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KOY ‘Heat’ Video

Berlin-based singer and musician Victoria Trunova aka KOY is one of our fave artists. With an etheral sound that straddles the line of electronica, pop and even new wave, she has now unveiled the video for her single ‘Heat’. A dedication of sorts to classic sci-fi and horror flicks, the visuals are ripe with clips of women screaming, robots and silhouttes of KOY herself, all packaged in VHS-style effects. Have a look. Read more […]

Andrew Weatherall Shares New Track ‘Evidence The Enemy’

Andrew Weatherall has played a crucial role in the UK music scene for decades now. From the days of Boy’s Own with Terry Farley to producing mega acts such as Primal Scream, Weatherall has and remains a key fixture if the industry.

With his forthcoming LP ‘Qualia’ landing September 29 via Höga Nord Rekords, Andrew Weatherall has shared his new single ‘Evidence The Enemy’.

Listen to Max Chillen and the Kerbside Collective’s Post-Punk Cut ‘Moneymouth’

Listen to Max Chillen and the Kerbside Collective unveil their new single ‘Moneymouth’. Tapping into the classicism of early new wave and post-punk, an added dash of psychedelic are built with swirling synths, clash-style guitar riffs and stern vocals. With a sound that pulls from the core of their varied influences, ‘Moneymouth’ is a sure shot winner from the Brisbane outfit. Have a listen. Read more […]

Sextile Bring Forth Their Latest Single ‘Situations’

L.A. band Sextile have been one that we have kept close watch out, having shared a number of stellar post-punk recordings. With their new album ‘Albeit Living’ landing July 14, the group have now shared their latest single ‘Situations’. Dark with a twist a new wave, the balance between sparse and riotous flows throughout, as a nod to the early 80s underground post-punk scene is ripe.

Cody & Danz’s ‘If I Only Had $ome Money’ is Pure Magic

Cody & Danz is the new collaboration with L.A.-based Cody Crump and NYC’s Computer Magic. Releasing their EP ‘Only The Hits’ on July 14th via Chanel 9 Records, the lead-off track from the upcoming record is the indie and new wave inspired tune ‘If I Only Had $ome Money’. Constructed with husky synths, streaking guitar riffs and 80s style drums, we simply can’t get enough of this tune! These two definitely make a great combination and hopefully after the EP release, an album will be in the works. Check it out.

Top Pick: Lea Porcelain’s ‘Hymns To The Night’

Over the years there have been a resurgence of the post-punk, industrial, synth and new wave sound that groups like Depeche Mode and Nine Inch Nails helped to foster into the mainstream psyche. However, it is a rare feat at times to actually come across bands who are trying to push the sound further rather than simply fostering a carbon copy version of the previous groups mentioned. However, when Berlin-based Lea Porcelain came on the scene back in 2015, there was something very other about the pair. Songs such as ‘A Year From Here’ and ‘Out Is In’ straddled between melancholic electronica, krautrock, post punk and things in between.

Collapsing Scenery ‘Straight World Problems’ Video

Collapsing Scenery have shared their video ‘Straight World Problems’, directed by none other than Richard Kern. Whilst there are two beautiful women doing things like taking showers, working out and well, making out, the two musicians basically stand there with a blank, robotic stares and practically no emotion. The quirkiness of the video is what makes it special, serving as the perfect visual aid to Collapsing Scenery’s 80s new wave, punk funk record. There is everything to love about this Read more […]

Sextile Share Their Dark, Racing Single ‘One of These’

L.A. band have announced the release of their second LP ‘Albeit Living’. Out July 4th, the ten song album follows their debut record ‘A Thousand Hands’. One of the songs featured on the upcoming work is the dark and heavy cut ‘One of These’. Shining the light on the subject of addiction, musically the track glides between revving post-punk and new wave. Loaded with raging guitar lines and thundering drums, this tune will surely raise a few pulses. You can stream ‘One of These’ below.

Listen to Dumb Lovers’ Lush Single ‘Jessie’

Bournemouth band Dumb Lovers glide between classic new wave, lush pop and modern indie, emitting a sound that is quite warming. Making their debut last month with the track ‘Oscar’, the duo have now shared their new single ‘Jessie’. Laced with silky guitar riffs and tender vocals, the song is a nice hark back to an early 80s sound without the intentional throwback. Touching on the song, in a press statement Dumb Lovers mentioned: “‘Jessie’ is about people who give up on dreams and Read more […]

Maud Geffray’s ‘Polaar’ is a Nocturnal Voyage

Maud Geffray may already be familiar to fans of the Parisian group Scratch Massive but as a solo artist she is proving that she is an entity on to herself.

Geffray’s latest LP ‘Polaar’ is a deep, nocturnal journey through various styles of electronica ranging from house to electro pop and even new wave. Whilst haunting sound palettes are not foreign to the electronic world, Maud Geffray’s multifaceted selection of tempos and often times delivery of mood makes the LP highly pleasurable. Cinematic instrumental tracks such as ‘Voices from the Sky’ are balanced with steamy synth pop layered tunes like the catchy ‘In Your Eyes’ which features Flavien Berger.