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KOY ‘Heat’ Video

Berlin-based singer and musician Victoria Trunova aka KOY is one of our fave artists. With an etheral sound that straddles the line of electronica, pop and even new wave, she has now unveiled the video for her single ‘Heat’. A dedication of sorts to classic sci-fi and horror flicks, the visuals are ripe with clips of women screaming, robots and silhouttes of KOY herself, all packaged in VHS-style effects. Have a look. Read more […]

Anja Schneider to Release ‘Twisty’ EP on Knee Deep In Sound

Already a fixture in the house and techno world with her Mobilee imprint, Berlin DJ, producer and label owner Anja Schneider will release her forthcoming ‘Twisty’ EP on Knee Deep In Sound. Comprised of the two original tracks ‘Twisty’ and ‘Free Fall’, the package also includes remixes courtesy of William Djoko and Alex Arnout. Pulsating with deep, nightly 4×4 grooves, Schneider’s hedi-tailored soundtrack to the nocturnal plays with a unsparing edge, whilst Djoko’s and Arnout’s reworks add a vibrant compliment to the recordings.

Stream Johanna Amelie’s ‘From Within’

After making a stunning debut with the track ‘Lion Babe’, Berlin-based singer Johanna Amelie returns with another lifting track entitled ‘From Within’. Tender and spacious in production, Amelie fills the gaps with soft and lush vocals, as rising orchestration begans to seal the remaining open edges. This is another touching handing from the rising talent. Have a listen. Read more […]

Listen to Bonnie Li’s ‘Mallory’

Having been on the scene for the past couple of years releasing her ‘Short Stories’ volumes, Berlin-based Bonnie Li makes her return with a new offering titled ‘Mallory’. Slightly darker than her past work, the song rumbles with deep, weighty bass accompanied by sharp, stretched synths. Grasping elements of trip-hop, ‘Mallory is currently out now via Icons Creating Evil Art.

Parcels Share Their Daft Punk-Produced Single ‘Overnight’

You know you’re doing something right when music giants Daft Punk produce your next single. This would be the scenario with Parcels, whose ‘Hideout’ EP was a sexy deal of poolside pop that is the ultimate summer listen. Their latest track ‘Overnight’ is no exception to the rules. Delivering a golden touch of disco and funk, this Daft Punk/Parcels combo fit like a hand in glove with the tune being a season anthem. Check it out.

Carolian Luf Set to Release Her ‘Blasfamous’ EP via Gruuv

Definitely not one to have been slacking for the past few years, Berlin producer and DJ Carolian Luf has been blazing through the house and techno scene, releasing tracks on labels such as Nein Records and WHATIPLAY. Now connecting with the Gruuv label, Luf is set to drop her new ‘Blasfamous’ EP on June 30th. Comprised of two original cuts, tech-fused rhythms along with upbeat funk-styled house decorate the project with Tuff City Kids providing a hedonistic and synth shaking remix of the tune ‘Goddam’. You can expect to hear tracks from the upcoming recording doing a number of rounds in the raves this summer.

Top Pick: Lea Porcelain’s ‘Hymns To The Night’

Over the years there have been a resurgence of the post-punk, industrial, synth and new wave sound that groups like Depeche Mode and Nine Inch Nails helped to foster into the mainstream psyche. However, it is a rare feat at times to actually come across bands who are trying to push the sound further rather than simply fostering a carbon copy version of the previous groups mentioned. However, when Berlin-based Lea Porcelain came on the scene back in 2015, there was something very other about the pair. Songs such as ‘A Year From Here’ and ‘Out Is In’ straddled between melancholic electronica, krautrock, post punk and things in between.

Lea Porcelain ‘ A Year From Here’ Video

With Lea Porcelain’s LP ‘Hymns To The Night’ finally out June 16th, the Berlin-based duo now drops a touching video for the track ‘A Year From Here’. Directed by Micki Rosi Richter along with Lea Porcelain, the story revolves around a mother who is standing strong for her daughter yet is clearly dealing with a sense of personal pain. Shot in black and white, the video is a brilliant accompaniment to another great track from the group. Have a look.

Jylda Unveils Her Silky Single ‘The Body’

Gianna Gehlhar aka Jylda is an artist who needs to be on everyone’s psyche. The Berlin-based singer and producer delivered a stream of singles back in 2016, garnishing praises around Germany. Making her return, Jylda steps up with her creamy and lush new single ‘The Body’. With absolutely gorgous vocals swimming around an ethereal electronic pop soundscape, there is an uncanny sophistication and grace bursting from the sound, with a sense of passion embedded in every note. Recorded at Kaiku Studios in Berlin, ‘The Body’ is a slow and sensual working, making Jylda a definite force in the pop and electronic scene. You can stream that tune down at the bottom.