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Nowness Presents ‘The History of Nails’ by Gruff Rhys

Teaming up with a number of British and Russian artists to make the long trek from Moscow to Siberia, musician Gruff Rhys documented to the journey in the short film titled ‘The History of Nails’, presented by Nowness. Commissioned by the British Council, Rhys also touches on the history of the Russian Futurist movement as well as the October Revolution.Shot on film, the video captures the idea of pushing forward with no looking back.

Nowness Presents ‘The Jellyfish’

Swedish clothing company COS and the London Contemporary Music Festival come together for a fashionable interaction between man and sea creature in this Leigh Johnson-directed film ‘The Jellyfish’. The short movie documents a bond between a girl and a jellyfish that she has caught and placed in a jar whilst highlighting COS’s minimal and functional attire. Eventually the young women comes to terms with letting go of the species and placing it back in its original habitat. The music in the film comes courtesy of Pauline Oliveros and Maggie Payne. ‘The Jellyfish’ is presented by Nowness. Have a look.

Gary Clark Jr. “When My Train Pulls In” Video

Director Carmela Makela delivers a powerful video for Gary Clark Jr.’s “When My Train Pulls In”. Depicting two stories, one of of a young girl who is trying to better herself by going to college yet is lured in by a boyfriend who demands sex, as well as a story of a young man who is forced to take on the head of the house due to an abandoned father, the striking visuals, as bleak as it may seem, are also filled with the power of hope. Presented by Nowness, the song is taken from Gary Clark Jr.’s Read more […]

“Finding Derby & Groma” by Kara Blake

“Finding Derby & Groma” is a short film directed by Kara Blake which explores the story behind an Argentina-based cabaret show couple of the 1920s-30s named Desolina Merlino and Salomon Gramatzkis aka Derby and Groma. The story revolves around numerous photographs that were scattered in the streets of Buenos Aires and collected by Pablo Cruz Aguirre. Relentlessly seeking information on the mysterious couple, the Blake and Aguirre’s mission comes to a halt with no final answers. “Finding Derby Read more […]

Ragnar On Ragnar: Ragnar Kjartansson a Film by Pavel Raev

Icelandic visual and performance artist Ragnar Kjartansson talks about his past experience with bands, theatre being pretentious, as well as the mediums themselves in this interview conducted by, well, Ragnar Kjartansson. The video titled “Ragnar On Ragnar” is directed by Pavel Raev for Nowness. Known for his work such as “Sorrow Conquers Happiness” and “The Blossoming Trees Performance”, in 2009 Reykjavík-born Ragnar Kjartansson represented Iceland at the Venice Biennale with his painting Read more […]

Nowness Presents “Xu Zhen: MadeIn, Manhattan”

Shanghai artist Xu Zhen takes Nowness on a tour throughout his studio as discusses some of the pieces that were exhibited at The Armory Show art fair in New York in this Anthony Chen directed video. For this year’s event, Philip Tinari, Director of the Ullens Center for Contemporary Art, curated the series “Focus: China”, which used Zhen’s MadeIn Company’s work “Under Heaven”, the representative visual. Working without limitations, MadeIn Company explores art through various mediums including Read more […]

Hans Ulrich Obrist: Morning Ritual

Curator Hans Ulrich Obrist explains the importance of rituals in this Linda Brownlee film, shot for Nowness. The Swiss born mastermind speaks on replicating Leonardo da Vinchi’s habit of sleeping 50 minutes every three hours to now buying books daily as his modern ritual. Shot in London, the location of his gallery, the camera crew follows Obrist as he performs his morning jog. Hans Ulrich Obrist: Morning Ritual on Read more […]

Kate Boy “From Stockholm With Love”

Sweden based electro pop group Kate Boy takes the viewer on a night tour through the city of Stockholm in this Marie Kristiansen directed short video “From Stockholm With Love”. Presented by Nowness, the group goes to record stores, the Tunnelgatan passage, as well as Sven-Harry’s Art Museum. Kate Boy: From Stockholm With Love on Read more […]

Moynat: Parisian Promenade

Director Mary Clerté creates a beautiful film in celebration of the work of Moynat titled “Parisian Promenade”. Premiered on Nowness, the clip features model Jeanne Damas as she goes deep into the past of art of the legendary company founded by Pauline Moynat, François Coulembier and Octavie. Moynat: Parisian Promenade on Read more […]