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HAARM Unveil Their Latest Single ‘Valentine’

Last year Liverpool band HAARM made an amazing debut with the breakbeat driven cut ‘Foxglove’. They then followed-up with ‘In The Wild’ which was a nod to the 90s rave period. Now making their return with track number three, their latest single ‘Valentine’, the group continue to fan the flames as their sound etches closer to an electronic pop side, as delicate paired vocals mix with psych keys and upbeat drum lays.

Listen to The Vryll Society’s ‘Shadow Of A Wave’

Liverpool band The Vryll Society have been at the forefront of bands pumping out killer psychedelic sounds for the past couple of years now. Their ‘Pangea’ EP displayed a high level of craftsmanship with their songs transferring from the record to live show settings flawlessly. With the group sharing their song ‘Sacred Flight’ earlier this year, they now return with a new cut titled ‘Shadow Of A Wave’. Whilst the psych blueprint of their past work is firmly laid, The Vryll Society have added more indie rock production to the mix, lifting their music to more of a mainstream appeal, yet without compromising the integrity of their sound that helped to lure fans in from the start. ‘Shadow Of A Wave’ is currently out now. Have a listen.


Norway-originated, Liverpool-based group I SEE RIVERS have shared an amazing video for their single ‘DA RAM’. What features a man who is unhappy with his everyday life as working in the fields of a farm, he decides to let loose and let his wild side roam free. Now mind you, it should also be noted that I SEE RIVERS are constantly in the background dancing like it’s a non-stop party. Is it called influence, perhaps? But regardless on how miserable anyone’s work is, you’re probably going to be more than enticed to have a good time considering that three lovely ladies are constantly jumping about around you.

Stream HALEM’s Upbeat Single ‘Ghost’

Liverpool duo HALEM have unveiled their new song entitled ‘Ghost’, and it’s raving scorcher. Built around soulful piano riffs, kicking 4×4 drums and rich vocals provided by Katy Bryson, the track merges the sound of 90s house with the new era of energy-driven club and pop, resulting in a fire-branding cut that will have you sweating it out on the dance floor. Stream ‘Ghost’ below. Read more […]

Listen to the Josh Hunter Remix of HALEM’s ‘Runaway’

A few months back, Liverpool electro-pop group HALEM made their debut with the single ‘Runaway’. An upbeat club cut, the group followed-up with the tracks ‘Gravity’ and ‘Unstoppable’, both dance floor gunners. HALEM now shares a remix of ‘Runaway’ courtesy of Leeds producer Josh Hunter. Definitely keeping the sound 4×4 friendly, the production is fit for the big room of any major club around the world. Below is a stream of the ‘Runaway’ remix. Have a listen. Read more […]

Erick Morillo Live at Underground, May 6th, Liverpool

The Subliminal head honcho has had a hiatus from the UK club scene, but broke this in stunning fashion at the tail end of last year. Hitting the likes of Church in Leeds and Egg London, the house music master reminded everyone why he remains one of the most prized global talents with a slew of sets which confirmed his rare ability to match crowd pleasing charisma with underground appeal and technical ability.

Mark Knight at Underground, February 4th, Liverpool

Underground has been bringing the hype to Liverpool since it opened in a flurry of excitement in October. Ben Klock, Ame, Magda and more have all rocked the joint, and whilst 2016 will see the likes of Greg Wilson and Dale Howard hold court before the year is out, its 2017 when the club will really show it means business. Knight of course has been equally prolific. His huge collaboration with Lee Van Dowski, ‘Fall Down on Lee’, has alongside ‘Yebisah’ been one of the smashes of 2016, Read more […]

Greg Wilson at Underground, December 10th, Liverpool

Liverpool’s freshest club Underground has had an inspiring start, adding a fresh musical assault on the city’s clubbing terrain. Ben Klock got the momentum going, with further underground techno turns from Ame, Magda, Paws and SEFF, but as December swings by it’s the time for a new musical shift with the return of two favourites of the city’s scene. That pairing is party starters du jour Freeze and one of Merseyside’s strongest musical voices, Greg Wilson.

Listen to Trudy and the Romance’s Punk Pop Tune ‘Sandman’

From the time of their early tracks such as ‘All My Love’ and ‘Behave’, Liverpool trio Trudy and the Romance have rapidly gained a following with support from the likes of 6Music’s Steve Lamacq and BBC Radio 1 Presenter Huw Stephens. Having recently shared their song ‘My Baby’s Gone Away’, Trudy and the Romance now unveil their latest recording ‘Sandman’. Are there pop sentiments in the track? Perhaps. But the band’s ‘do what they want to do’ attitude over 50s meet punk instrumentation add Read more […]

Cocoon at The Asylum, October 29th, Liverpool

This year’s instalment sees the return of techno legend Sven Vath, renowned as a risk taking visionary and innovator and master creator of the infamous Cocoon parties, he’ll be at the helm performing a very special extended set, joined by one of the hottest techno artists on the circuit, who following an array of famed sets over the last few year and acclaimed productions on Cocoon Recordings, has firmly established himself as a major player – Ilario Alicante. Bringing some northern clout to the proceedings is Tim Green who makes his Asylum debut, his ability to manoeuvre through the realms of house and techno makes his sound unmistakable and completing the bill is Asylum regular Jemmy.