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Listen to KOY’s Enchanting Single ‘Run’

Victoria Trunova better known as KOY, is undoubtedly one of our top choice artists who blends originality and a passion for creating, fostering ear-grabbing pieces of music that is like fine art. Stepping forth with her second single entitled ‘Run’, the Berlin-based singer bridges an 80s pop and new wave style with forward-thinking electronica, again producing an infectious and overly stunning recording that we simply can’t get enough of. You can stream ‘Run’ below.

NEP’s 1989 Track ‘Decadance’ Gets Released

Originally created in 1982 by Dejan Krsic, NEP was a collective from Croatia that used art and music as a way to not only entertain, but to challenge class and history. Whilst many of their past recordings were not the easiest to find, the Fox & His Friends label have given NEP’s 1989 unreleased song ‘Decadance’ the light of day. Driven by the classic Roland 808, the song takes a nod at electronic pioneers Kraftwerk with a sonic palette of futurism. The single pack also includes a remix by German Read more […]

Stream Bootblacks’ ‘The Longest Night’

As NYC band Bootblacks prepare for the release of their new album ‘Fragments’, landing September 14th o Manic Depression Records, the group have shared their latest tune ‘The Longest Night’. Straddling a fine line between the sounds of post-punk and cold wave, the haunting track built on rolling guitar riffs and deep, shifting synths, follows their previous stomping cut ‘Hold & Dissolve’.

Dumb Lovers Interview

If you stripped away the best elements of pop, new wave, post-punk, art rock and even a dash of indie, stir them around in pot and serve them as one consolidated dish on a plate, what you would get is the music of Bournemouth band Dumb Lovers. Comprised of Megan Rees and Robin Clark, their sound is sheer audible sexiness with the possibility of soundtracking everything from hedi underground clubs to runway shows. Their fashionable presence command instant attention with each member also being skilled visual artists. Dumb Lovers truly provide a full listening and visual experience.

Park Hotel ‘Going West’ Video

London band Park Hotel have unveiled the video for their single ‘Going West’. Directed by Elliott Arndt, the duo perform the song whilst in front of vibrant paintings by the artist HENRY. The song itself, which incorporates the glorious sounds of new wave, post-punk and disco, follows Park Hotel’s debut song ‘Gone As A Friend’, which was also one of our Top Picks. Check it out. Read more […]

KOY ‘Heat’ Video

Berlin-based singer and musician Victoria Trunova aka KOY is one of our fave artists. With an etheral sound that straddles the line of electronica, pop and even new wave, she has now unveiled the video for her single ‘Heat’. A dedication of sorts to classic sci-fi and horror flicks, the visuals are ripe with clips of women screaming, robots and silhouttes of KOY herself, all packaged in VHS-style effects. Have a look. Read more […]

Andrew Weatherall Shares New Track ‘Evidence The Enemy’

Andrew Weatherall has played a crucial role in the UK music scene for decades now. From the days of Boy’s Own with Terry Farley to producing mega acts such as Primal Scream, Weatherall has and remains a key fixture if the industry.

With his forthcoming LP ‘Qualia’ landing September 29 via Höga Nord Rekords, Andrew Weatherall has shared his new single ‘Evidence The Enemy’.

Listen to Max Chillen and the Kerbside Collective’s Post-Punk Cut ‘Moneymouth’

Listen to Max Chillen and the Kerbside Collective unveil their new single ‘Moneymouth’. Tapping into the classicism of early new wave and post-punk, an added dash of psychedelic are built with swirling synths, clash-style guitar riffs and stern vocals. With a sound that pulls from the core of their varied influences, ‘Moneymouth’ is a sure shot winner from the Brisbane outfit. Have a listen. Read more […]

Sextile Bring Forth Their Latest Single ‘Situations’

L.A. band Sextile have been one that we have kept close watch out, having shared a number of stellar post-punk recordings. With their new album ‘Albeit Living’ landing July 14, the group have now shared their latest single ‘Situations’. Dark with a twist a new wave, the balance between sparse and riotous flows throughout, as a nod to the early 80s underground post-punk scene is ripe.