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Högni ‘Komdu með’ Video

Dreamy, mountainous landscapes, fire blazes and horse riding – in terms of a high level video, Icelandic artist Högni has definitely delivered and then some. Co-directing the video for his track ‘Komdu með’ himself along with Máni Sigfússon, the artist uses the surroundings of his native country to stunningly coincide with the impact and surreal elements of the song itself. ‘Komdu með’ is taken from Högni’s latest album ‘Two Trains’, which is out now.

Stream Högni’s Epic Track ‘Komdu Með’

Iceland has an extensive history of artists releasing some of the most cinematic and moving music around. Högni is definitely one who has made that list. Having previously made a name for himself in the groups Hjaltalín and GusGus, he is now set to release his debut solo album ‘Two Trains’ on October 20th via Erased Tapes. The first manifestation of the record comes in the form of his latest single ‘Komdu Með’. A haunting sliding of orchestral electronica with an industrial polishing, the production whilst initially stomping with a husky synth strike, morphs into a beautifully epic soundscape that immediately provokes thoughts of a film score.