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Attic Giant Have Released Their Warming EP ‘light=whatwesee’

Vienna’s Attic Giant have released their new EP ‘light=whatwesee’ via finetunes. Comprised of two tracks, the record is an organically rich and warming hybrid of experimental pop, ambient and indie.

The song ‘mthrs’ is an utterly captivating instrumental based piece that is cinematic, adding slight post-classical elements into the mix, whilst ‘mothers’ features vocals, embedding indie folk guitar play that dances around spacious instrumentation, beautiful and timeless.

Stream Jade Bird’s Vibrant Single ‘Lottery’

Having released her EP ‘Something American’ back in 2017, London-based alt rocker Jade Bird now unveils her new single ‘Lottery’. Following up her previous track ‘Cathedral’, Bird’s latest recording is a vibrant hybrid of indie folk and spirited alternative. Singing of the tales of discovering love as well as the loss of it, ‘Lottery’ is a spunky and bold offering from the promising artist.

Listen to Lauran Hibberd’s ‘Old Head Young Shoulders’

Whilst there is a youthful spirit bubbling within Lauran Hibberd’s music, there is something also extremely mature, approaching her art with a skilled craftsman who has been recording for ages. Her latest single ‘Old Head Young Shoulders’ is a brilliant and shining example of Hibberd’s playful vocal delivery placed on top of upbeat indie folk production that simply makes you feel the utmost of warmth inside.

Juanita Stein ‘Someone Else’s Dime’ Video

Having made her mark in music with Howling Bells, Juanita Stein will release her debut solo album ‘America’ on July 28th via Nude Records. Unveiling the first single taken from the new LP titled ‘Dark Horse’ a couple months back, Stein now brings forth the follow-up single and video called ‘Someone Else’s Dime’. Directed by Rob Loud, the visuals provide a window of look at the west coast of America, documenting the landscape and some of the people, as each clip acts as the perfect compliment to the mood of the song.

Stream Juanita Stein’s ‘I’ll Cry’

Australia’s Juanita Stein hits us with a dose of Americana with her latest single ‘I’ll Cry’. The track is taken from Stein’s forthcoming debut album ‘America’, set to get released July 23rd via Nude Records. The slow swaying and lush cut teeters between a 1950s sound and a modern flow of today’s indie folk. Stein beautiful vocals breezes atop the melodic instrumentation, making her upcoming LP quite an expectation. Below is a stream of ‘I’ll Cry’.

Courtney Barnett’s ‘How To Boil An Egg’ is a Glorious Soundtrack to the Down and Out

Celebrating the art of creativity, labels Milk! Records and Bedroom Suck have come together for the release of ‘Split Singles Club’, a collection of 7″ singles featuring 12 Australian artists. One of those would be Melbourne singer Courtney Barnett, whose song ‘How To Boil An Egg’ is a catchy and dreamy soundtrack to hard luck. Whilst the content may be a bit melancholic, the indie folk tune is truly a pleasurable work from one of music’s modern marvels. Have a listen.

Siv Jakobsen ‘Like I Used To’ Video

Norwegian singer Siv Jakobsen delivers quite the stunning video for her single ‘Like I Used To’. Directed by Jørgen Nordby, the dreamy clips of snowy and rural parts of the country are stylishly shot as Jakobsen stands among the grand environment. Touching on the video, director Jørgen Nordby stated: “The fun thing about making videos with Siv is the abcence of planning and instead just completely playing it by ear. We had a car and a destination, everything else you see in the video Read more […]

Stream Valley Queen’s ‘Destroyer’ EP

With a sound straddling between hazy pop, sun-kissed rock and a dash of psychedelic soul, Los Angeles-based band Valley Queen have released their new EP entitled ‘Destroyer’. Led by the classic vocals of Natalie Carol, the six-song record is a lush touching of a distinct style of rock and roll with sensibilities of acts The Eagles. ‘Destroyer’ instantly evokes imagery of long drives through the vibrant California desert. Out now, you can stream the EP below.

Lola Marsh Unveil New Single ‘Wishing Girl’

Tel Aviv has been exploding with acts releasing great music across various styles and genre. Duo Lola Marsh have definitely been among that bands delivering an excellent array of indie pop stemming back to last year’s EP ‘You’re Mine’. With members Yael Shoshana Cohen and Gil Landau set to release their debut album ‘Remember Roses’, the pair have shared their latest piece entitled ‘Wishing Girl’. Bursting with shining pop melodies, there is a hugging warmth embedded in the organic instrumentation, making this an absolute winner.

Crying Day Care Choir ‘Sad Season’ Video

After recently sharing their organic and warm track ‘Sad Season’, Sweden’s Crying Day Care Choir now bring forth the video. Straight forward and to the point, clips of the band performing song is the basis with the cinematography quite good. The indie folk track is glimpse into what the band has coming in 2017. Watch the video below. Read more […]