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Courtney Barnett’s ‘How To Boil An Egg’ is a Glorious Soundtrack to the Down and Out

Celebrating the art of creativity, labels Milk! Records and Bedroom Suck have come together for the release of ‘Split Singles Club’, a collection of 7″ singles featuring 12 Australian artists. One of those would be Melbourne singer Courtney Barnett, whose song ‘How To Boil An Egg’ is a catchy and dreamy soundtrack to hard luck. Whilst the content may be a bit melancholic, the indie folk tune is truly a pleasurable work from one of music’s modern marvels. Have a listen.

Ghostpoet ‘Immigrant Boogie’ Video

London’s Ghostpoet recently unveiled his latest single ‘Immigrant Boogie’, which in our opinion is one his best best recordings yet. The haunting post-punk inspired track now gets the visual treatment courtesy of Zhang + Knight. The video features a guy running from a perceived danger which isn’t necessarily apparent yet the apocalyptic environment suggests something of a brutal nature. With the song taking not only a nod at the recent crisis in Syria, but those around the globe who have put Read more […]

Stream Alexa Dark’s ‘Blur’

Alexa Dark will release her forthcoming EP ‘Drinks/Empty Hearts’ in August of this year. Produced by Angelo “Doc” Velasquez, the recording chronicles the singer/musician’s experiences of living between multiple cities and the many personal dealings that came with it. One of the songs taken from the EP is Alexa Dark’s alternative cut ‘Blur’. Touching the sticky subject of a love triangle in which the singer tells the guy to go back to the other woman, the track is a great showcasing of Alexa Dark’s capturing songwriting ability to consistently keep the listener engaged. Below is a stream of ‘Blur’.

Swimming Tapes Reveal Their Easing Single ‘Queen’s Parade’

Last year London-based band Swimming Tapes gained a lot of traction with their singles ‘Set The Fire’ and ‘Tides’. Setting off 2017 in the right direction with their cut ‘Cameos’, the group now make their return with their latest indie piece entitled ‘Queen’s Parade’. Like their previous work, the track is soothing and warm stroke of indie pleasure oozing with catchy pop melodies and impressionable production. ‘Queen’s Parade’ is currently out via Hand In Hive Records in the UK and B3SCI Records Read more […]

K.Flay ‘High Enough’ Video

K.Flay brings forth a clever and quite hilarious video for her single ‘High Enough’. Directed by Lorraine Nicolson, K.Flay finds herself living in a trailer park whilst getting extremely aggravated by the couple next door who is constantly fighting. After voicing her opinion through the walls and kindly being told off by the couple, K.Flay decides to blast music which magically puts the guy and girl in a dancing mood. Once she turns the music off, the couple revert to the irate beings that they are.

Listen to Dumb Lovers’ Lush Single ‘Jessie’

Bournemouth band Dumb Lovers glide between classic new wave, lush pop and modern indie, emitting a sound that is quite warming. Making their debut last month with the track ‘Oscar’, the duo have now shared their new single ‘Jessie’. Laced with silky guitar riffs and tender vocals, the song is a nice hark back to an early 80s sound without the intentional throwback. Touching on the song, in a press statement Dumb Lovers mentioned: “‘Jessie’ is about people who give up on dreams and Read more […]

Lea Porcelain ‘Remember’ Video

As the released date Lea Porcelain’s debut LP ‘HYMNS TO THE NIGHT’ slowly approaches, the Berlin-based duo have shared the official video to their latest single ‘Remember’. Directed by Micki Rosi Richter and Lea Porcelain themselves, the desert landscape of California, Nevada and Arizona serve as the backdrop as Julien Bracht and Markus Nikolaus stroll the terrain. You can even catch clips of the boys at the casino in Las Vegas.

Ulrika Spacek ‘Full of Men’ Video

For their video ‘Full of Men’, London band Ulrika Spacek actually place the focus on one woman who is shows the viewers how to make a mean salad. Now as strange as this may seem, for a cooking show, the dishes appear to be rather simple to the point the most basic of men could create it. We’re not sure this would win any cooking awards, but the song by itself will surely have you hooked.

Listen to Attic Giant’s Cinematic Tune ‘Blow’

Launched by Daniel Tischler, Attic Giant is the exciting Vienna-based band weaving between the sounds of brilliantly arranged indie, folk and pop. Their debut single ‘Blow’ is a sample of what the group have coming down the pipeline. A cinematic journey bursting at the seams with full scale arrangements including strings, guitars and even a brass section, Attic Giant are a group that is surely going to leave a huge mark in music this year.

Thyla Share Their Melodic Song ‘Ferris Wheels’

Last year Brighton band Thyla made their proper introduction with the song ‘Car Crash’ along with the track ‘Motherlode’. Having performed shows with acts like Dream Wife, the group now make their return with their latest song ‘Ferris Wheels’. Produced by Macks Faulkron, the single is an easing and melodic dealing of indie that is a great follow-up to their previous tunes. The track comes ahead of their forthcoming show at Shacklewell Arms in London on May 10th. ‘Ferris Wheels’ is out May 5th via Rex Records. Have a listen down at the bottom.