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Janelle Monáe ‘PYNK’ Video

With her new album ‘Dirty Computer’ landing April 27th’, Janelle Monáe drops another video on the world dubbed ‘PYNK’. Teaming up with Grimes for more of a pop sound, the Emma Westenberg-directed video features Monáe and a crew of women celebrating the female existence, there is a lot of dancing and slogans on panties such as “I Grab Back”. You can also catch actress Tessa Thompson in various clips. While shades of pink decorate parts of the video, you can also conclude that the song pays hommage to a specific female body part. Have a look.

Grimes ‘California’ Video

Pop star Grimes shares the video for her single ‘California’. Shot in a not so California-like setting, the Canadian artist goes from sweeping the floor of a studio filled with classic sculptures to performing on stage with a wacky lot who look like they should be in a circus. At one point in the video, there is a cowboy carrying a mermaid on stage. Is it a little weird? Perhaps, but the one thing you can’t call it is boring.

Grimes ‘Kill V. Maim’ Video

Pop star Grimes delivers futuristic and odd (to say the least) visuals for the official video to ‘Kill V. Maim’. What can be described as a dark underground goth party, similar to the opening scenes in the movie ‘Blade’, Grimes dance along with her girl gang in a subway station, while in other clips they drive around in a pink, rocketing vehicle. ‘Kill V. Maim’ is taken from her latest LP ‘Art Angels’. Have a look.

Grimes ‘Flesh without Blood/Life in the Vivid Dream’ Video

According to Grimes via Twitter, her song ‘Flesh without Blood’ has absolutely nothing to do with a break-up. Although that may be true, her video for the track, along with ‘Life in the Vivid Dream’, is definitely a strange one as the Canadian artist is dressed up with angel wings whilst on a bed with friends, as it seems to be a representation of heaven. There is also a clip where she is dressed like a royal queen as she prances about on a tennis court. Both tunes act as a launching pad to propel Grimes further into the pop stratosphere, but going back to the words of Grimes yet again via Twitter, these are only a few styles that are represented on the album. We should also note that Grimes also directed the video. Both songs are taken from her forthcoming LP ‘Art Angel’. Have a look.

Grimes Shares Cover to New Album ‘Art Angels’

Grimes has revealed the cover to her new album which is entitled ‘Art Angels’. The trippy LP art was actually created by Grimes herself.

The Canadian artist is also gearing up for her worldwide Acid Reign tour with January dates beginning in Japan and February through March taking place in the UK and mainland Europe.

Check Out Grimes & Bleachers’ Song “Entropy”

After sharing her DIY-style video “REALiti”, Grimes pops back up on the radar with a new collaboration track with Jack Antonoff’s Bleachers. Having already collaborated with NY band previously on the song “Take It Away”, which is featured on their 2014 Strange Desire album, their latest tune “Entropy” is an upbeat, pop bit that is definitely a contrast to the dark and sensual feel of “Take It Away”. The song is featured in an episode of the HBO series Girls. Check it out. Read more […]

Grimes “REALiti” Video

Grimes shares a video for a “lost” track that she recorded back in 2013 entitled “REALiti”. Apparently this song will not be featured on her upcoming album and is considered a thank you to fans who attended her shows in various cities around Asia. The video in itself is quite DIY, with Grimes handling the directing and editing job. In terms of the song recording itself, the Canadian singer writes, “This song was never finished. It’s a demo from “the lost album “, recorded early 2013. I lost Read more […]

Grimes Shares Lost Track

Although Canadian artist Grimes has shared a few new works of hers including a collaboration track “Take Me Away” with Bleachers and her tune “Go” featuring Blood Diamonds, she has also decided to dig in the crates (or the hardrive) and share a song that was recorded in 2009 Devon Welsh of Majical Cloudz. Apparently the indie sounding piece was inspired by her cat, who she forced to lose almost 30 pounds. This is an example of how inspiration can come in any shape of form. You can listen here. Read more […]