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Rebekka Karijord Interview

The music of Rebekka Karijord is poetry, it’s passion…it’s art. It is the kind of art that is soul touching, often times helping to foster tear-led moments within the listener. Whilst those reoccurring periods have been a constant throughout her musical career, Karijord’s latest album ‘Mother Tongue’ reflects one of the most dynamic and powerful moments…the birth of life.

Rebekka Karijord Shares Her Second Single ‘The Orbit’

After recently announcing her forthcoming album ‘Mother Tongue’ and sharing the track ‘Waimanalo’, Norwegian singer Rebekka Karijord returns with her second offering ‘The Orbit’. Upbeat with fairytale-like production built around cinematic strings, icey piano riffs and Karijord lush vocals, the song is in sound, making us eager to hear the entire LP.