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Grim Streaker Explode with Their Punk-Driven Track ‘Miami Girl’

Brooklyn band Grim Streaker is a group who have diligently been putting in loads of work in the NYC scene all within quite a short time period. Sharing their debut track ‘Guts’ earlier this year, Grim Streaker now unleash their fast and utterly rocking song ‘Miami Girl’. With singer Amelia Bushel leading the charge with no-nonsense vocals equipped with screams and the whole nine yards, ‘Miami Girl’ is an electric mixture of 70s – 80s punk and garage that jumps right out of the speaker with energy.

Gurr ‘Ode to Oatmeal’ Video

We are lovers of oatmeal just as much as anyone else, however Berlin-based duo Gurr have taken it to the next level with their video ‘Ode to Oatmeal’. Directed by Luis Krummenacher, the ladies perform the song whilst relishing in the fact that oatmeal is basically falling down on them like rain. Of course the next reasonable thing to do would be to take a bath in a tub of milk, which is exactly what happens. Now in regards to the monkey puppet that pops up in the video, we can’ quite comment Read more […]

Hugh Share a Mesmeric Cover of ‘It Must Have Been Love’ & ‘I’m Sorry’

London band Hugh will release their debut album in May and we couldn’t be happier. Whilst everyone await patiently, the South London group have shared a cover mash up if you like, of two classic tracks literally from decades. Merging Roxette’s ‘It Must Have Been Love’ along with Monsta Boy and Denzie’s UK Garage staple ‘I’m Sorry’, Hugh have complimented the mesh with an atmospheric production backing that completely give both cuts a totally different feel. It’s easy to understand why Hugh is Read more […]

Findlay’s ‘Forgotten Pleasures’ is Officially Out

We have literally followed Natalie Findlay since the days of her track ‘Your Sister’ which was approximately five years ago. The Manchester-raised singer and musician went on to hit the ground running with her 2013 EPs ‘Off & On’ and ‘Greasy Love’.

Now with the music world practically in the palm of her hands, Natalie Findlay has released her debut album ‘Forgotten Pleasures’. Comprised of 13 tracks, the album includes collab features with The Libertines’ Carl Barat, producer Flood and Jake Gosling. Mixing together everything from garage rock, pop, grunge and more, the spunky artist continues to play by her own rules in an unapologetic manner.

Check Out Breanna Barbara’s Cover of the Melanie Safka Track ‘Some Say (I Got Devil)’

Breanna Barbara has been wowing music lovers and magazines alike for quite a number of years now. The Florida-raised, NYC-based stunner has been dishing out a garage/blues-mixed sound that is blazing with excitement. Now Barbara turns up the heat even more with her cover of Melanie Safka’s cut ‘Some Say (I Got Devil)’. Just as razor sharp as the original version, the song is a taster as we patiently await her forthcoming LP ‘Mirage Dreams’, which is produced by Andrija Tokic. You can stream ‘Some Say (I Got Devil)’ down at the bottom.

L.A. Witch Have Shared an Updated Version of ‘Brian’

L.A. Witch have been carving out a name in the Los Angeles music scene for quite a number of years now. Self releasing songs like ‘Your Ways’ and ‘Kill My Baby Tonight’, the trio have now signed to Suicide Squeeze Records and are set to drop their debut album later in the year. One song that will be featured on L.A Witch’s upcoming LP is the track ‘Brian’. Originally released in 2016 on 7″ via Greenway Records, the tune has been re-recorded and updated with the production still boasting hazy Read more […]

Top Pick: Batz ‘Darlin”

Australian band Batz are hands down one of our fave groups from the land down under. We were supporters of the five-piece before their debut EP and of course by the time they released their killer record ‘Night Terrors’, the Melbourne-based band did not disappoint in any shape, form or fashion. With a blend of punk, garage, indie and more, Batz can do no wrong in our eyes at the moment. Now back with a new song titled ‘Darlin”, the indie/post-punk bit finds the crew bridging the energy of their raw sound of the past with more even polished production, making this one another top-rated and insanely addicting release. Have a listen.

Stream Miss Chain and the Broken Heels’ ‘Uh Uh’ b/w ‘Standing The Night’ Release

Miss Chain and the Broken Heels released their album ‘The Dawn’ back in 2013. The LP was a finely crafted work of garage rock, pop, psych and more. They then decided to to a break to individually work on other ventures. However, coming back together this year, Miss Chain and the Broken Heels have hit the ground running with a new 7″ record entitled ‘Uh Uh’ b/w ‘Standing The Night’. Falling back into step like they’ve never left, the single pack is a lush dose of Americana, swaggering garage and 60s rock. Stacked with catchy melodies, ‘Uh Uh’ and ‘Standing The Night’ are out now via Dirty Water Records.

Linden Jay Shares ‘Lose Again’ Remixes

Back in October Linden Jay released his creamy single ‘Lose Again’ featuring Shola Ama. The first track unleashed on his 100Ft imprint, this was a window view into his forthcoming LP scheduled to land in 2017. With the song championed by the likes of Mistajam, Ras Kwame, Target and more, Linden Jay now unveils the remixes to the cut. Jakwob steps up to deliver a hyper, futuristic dose of broken-beat and club whilst ROM adds a head-nod factor to his version built on spacey, soulful keys and Read more […]

Wookie Remixes Xavier Eleven’s ‘New Day’ feat. Laura Elle Rose

At this point London producer Wookie is pratically royalty for British music. Having continually contributed some of the finest production spanning various genres, he now pumps out a silky remix of Xavier Eleven’s ‘New Day’ featuring vocalist Laura Elle Rose. Bursting out the seams with soul, the future garage cut rumbles a bubbling bass line and cosmic keys, making this nothing short of excellent. What else would you expect from Wookie? Have a listen. Read more […]