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Æ MAK’s ‘Glow’ is Truly Infectious

Ireland’s Æ MAK are bringing something highly refreshing to pop music at the moment. Almost hard to be placed in one specific category, their sound is not only cinematic but contains a fairy tale-esque sprinkling that is beyond ear-pleasing. Their latest track ‘Glow’ exemplifies this description. Swaying between head-bopping drums and more dance pushed 4×4 kicks, glistening effects are lightly layered as cosmic synths give the song an otherworldly feel. ‘Glow’ is an incredible offering from Read more […]

New Portals ‘Chasing Shade’

Belfast-based duo New Portals give viewers a glimpse into their previous summer with the video ‘Chasing Shade’. From filming themselves in fields to jamming in the studio, there are even scenes where the pair’s daughter bust a few moves on camera. The song is taken from New Portal’s EP ‘Golden Hour’ which is out now.

Stream Alana Henderson’s ‘Let This Remain’

Irish singer and cellist Alana Henderson has unveiled her new single ‘Let This Remain’. Using an electronic soundscape as the palette for the haunting sonics, Henderson’s incorporation of lush cello play adds another texture to the intricate track. Revolving around the unlasting relationships having occured throughout her travels on the road, ‘Let This Remain’ is an enticing single from the artist.

Stream KARMS’ ‘River’

Releasing their debut EP ‘Rivers’ earlier this month, Dublin band KARMS have shared the title track to the record. Hard-powered guitars and thundering drums burst through the production, with all the elements perfectly aligned equalling to one extraordinary piece of indie rock.

Listen to Outsider’s Spirited Single ‘Míol Mór Mara’

Incorporating English and Gaeilge in his lyrics, Irish artist Outsider has shared his explosive single ‘Míol Mór Mara’. What launches as an emotive beginning quickly transcends into a monumental powerhouse of post-punk and alternative that hit straight to the chest. The song is featured on the FIFA 18 Soundtrack. Regarding ‘Míol Mór Mara’, Outsider stated: “The song is about a child with downs syndrome I worked with when I was suffering from huge heartbreak and it had a profound influence Read more […]

EMBRZ Shares His Hypnotic Single ‘Higher’

Over the past four years Dublin producer Jack Casey aka EMBRZ has been pumping out a slew of heavy remixes and original tracks. Known for his mesmeric mesh of pop and surreal electronica, Casey follows his last single ‘Heartlines’ with another dose of lifting music with his new track ‘Higher’. A lush soundscape falling between the lines of melodic dance, Hip-Hop and ethereal pop, Casey has surely crafted a gorgeous sound to call his own with a consistency that is unprecedented. ‘Higher’ is out Read more […]

Listen to Rosie Carney’s Beautiful Track ‘Your Moon’

Irish indie folk singer Rosie Carney delivers another beautifully crafted single titled ‘Your Moon’. Maturely addressing the issue of self-understanding, Carney’s strength as a songwriter as well as her immaculate vocals fully come together in this warming and ultimately gorgeous song. Out now via X Novo, we have a stream of the song below.

Bitch Falcon ‘Syncope’ Video

Bitch Falcon have no problem displaying unadulterated acts of badness. With their latest video ‘Syncope’, the Dublin rockers are in rare form as they go around causing complete mischief and harassing people on the street. After causing day long terror, the ladies find themselves being identified on the evening news before making their quick escape. The video is directed by Kate Dolan. Have a look. Read more […]

Susie Blue Challenge the Idea of Genders in ‘Be A Lady’

Last year Irish band Susie Blue wowed us with their electric track ‘People Like Us’. Returning with their latest single ‘Be A Lady’, the group challenge the perception and perceived roles of gender. Using a backdrop of slick indie pop instrumentation, frontwoman Susan Donaghy takes a stand for everyone who dare to be different in the face of traditional normality. Listen to ‘Be A Lady’ below. Read more […]

Bitch Falcon ‘Clutch’ Video

Aside from Dublin trio Bitch Falcon having a name that you find yourself comfortably spouting off at any given time of the day, the band rock out harder than many. Having built a reputation for their energetic live performances, they now unveil the official video for their single ‘Clutch’. Directed by Spiceburger, the video features the group jamming whilst lead singer Lizzie Fitzpatrick aggressively puts her face through plastic. There is nothing like a group with some edge to them. Have a look. Read more […]