyn-based fivesome.

Dion Lunadon ‘Howl’ Video

NYC rocker Dion Lunadon will release his self-titled debut solo album on June 9 via Agitated Records. Bringing a heavy dose of punk in it’s purest form, he has also shared a video to accompany the single ‘Howl’. Directed by Reuben Wu, the vid features Loren Palmer frantically dancing in a forest whilst wearing a mask. Now mind you, the song is pretty energetic so what else would you do if you heard the song in the woods? You would more thank likely dance as well, now wouldn’t you? Have a look. Read more […]

Grim Streaker Explode with Their Punk-Driven Track ‘Miami Girl’

Brooklyn band Grim Streaker is a group who have diligently been putting in loads of work in the NYC scene all within quite a short time period. Sharing their debut track ‘Guts’ earlier this year, Grim Streaker now unleash their fast and utterly rocking song ‘Miami Girl’. With singer Amelia Bushel leading the charge with no-nonsense vocals equipped with screams and the whole nine yards, ‘Miami Girl’ is an electric mixture of 70s – 80s punk and garage that jumps right out of the speaker with energy.